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  1. Enjoy the music while you read. You've all been waiting for this and it's finally here; the fall of Exodorks. For the last 3 weeks they have been tormented in and outside of the wilderness. Mass recruiting all of the new pvmers for a chance of winning. No matter how many members Exodorks mass recruits they will never be able to compete, but these 3 players don't seem to get that... This is our wilderness. And now here is the story of the three blind mice, enjoy. Firstly, Elkoy resident void slave and Glory Boyz number one fanboy, Dwings. Second one up, Lilbopeep or better known as Lilbo-I tbed my alt and got smited for ballista. Finally, the Bill Gates of donations, Ext Lea(ve me alone AGB)n. Hall of Shame The Glory Dayz continue. Stay tuned. Part 8.2 - 6/10
  2. Professor Oak

    Elkoy Updates [28/05/2018]

    Hello. Before diving straight into the latest updates I'd like to apologize for the long waiting time. Summer is just around the corner and I've personally been spending a lot of time with friends and family. I've also been putting most of my time into raids as we really want to be able to push that out as soon as possible. Unfortunately I still can't give you a release date for it but you can follow our progress on this thread. Although we've mostly been working on raids, we've also managed to do some other things: 1. Wilderness keys have become much more popular lately and we've started to notice a few problems that need addressing. You can no longer let a wilderness-key boss "box" you to avoid pkers. If a wilderness-key boss doesn't take damage in more than 30 seconds it'll now despawn. Players were only doing certain keys as the bosses weren't balanced at all. All bosses have been balanced and now have similar stats. 2. The trade-interface has been visually updated! We've also added a blinking exclamation mark which shows when an item is removed or its amount is decreased. This should help prevent scams. This little feature has also been added to the duel-interface. 3. In the last update we added the ability to attach a Master cape onto a Max cape. Well, the Max cape and Max hood will now visually update when equipped to resemble the attached Master cape! Additionally, a character's hair will no longer show through the hood. 4. The bank-system has had many changes. Previously when depositing items it'd sometimes think of them as chargables and that was causing some major issues. In some cases it could even cause the game to crash. This problem has finally been sorted and the bank-system should be working normally again. 5. A lot of client updates/changes! Added an arc around the health orb which indicates when you will regenerate health. Toggled on by default. Added a function to remove the current input in dialogues (such as bank/shop -searching) hold down CTRL + A, then press backspace Re-added model precision. Added smoother animations support for objects. Fixed Dungeoneering (and raids) quest tab icons being drawn over the wrong tab on the 562 gameframe. Visiting the Chaos Tunnels will no longer cause the client to get stuck on the loading screen. Visiting the Armoured Zombies will no longer cause the client to get stuck on the loading screen. Changed some tooltips (and titles) in the settings interface. The chatbox can now be dragged up even further! Adjusted the brightness of few textures, one of them being water. Visually updated a few NPCs, such as the Wise old man and the Fairy shopkeeper. Properly centered the error-messages on the login-screen. Fixed an issue causing the login-screen images to sometimes not load properly after the client had finished loading. Fixed a chat-issue which was causing the client to crash randomly. Soul wars portals are now animated. Blessed staff of light will now light up the saradomin strike spell. Fixed positioning of xp drops. Fixed penance queen pet icon being invisible. Fixed the Chompy chick pet having a typo in its name. 6. Combat-related improvements: Completely reworked the way attack-styles are selected upon switching weapon. It'll now set the new weapon's attack style to match the old one. Fixed some issues with autocasting and switching weapons. Fixed the Halberd attack interface. Updated our PvP combat accuracy slightly to reduce the amount of 0's being hit. Players will no longer receive experience for self-inflicted damage. Resolved multiple combat-related issues, including 1 itemers being able to delay the PJ-timer. The PJ-timer has been lowered to 9 ticks from 10 in PvP. Fixed a bug causing players to get venom'd again after dying at Zulrah. 7. Some stores have been updated! Voting rewards store: Added a few cosmetic items such as the Rainbow scarf. Also added cosmetic versions of some items which can be found in the Achievement store. The cosmetic ones do not require any achievements to be equipped but will not grant any effects either. Added Wilderness sword 4 and also gave it some unique effects: Provides free entry to the Wilderness resource area. Provides higher catch rate of Dark crabs in the Wilderness resource area. You will always cut through webs successfully when worn. Added Morytania legs 4 and gave it a unique effect: When having these equipped or in the inventory, killing a monster in the Slayer tower provides 15% bonus Slayer experience. Blood money exchage: Lowered the prices of a bunch of items. We plan on adding many more items to this store in the future. One of them being the Hunters' crossbow. Added Rune pouch and 3rd age cloak. Added a "Skin color scroll" for 10.000 BM, allowing you to unlock a unique skin-color at the Make-over mage. Added Ancient wyvern scroll to the wilderness slayer store. 8. Skilling: Construction (dungeons): Solved the bug causing objects to not spawn properly. Solved the bug causing doors to teleport players into walls. The door-system will no longer apply for doors in dungeons. You'll have to pick-lock or force these doors to get through. Hunter: Sorted the issue which was causing npcs used for the Hunter skill (such as chinchompas and birds) to not respawn in some rare cases. Looting Hunter traps will no longer require you to have an excessive amount of free inventory space. Solved a bug causing players to be able to put down 6 traps at once instead of 5. Woodcutting & Mining: Fixed a bunch of bugs with these two, one of them being that the wrong "empty" resource was spawning in some places. Farming: Recieving a piece of Farmer's outfit with a full inventory will now cause it to drop onto the floor instead of just vanishing into thin air. Fletching: You can now fletch all types of logs into Arrow shafts. The better log you fletch, the more shafts you will receive. Fishing: Fixed some fishing spots in the Caverns not being clickable from certain angles. Summoning: Fixed Summoning familiars sometimes not being hidden even though they should be. You can now store more items in Beasts of Burden. Leaving a player-owned-house will no longer cause familiars to disappear (this also applies for pets). Slayer: The Slayer ring can no longer teleport the player into unique areas which are instanced or have requirements (GWD bosses, instances, etc). The Slayer ring will no longer teleport players to monsters outside of the wilderness while on a wilderness slayer task. 9. Ring of wealth now properly applies its effects when looting the QBD coffer. 10. Can now deposit larger amounts of items in duel arena by using "Offer X" and "Offer All". 11. Killstreaks will no longer increase when killing someone with the same IP address. 12. Fixed various safespots, most of them being in the Godwars dungeon. 13. Blood amulet of fury is no longer tradable. 14. Fully recharging the Amulet of the damned using blood money will now make it tradable again. 15. Fixed the flowers-dialogue not properly closing. 16. Added default sell prices to items. 17. Fixed the "Maximum" loyality title being unlocked for players without all level 99's. 18. Updated our server's tick cycle from 575ms to 600ms. 19. Fixed a bunch of rune related items not having correct wear requirements. 20. Pyramid plunder will now properly end upon reaching the final floor and lockpicking one of the doors. 21. Now able to exchange 100k shards at Pikkupstix for 1 shard box. 22. Fixed trident of the swamp item bonuses. 23. Super antifire flasks can now be decanted manually and through the Chemist. 24. Added a message displaying that Phoenix items will turn into coins upon death when opening the items on death interface Make sure to let us know what you think of this update. Your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issues, please report them here. Thanks!
  3. Enjoy the music while you have a little read. Hello and welcome to the featured thread for Exodus and Ext leans team whatever their name actually is, but for the purpose of this thread we'll call them Team Plank. The newly merged team to try to take revenge on the boyz for all the destruction we've caused to both of these teams A lot of you are probably wondering, who the hell is Ext Lean, what is his clan and who the hell is Exodus? Well lets be honest, Ext Lean doesn't even know his own clan name so we'll not even get into that, but Exodus well.. Let's take a look at what Exodus actually means.. A mass departure of people.. from the wilderness.. every time Glory Boyz is out.. leaving loot piles behind. Team Plank and Exodus have had a rough time on Elkoy, Team Plank getting their members slapped on the daily and reduced to PKing during the hours that Glory Boyz sleep to try to pick up whatever keyers they can and well Exodus, they've been bullied since day one and their original clan was bullied into closure due to the boyz. What do people do when they're sick of being bullied? They fight back. Well below you're going to see how that worked out for everyone. Kill pics ranging from the original Exodus team before they were closed to the void rats they have left running around multi. Team Plank members doing what they do best also, Lean planked for max x6. Hall of Shame - Inductee Class of Day 7. Bonus Kills The Glory Dayz continue. Stay tuned.
  4. Valium

    I joined now leaving

    Hi @MsAvery, I truly am sorry you were treated this way and that it has driven you to leave. Unfortunately, trouble makers exist everywhere - inside and outside of Elkoy, including in real life. The "Ignore List" is a powerful function Elkoy possesses to diffuse this kind of harassment, along with "Report Abuse". We have a devoted staff team dedicated to protecting our players and punishing those who wrong them. I hope to see you back on Elkoy in the future to give things a second chance. Best wishes, Valium
  5. James

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    Go back to pvming. Multi kills aren't impressive.
  6. Julia

    I joined now leaving

    We have a report system you just need to take full screen shots and then use it @MsAvery. All servers community are the same and some are more toxic than others. You just need to find the right people to hang out with. And hopefully someday you’ll come back to give this server a second chance. Because we do have a really good community especially the ones who are active in discord daily. And on top of that no server can top our staff team.
  7. Professor Oak

    Raids development log

    Raids development log Hey! A lot of people been suggesting us to make a development log for raids so I figured I'd give it a go. This log will be updated regularly and will allow you to follow our progress. It will also give you an insight on how we work on bigger projects. I won't leave too much technical details out as I know some people really like reading them. Also, please keep in mind that the content posted here may be subject to change before the actual release. If you have any feedback or would like to know more about something in particular, feel free to ask! 5.5: Skilling The Chambers of Xeric is not a place for players who aren't prepared to do whatever it takes to survive. This means catching your own food, making your own potions etc. Skilling is next on the agenda! 5.4: Thieving Similar to the Ice demon. You put Cavern grubs into the trough to feed the Corrupted scavenger. The objective is to picklock chests in the room, find food and then feed him enough to make him fall asleep, as he's blocking the path to the next room. 5.3: Tightrope A very simple room to add. The goal is to reach the keystone and use it on the barrier which is blocking the path. 5.2: Guardians As all of the bosses were finished it's time to move onto other rooms. I've decided to start the obstacle rooms, starting with the Guardians. 5.1: Tekton The last raid-boss remaining! This one was actually really fun to add (unlike Vespula ). 5.0: Vespula This boss looks really fun! Can't wait to see some Elkoy PvMers try to beat it. 4.9: Jewelled crabs After spending two weeks testing Olm and other boss rooms, I've decided to start working on this unique puzzle room! Update: Only thing remaining is to write a pathing system for the moving light. When it hits a crab it should "bounce" on it. I've decided that adding all of the bosses is more important right now so will get back to this and finish it once all bosses have been fully finished. 4.8: The Great olm! Even though we have a lot left to do on raids overall, we figured it'd be a good idea to start working on the olm as early as possible. This might be the most complex boss ever added to Elkoy! I'll keep updating this section with progress until its been finished. 4.7: Raid instance improvements! Players who were in the raid when it was started can now return to the raid if they were disconnected. Keep in mind that if you were to manually leave the raid, you'll not be allowed back in. 4.6: Muttadiles! Took a small break to add presets, back to raids now though. Muttadiles are next. 4.5: Lizardman shamans! Luckily their mechanics were already added since months ago, although they needed some work. I went through all of their attacks and perfected them, one by one. I also added a 20 second cooldown to their spawn attack so that it isn't spammed. 4.4: Ice demon! This one has interesting mechanics! 4.3: Skeletal mystics! Took a small break to work on other things but I've turned my attention back to raids now. 4.2: Storage units! After adding the bosses below, I decided to work on something else for a bit; storage units! These can be built in a raid and can be used to store items. Players can store private items but can also share raiding-related items with the party. The private storage unit MUST be emptied before a player can enter a new raid. 4.1: Vasa Nistirio As I really enjoyed adding the Vanguards, I decided to add one more boss. I picked Vasa Nistirio because he looks badass. I also really like his mechanics, teleporting players to him and then literally annihilating them. He walks inbetween crystals, throwing rocks at players. When he reaches a crystal, he will start regenerating health. Not going to lie, Vasa Nistirio was much harder to do than I had expected. As npcs don't use advanced pathfinding, I had to create a table containing all of his steps. 4.0: Vanguards I decided to start doing some actual raids-content next. I figured I'd try to add the boss which seemed easiest, Vanguards! I think that this is a very interesting boss. I love the fact that the raiding party must work together in order to damage all of them equally or have them regenerate to full health again. 3.0: Raid instances? With the base of our party system being finished, I started looking into writing a base for raid instances. The instance would require global support (more than 1 player) aswell as be able to process players joining/leaving the raid. Luckily for me, Elkoy already has a good instance system, I just had to make a few adjustments. Kicking a player from the clanchat will kick them out of the party and vice-versa. If a raid is ongoing, they'll be forced to exit. Note: The raids in the following pictures have not been automatically generated. Macrosun is still working on the algorithm. 2.0: Interfaces, Party system I started gathering more information on the interfaces. It was very obvious that I needed to create some sort of party system in order to make the interfaces work as intended. I made a system and made sure to make it support clanchats. A player must have a high rank in their current clanchat in order to create a raid party (at least being able to kick other members). When a new party is made, anyone in the clanchat automatically becomes a member of the party (if they're nearby). Once the base for the party system was finished, we got the interfaces added! 1.0: Start of project We decided to start the project when we felt that Elkoy was in a good state (with most of the reported bugs fixed etc). We planned it out a bit, made a "to-do list" and everyone in the team got assigned a task. I started working on the interfaces while @Macrosun started working on the map-generation algorithm.
  8. Z1LLA

    I joined now leaving

    Thats why there is this option in the game....
  9. Meteorites

    Summer Zulrah Guide!

    Yo! Whats up cool cats. If you're a PvMer who likes to engage in the activity of slaying the money snake, this guide is going to be great for you! To start off, Zulrah is a level 750 boss that can be reached by hitting Z in the 'Boss teleports' Directory. Also, you can buy Zul-Andra teleports rather cheap in the POS and it will also teleport you right there. Before I get into the gear setups of Zulrah, lets go over the Facts: Zulrah has three phases. Magic, Ranged, and Melee. Zulrah WILL venom you if you do not have either Antivenoms ( I recommend Antivenom+) or any Variation of the Serpentine Helmet (tanzanite, magma, or plain). Zulrah will cycle its locations throughout the fight. This isn't such a big deal as long as you respond relatively quickly to where it respawns, and which phase it cycles through. Zulrah is a multi - area boss but we will get into THAT later. Gear Setups: This will cover a big range of gear setups ranging from near rags to the best armor(s) ingame. Every setup can either include or negate the ranged gear, the option is yours. Just replace ranged gear with food. The most important thing you can bring with you to Zulrah is a steel titan. If you don't have one, I HIGHLY recommend getting one as soon as possible as not only is it useful for Zulrah, but a big majority of Elkoy bosses. Setup 1: This Entire gear setup costs about 80-100m ingame. This is what I would consider the very bottom line for zulrah. If you don't have the money for this, I recommend making some more money until you can afford all of this. Rings of Recoil are VERY important as it will kill the little snakelings in 1 hit when they hit you. This setup does not include antivenoms or a serpentine helmet which means that after every boss fight you will have to lose your venom. If you are an extreme donator using the fountain at ::ezone will rid the venom. For players that aren't extreme, dying at Jad works fine as an alternate method to getting your venom removed. Setup 2: This setup is obtainable after you've had maybe a drop from zulrah and sold it for some good cash along with doing dungeoneering for the chaotics and necklace as well as the augury and rigour prayers. Antivenom+'s are about 4m each in the POS so if you don't feel like using 1 potion per 4 zulrah kills, feel free to rinse and repeat getting rid of venom in the methods stated above. Gear Upgrade: Glory -> Arcane Stream necklace Blessed spirit shield -> Farseer Kiteshield Mystic boots -> Virtus boots Ring of recoil -> Eye of the mage ( has the ring of recoil effect) Rune crossbow -> Chaotic Crossbow Holding runes (3 inventory spaces) -> Rune pouch (1 inventory space) Magic cape -> Imbued magic cape Sharks -> rocktails Potions -> flasks No antivenom -> Antivenom+(4) Setup 3: As you can see, this gear setup from the last is a HUGE upgrade, along with including a gear set up with a slayer helmet due to Zulrah being a rather common Elite slayer task. If you prefer the extra damage and accuracy then you can bring your full slayer helmet along with an Antivenom+ Potion and you'll kill it even faster ( on task). This setup isn't expecting to be obtained overnight so just continue to make money and the gear will come swimming in eventually. Gear upgrade: Zuriels hood -> Serpentine / Full slayer helmet (on task) Arcane stream necklance -> Occult necklace Zuriel's Staff -> Trident / Trident of the swamp Zuriels robe top + bottoms -> Virtus Robe top + bottoms Barrows gloves -> Tormented bracelet Farseer kiteshield -> Arcane spirit shield Magic potion / Vecna skull -> Overload (for longer lasting effects / easier healing) Rocktails -> Saradomin brew flasks(6) Setup 4: This is an alternative setup to setup 3, as you can see it includes the hybrid set Trickster for mage + range capabilities. This will increase your kill times by a few seconds but by no means is a necessity to use at zulrah as Setup 3 above will suffice just fine. Note that if you decide to use this method, it will require the ENTIRE trickster set for the effect bonus (all hybrid sets require the entire set [ all 5 parts] to have the bonus accuracy and damage). Gear Alternative: Serpentine / Full slayer helmet -> Trickster Set Virtus robe top + bottoms -> Trickster set Virtus boots -> Trickster set Tormented bracelet -> Trickster set Necklace of Anguish Eye of the ranger Blowpipe (with dragon darts) Max cape / Ava's accumulator. Setup 5: Gear setup 5 is the highest mage dps you can get. Incase you don't know what robes and boots I am wearing, it's dragonbone from the PKP store, 20,000 bloodmoney per piece. This is considered 'glass cannon' armor as it has absolutely no defense bonuses but the higest mage attack and defense stats in the game at the making of this guide (does not require the full set as it has no hidden bonuses). On an Elite slayer task of zulrah and with the full slayer helmet, ~1 minute kills are very possible and this setup will guarantee you the fastest kills. Gear Upgrade: Imbued magic cape -> Max cape with the summoning master cape (reduced titan spec from 10 - 7 seconds, HUGE help) Virtus robe top + bottoms + boots -> Dragonbone robe top, bottoms, and boots Arcane spirit shield -> Malediction Shield That about does it. Hopefully for the newer players this guide has been somewhat helpful and has set some goals for them to achieve. Goodluck to all that are hunting those drops or the pet!
  10. Rise against

    Ice demon guide!

     Want to take PvM to the next level? Want to get rich? The Ice demon Guide has arrived!  How to get there: Elite slayer points What? Elite slayer points are points you get after doing your Elite slayer task. You can obtain a task by talking to 'kuradal'. How does it work? After every elite slayer task you get 2 elite points. This will go up when you are at a task streak. Where can I see how many points i have? Quest tab -> Elite slayer points. Link to ice demon? 1 elite point = 1 minute inside the Ice Demon cave. When it reaches 0 minutes, you will get teled to edgeville, even when the kill isn't finished yet. Any way to reduce time? YES. Redeeming the ice demon will permanently halves the Elite points consumed at Ice demon (2 mins in the cave will reduce to 1 min after using the scroll). You can buy a scroll for 30 Soul wars points at the soul wars minigame, by talking to the imp. The teleport When you think you have enough elite points to defeat the Ice demon: Slayer teleport -> 3rd page -> Setup and inventory: Range attack style is the best for this bos, setup: Seer's headband 4 (spec bonus) > Magma/tanz helm > pernix cowl Max cape with a master range came attached > Master range cape > Comp cape > max cape R(oyal)CB > ACB > CCB > R(une)CB Ruby bolts (e) > dragon bolts (e) Special weapon: Morrigan javelin's OR Dragon warhammer + melee gear You can switch pernix for a trickster set (but if you die, the trickster items will turn into cash) // so it's recommended to use pernix! Divine (recommended) > armadyl buckler Steel titan is basically a must if you don't want to spend 25-30 minutes at one kill. Normal pray-book for vigour is also recommended  Lunar spell-book for venguance If the ice demon has 100 hp left, switch to ring of wealth to snipe a double drop The fight: When you are geared up and gathered a good amount of elite slayer points, it's time to fight the boss. The boss itself isn't really that hard if you know what you are doing. Some facts: Put on your protect from Magic for the entire fight. Make sure to have a good internet connection, if you dc for only 5 seconds, it will result in you dieing. Run off is the best way to dodge the icicles efficiently, you CAN NOT tank the icicles as it will heal the ice demon's hp. Use your titan as much as you can to speed up the kills. Ice demon has 55K hp!  Ruby bolts (e) can hit up to 2k damage! If you have to tele out to rebank, the kill WILL NOT be reset IF YOU ATTACK IT BACK WITHIN 30 SECONDS! If you leave it for longer, ice demon will have 55K hp again! If you die, you'll be spawned at market and the gear will be on the ground in the ice demon cave! ATTENTION: MAKE SURE TO HAVE ENOUGH MINUTES (elite slay points) TO GET YOUR GEAR IF YOU DIE! hint: if its the first time: put your private off, chat off,... so you can stay concentrated. If you talk its a 80% chance you'll die. The actual fight: In fact the fight isn't really that hard if you know what you are doing, you just gotta stay concentrated and keep your health above 800 to avoid combo's. The tactics are the same, doesn't change if you go melee instead of range. You tele in and start fighting Ice Demon  You can keep fighting untill this happens: When the icicles fall down you'll have to move quickly, if your not concentrated or acting asap you'll most likely die. These icicles will follow you for 10 seconds, keep walking till they are gone, then go attack ice demon again. You have to walk them otherwise, if you decide to tank them, you'll end up dead and ice demon will regain its Hp. It is best to use your screen like I do, so it is clear to see when they fall. Ice coming out of the ground When this happens, just ignore it. It hit's about 200 but if your hp is above 800 you won't get comboed. !! But stay concentrated! If ice comes out of the ground, you might forget to see the icicles dropping from the roof. !! Summarized: You get enough elite points to complete a full fight. You tele in and attack it. If icicles show up, walk them till they are gone and attack it again. Repeat this till the ice demon dies. Pray for a drygore weapon or a nice ice demon pet. The spoils: Ofcouse we would4nt be killing it if had nothing important to drop 1 on 180 for a drygore rapier (currently 25-30B): 1 on 180 for a drygore mace (currently 10B): 1 on 180 for a drygore longsword (currently 13-15B): 1 on 500 is the chanse to get a pet: Example video + a rare drop: ENJOY KILLING IT AND GOODLUCK ON THE DROPS ALL ! Rise against
  11. Professor Oak

    Raids development log

    Been working on Vespula for the last couple of days. Updated with some progress!
  12. Professor Oak

    Raids development log

    Will have to get back to you once I've checked in with our other developers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Got some things done over the night. Finished the in-raid interface, we've made it dynamic (grows in width) and also added a timer which shows how much time has elapsed since the raid was started. Finished the storage-unit interfaces. Upgrading a storage unit now takes the planks you already paid into account. Additionally, made items which cannot be stored in the shared unit transparent in the inventory. Tested Guardians, they're now finished. Tested Ice demon, fixed a few bugs which were found. Needs to be re-tested tomorrow morning to confirm that it's finished. Done some other fixes not related to raids.
  13. Mamba

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    ur tbing in multi btw
  14. Lolfish

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    Clan cup preview
  15. Yogi

    Wilderness Key Locations

    You will need: A Spade to dig at the location (Purchasable from tool store at home). Gear for a 'boss' fight. RED KEY: Dig Location - https://prnt.sc/fzrpd2 / Map Location - https://prnt.sc/fzrpw5 / Take this route from ::mb (Pull Lever) - https://prnt.sc/fzrro0 ORANGE KEY: Dig Location - https://prnt.sc/fzruuq / Map Location - https://prnt.sc/fzrv0d / Take this route from Skilling Teleports > Agility > Wilderness Course - https://prnt.sc/fzrviu YELLOW KEY: Dig Location - https://prnt.sc/fzrxug / Map Location - https://prnt.sc/fzrxze / Take this route from ::wests - https://prnt.sc/fzryim BLUE KEY: Dig Location - https://prnt.sc/fzs0yg / Map Location - https://prnt.sc/fzs14q / Take this route from ::easts - https://prnt.sc/fzs1pa PINK KEY: Dig Location - https://prnt.sc/fzs2ih / Map Location - https://prnt.sc/fzs2po / Take this route from Pking Teleports > Multi > Ruins - https://prnt.sc/fzs38h https://prnt.sc/fzs3mp GREEN KEY: Dig Location - https://prnt.sc/fzs4zx / Map Location - https://prnt.sc/fzs5c7 / Take this route from Boss Teleports > Chaos Elemental - https://prnt.sc/fzs62o
  16. Eovi


    Hey Guys! I'm sure nobody remembers me, but I played maybe 8 months to a year ago I think, but I just wrapped up my AA degree and baseball season finally ended, so I've got a few months to kill before school starts back up and I'm back on that baseball grind. I look forward to meeting yall!!
  17. kingjames

    giveaway result!

    thx for lord phant0m for joining!
  18. 1 point
    You're an idiot, no doubt.
  19. Lavishly

    Oh hey guys

    Can't believed I missed the chance to say what's up to a guy with a dancing banana as his avatar.
  20. Niko

    Keep moving. A song im rapping and wrote!

    The lyrics are dope
  21. 1 point
    If you kick me while I'm down, you better pray bitch that I don't get up.
  22. Rise against

    Zuk Pet

    Damn brother, that was really a long-term road huh Glad you managed to get it! Rise against
  23. Resolute

    New ironman ClanChat

    Hello everyone. I have made a new clan chat channel for ironman accounts [ Iron men cc ] This clan chat will help you with any problems you may have anything you need help with and also if you just want a friendly chat group to join About a year ago now I was also a maxed ironman account and I am very frequent with everything you need to know I am now restarting my ironman progress, I mean why not its all about the fun. anyone is welcome is this clan chat rules will be applied if necessary then feel free to join and I look forward to seeing you fellow ironmen!
  24. takure

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    thats weird cus exodus only fight if they have x2 the numbers
  25. What part of 'comment ing on youtube' made you think he meant forums?

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