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  2. Corrupt a wish

    You can walk on water, to bad you sink through normal ground. I wish I could know everything.
  3. Shoutout to Shuckeh!

    Heya, Asked @Shuckeh to make something for a new GFX-banner. This thread is basically a shoutout to thank him for his time , and more, for the amazing work he did! And yeah... he couldn't resist the dieing-to-zammy-for-drygore troll -.- Thumbs up shuckeh, great work you've done! Rise against
  4. Yesterday
  5. Weekend of Events - [23-25/3/18]

    I think all the events look great.. The title of the thread is pretty hard to understand though .
  6. Corrupt a wish

    Elkoy fest coming up, too bad you have to drink Heineken 0,0 % all night. I wish I could walk on water.
  7. Weekend of Events - [23-25/3/18]

    ign real yacoub im going vs sohannnnnnnnnnnn
  8. Weekend of Events - [23-25/3/18]

    Okay thank you cal I shall think of some ideas and get back to you
  9. Daam, I wish i was that lucky on drop ahah Congrats
  10. We got some cool events this weekend! Looking forward to it
  11. Weekend of Events - [23-25/3/18]

    good to see a change of events looking forward to joining some of these
  12. Thank you for hosting liking the all weekend event Thank you Loyal
  13. feel free to message a member of the events team with your suggestions for new events
  14. Weekend of Events - [23-25/3/18]

    Looking good team a bit more variety would be nice though seen a lot of these events multiple times
  15. Hello, Welcome to another weekend of events. I would like to thank you all for your participation in last week's events, as you may have noticed our events are growing every weekend with more and more people getting involved. If you have an idea for a specific event you would like to see, don't hesitate to PM me or another member of the events team. KEEP IN MIND EVENTS WILL BEGIN AT 1PM SERVER TIME. Pest Control Event - Players will participate in the Pest Control mini-game with prizes to be won every 5-10 rounds! (Yell and my cc) Race - I will announce my position and the first person to get to me and trade me wins. (My cc) Welfare Rune Pking Event - Players will fight in the required gear in a tournament type setting! (Sign up thread to be posted) Skilling Event - First to receive the announced pet wins. (Yell) Scavenger Hide n' Seek Event - Players must find me and bring me the correct item to win. (Yell and my cc) Flower poker tournament - Players will FP in a tournament type setting. (Sign up thread to be posted) Jad Event - First person to receive the Jad pet wins. (Yell) 2v2 Godsword Event - Players must battle it out in pairs in the events arena with the required gear in a tournament style setting! (Sign up thread to be posted) Monster Bash - Players will compete in the monster bash arena to win prizes, there will be two rounds! (First to 15 kills and Last man standing) (yell) ALL WEEKEND Chompy Chick Race - First person to receive the chompy bird pet wins the event. (All weekend. If you win reply to this thread with a picture of it.) The rewards for each event will differ, they will be announced or posted within the sign up threads. We hope you guys enjoy these events, please use this thread for feedback on how we could improve events. Thanks & Enjoy, The Events Team.
  16. Emrakuls Intro

    Welcome to elkoy ! Enjoy your time. Loyal
  17. Supreme PvM clan!

    Accepted and added in. Welcome @l a m p
  18. Corrupt a wish

    You can teleport anywhere, anywhere on the surface of the sun. I wish there is Elkoy-fest.
  19. Emrakuls Intro

    Welcome to elkoy.
  20. my first vid

    That's some insane luck you got there. Careful trying to build that way again
  21. Emrakuls Intro

    Welcome , Enjoy your time here
  22. Emrakuls Intro

    Welcome to Elkoy, enjoy your stay!
  23. Emrakuls Intro

    Welcom to Elkoy, Megan! If you have any questions or need any help, feel feee to pm me or any other staff member or come join the "support" cc. Hope to see you around the game!
  24. Emrakuls Intro

    Hey Megan Nice to meet you, hopefully I'll see you around the game soon!
  25. Emrakuls Intro

    Hello and welcome, if you have any questions pm me or any of the supports ingame or on the forums. Goodluck in elkoy!
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