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    Nice Vid
  3. 1st Legends Graphics Shop ll

    1st Legend's ll Graphics SHOP TERMS OF SERVICE 1. I ONLY TAKE ELKOY GP AS PAYMENT 2. YOU PAY HALF first Half After you are satisfied with the product 3. ALL SALES ARE FINAL NO REFUNDS! 4. By using my services you give me permission to use your product in my personal portfolio. 5. YOU MAY NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR MY WORK! (I WILL BE UPLOADING A PROPER THREAD LAYOUT ASAP) PRICES :: [ SUPER SALE ] SIGNATURE - 250m - 500m BANNER - 500M Logo - 1B Thread Layout / Clan Layout - 500M - 2B Custom Rank Icon / Button - 300M Drawing of a Elkoy Character - 5B' INTRO - > 1.5B - 2B A FEW EXAMPLES First Purchase will receive a free bonus gift
  4. Thanks dude. I try to keep it organized and tidy!

    Nice video boaty son

  7. Today
  8. First&last

    Yea, im 11cb killing scouts and looters. Took a lot of time tho...

    to be entered all you have to do is: Like The video, comment your ign, be subscribed! GOOD LUCK!!
  10. First&last

    Still awesome to see that be so high, did you do it all legitimately?
  11. Elkoy Logic

    Nice loots bro
  12. Elkoy Logic

    haha oh well I'm over it I just won 20b staking so all good fam
  13. First&last

    Ouchie I just lost a 45 ks
  14. aye m8

    Aye m8
  15. this is my thread -shadowraze

    shadowrace top mm , greekgodx <3
  16. Road to EXTREME ??

    goodluck bud
  17. NEW STYLE gfx?

    Hey, good job m8 the only thing I don't like is the lightning it looks like you kinda just threw it in it would have looked better if u blended it more. Overall I give u a 9/10 gj
  18. Elkoy Logic

    agreed, gg though lol
  19. Show Case - 1st Legend

    it should work and thanks
  20. Elkoy Logic

    Clearly more on the christmas cracker but gives me BGS instead okay Elkoy luv u anyways Loot from the 5 boxes I opened :
  21. Show Case - 1st Legend

    very nice dude ! P,S ; your portfolio link is broken
  22. Road to EXTREME ??

    Sure thing pal ! Thanks mate ! booooyy <333
  23. First 500M Runecrafting!!^.^

    Gz bro, easy 500m.
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