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  1. Elkoy Veteran Rank

    Hi, In celebration of our first birthday, we have decided to finally release the Veteran rank. Although some members of the community already have the privilege of having the rank set, this rank will be available to those who meet the requirements. Being an Elkoy veteran is much more than just a rank. It signifies those who have stuck with us through our ups & down, have a broad understanding of Elkoy itself. The rank will be given to those who are respected and appreciative of the rank. Below you can find the requirements - If you want to be reviewed for veteran, please contact any of the Forum Staff. Thanks, Elkoy Administration
  2. 1 year of Elkoy!

    A thread where I'd like to share what I achieved in 2017, and what my goals are for the next year. As the most of you know, I play this game for a very long time now. My journey started a little before the day Elkoy was launched. A week before the actual release I remember people camping the forums to know when they were be able to log in. It was nice and helpfull to meet people already before the game actually started. When @Harry gave the starting shot, things went ham. From the first minute everyone was grinding their skills as fast as possible, it was glorious. Back then the players could already serve on 3 of our current staff-members. I'd like to give them a shoutout for serving this game for so long and hopefull more to come: Mario, Fergus and Supreme. Weird to see them in that role, right? Ofcourse the shoutout doesnt only go to them, but to every staff-member who has worked his ass of to make this game a better place. As you see many things have been changed, but not all. @Mario couldn't pk back then.... and he still can't. Kappa, ur #1 pal. After a few month i completed my road to max, which was back in the days not that easy as it is now. There weren't that many skilling supplies in the game and some things weren't known well how to do them properly. What I do know was that summoning was the fastest skill then: 1 inventory of wolpertingers gave you 4.3M summoning exp! 'Ez pz'. Once i was maxed I had some time i lost quite a bit intrest in the game, that's where i decided to make a new goal: getting the completionist cape (Achieved on April 29th). Grinding the achievements were fun and PvM'ing was something I loved to do with my buddy @El Barto back then. That was also the time that a clan was made together with @Miidgee, named 'PvM Legends'. We started first as a small group of PvMers but when the game expanded, so did the clan. Not so long ago we decided to change our name to 'Supreme Pvm' for several reasons. As for today I'm proud of what the clan has become and I'd like to do a shoutout to some very valuable staff members who worked togheter with me to make this happen: @Gylphmedia ;), @f1nnus, @reeko116, @Ellepelle and @spyx7331. Thank you! So here I am, 1 year later, deciding what my new goals are going to be for the next year. Finish the insane final boss title ( will be for this weekend ) Gaining all PvM pets Reaching max total exp Doubling my bank (by pvm ofc) I'd like to thank, in the first place, @Harry and @Macrosun to make this happen. Next to them: people who helped/worked with me towards my achievements, the entire staff team over the past year, and just all my pals to make fun every day (wont name all, but if you are reading this, you prolly are ). This was pretty much my road from 1 year of playing Elkoy. I like playing it and I'm sure I'll stay here for another period of time. Rise against exposed: 'The story of the lost drygore'. Time to make explain the myth. some If you haven't heard it yet then you certainly ain't online in the timezone of @sasukes or @pina colada. Rumours go around that I lost my drygore rapier back in April to the great, hard and undefeatable Zammy boss. It went like this: Pvm Legends (back then) was doing a big clan event with a 20B pot. The clan was divided in 4 teams for the 4 different GWD bosses. So my team picked zammy. It was fun talking on discord while we were grinding for the loot to win the pot. While i was writing down the drops on a paper next to my computer, I suddenly heard loud laughter. It happened. I forgot to pot/eat for 5 minutes and died. First I forgot i was using my drygore and didnt bother cuz with the Uber benefits i could re-enter without KC. When there was 1B on the ground, i knew fate has struck. Rip drygore 2017. Ragestaked my blue phat and bought it back tho Some achievements from the past year My bank after pvm'ing for 1 year for those who wonder I have fp'd / dds'd small amounts of cash which are negligible Orginised afak tho + Uber / 130k minutes on vote books left in
  3. Elkoy Updates [12/02/2018]

    I know that the last update was a long time ago, but we've been very focused on raids and have made a lot of progress. Hopefully it will be ready for testing in the near future. Stay tuned! For all of those interested in the raids project, I've made a small development log which you can read here. Balance elemental A new boss has been added! You will need a team to battle this one. Melee attack: The Balance elemental slams the current target with its club, dealing damage to all nearby players. Ranged attack: The Balance elemental uses its bow and fires a high-damaging arrow onto the current target. Magic attack: The Balance elemental fires a high-damaging wave spell to all nearby players. Trap attack: The Balance elemental randomly teleports players onto traps. These traps are venomous and will deactivate your active prayers. Minion spawn: The Balance elemental can randomly spawn Earth elementals. When one of these elementals damages a player, the Balance elemental is healed for the same amount. Additionally, the Balance elemental heals 3 health per tick (6 health every 1.2 seconds) while there are Earth elementals are alive. The Balance elemental cannot be damaged until all the Earth elementals have been killed. This attack can only occur max 4 times per kill. Life drain: The Balance elemental randomly drains the life of nearby players. It is healed for the amount drained. The boss will receive a shield which scales with the amount of players in the room. The Shadow sword has also received a rework in this update and when being used on the Balance elemental, it will inactivate its shield for 30 seconds aswell as make it take 25% bonus damage while the effect is active. A Dragon warhammer is also very useful during a kill as it has the ability to lower the Balance elemental's high defences. Keep in mind that the Balance elemental will activate protection prayers based on incoming damage. Bringing switches is highly recommended! We've added a new looting system for this boss. The 5 players who dealt the most damage will all receive loot. The player who dealt the most damage of these 5 will receive double loot. This boss drops new items such as Zamorakian hastas (will be useful for raids), Amulet of souls and Blood necklace shard (which can be attached to an Amulet of fury or Arcane stream necklace). It also drops a new awesome pet! You can find the full drop list here. The Balance elemental has a one hour long respawn timer. Additionally, the boss will fully reset when there are no players in the room. Roaming house pets You can now drop your pets in your house to let them roam freely. Other players who enter your house will be able to interact with them aswell! Zahur A new NPC, Zahur, has been added to Elkoy! She's located in the bank in Edgeville and has the ability to clean your herbs for a small fee. She can also make unfinished potions, granted you have clean herbs. Fixes/other changes Players will no longer randomly teleport a few tiles when running into new regions. Objects far away will now properly spawn for players entering new regions. NPCs with more than 400 base health will now have a larger health bar. These can be toggled of in the settings interface. Added the ability to right-click on players at the market area to instantly open their player-owned-shop instead of having to run to the npc to type their name. Players attacking other players with less than 4 items equipped can now be attacked by other players immediately. (no pj timer!). Protect from Summoning/Deflect Summoning prayers will now properly reduce damage coming from familiars. Weakening spells will now properly reduce the target's respective stats. Deposit boxes can now be used around Elkoy to quickly bank items. Added a confirmation dialogue when repairing equipment, asking the player to confirm the repair cost. Items can now be used on bank-booths to quickly swap between bank-notes and regular items. Ranged can now be used in PvP again at the West dragons. Toxic blowpipe can now be operated while equipped to display amount of charges and ammo left. Dying in Pest control the moment the game ends will no longer cause players to lose their Hardcore ironman status. Clanchat messages will now always show a capitalized clan name in the message. Reworked selling stackable items to shops, causing players to freeze for a short period of time due to looping. The Demonic throne (Arcis's skilling rewards or Balance elemental drop) can now properly be used to build Demonic thrones in houses without the need of having 25 Magic stones. Fremennik sea boots 4 effect has changed from giving extra damage towards Dagannoth kings to drop noted bones. Increased amount of tears you can collect in the Tears of Guthix minigame depending on amount of quests you've completed. Corrected some bones experience rates. Some bones gave more exp when being buried than when used on altars. Fixed the visual bug when pricechecking a noted item in a shop (it would show 0 value, instead of the unnoted item's value). Reworked timers, gave them a new look. When using a cannon, the remaining cannonballs in the cannon will be drawn as a timer. Lowered the Kalphite queen's respawn timer to 30 seconds from 60. Fixed jad pet being invisible when in inventory or bank. Fixed Runite golem head being invisible. A lot of effects now end upon death, such as Stamina potions and Prayer renewals. Fixed a bug which allowed players to drop-trade Firecapes. The "Show other players' pets" option will no longer hide familiars too. Magic exp drops in RS mode are now more accurate. Balmung's effect will no longer occur when casting spells. Dagannoth kings now have proper defensive and death animations. Leaving Soul Wars during a game will now properly restore stats and cancel any active venom or poison. The Abyssal head which is a rare reward from the Font of consumption can now properly be used on Full slayer helmets in order to colour them red. Npcs will no longer drop broken armour (this was in the previous update too, seems like we missed a few of them). Titles in Player owned shop will now be updated properly. Toxic blowpipes must now be uncharged before they can be sold in a player owned shop. The staircases at the Donator zone will no longer teleport players to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Some pets had mixed right-click options, this has now been fixed. Flames of Zamorak can now be cast when using a Staff of the dead (with correct runes). Kuradel will now show the reamining time until a duo task can be reset. Non-stackable drops will no longer show invalid amounts when using the client text overlay. Moving items while teleporting will no longer visually mess up the inventory. Added new experience counter for the OSRS version. It can be customized by right-clicking the "XP" button. Shift+zoom setting is now disabled by default. Zooming is now identical to osrs. Reized mode will no longer be disabled on logout. Fixed all of the ladders in the Lumbridge mill. Prayer renewals potion effect will now save on logout. Changed the potion effect messages to red. Added messages to notify the player of their Charming imp's settings when they're being toggled using the dialogue as it was a bit confusing. Boss event area spawns will now always be aggressive. Godswords combat modes will now give correct experience in respective skills. Fixed spears and hastas combat modes and animations. I'd like to give a huge thanks to everyone who helped us test all of these new changes. Make sure to let us know what you think of this update, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here. Thanks!
  4. Portfolio

    It mainly goes from newest to oldest. Just a warning, the spoiler is quite large.
  5. Facebook Event

    Hey Elkoy, I'll be hosting a big Facebook giveaway for the next upcoming weeks. You will be rewarded for completing simple tasks such as liking and following our official Facebook page! 25 likes/follows is a donator scroll for 5 lucky players. 50 likes/follows is a donator scroll for 10 lucky players. 100 likes/follows is a donator scroll for 15 lucky players. 150 likes/follows is a donator scroll for 20 lucky players. Keep in mind you can not win more than once. After we reach 150 likes/follows, I will be giving away a partyhat to a lucky winner! If you do not know where to locate the buttons: We currently have: 1,027 likes 1,036 followers (as I am making this thread) If you weren't lucky enough to win, do not worry, as I'll be hosting Facebook exclusive events throughout this giveaway! https://www.facebook.com/ElkoyRSPS/ https://www.facebook.com/ElkoyRSPS/ https://www.facebook.com/ElkoyRSPS/ https://www.facebook.com/ElkoyRSPS/ https://www.facebook.com/ElkoyRSPS/ Make sure you comment on our most recent status to be eligible to win! James Elkoy Staff Team
  6. The Elkoy Chronicles XII

    Welcome to the 12th edition of the Elkoy Chronicles! It's been a while since the last edition, we've decided to postphone it due to holidays and other matters. You may expect to see the Elkoy Chronicles biweekly again from now on. The new year is here so we just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year on behalf of the Elkoy staff team. We have some big plans for this year and hope you stick around to see what they are! Elkoy has now been online for over a year and we would just like to thank everybody who has played the server, new or old, for making this possible. Over the next few days everyone who logs in will receive a present, just a small token of our appreciation. If you want to read in to this you can do so here. This weekend will mark a year since Elkoy has been released and to celebrate it we have decided to host five events everyday and one weekend long event! Tonight is the last day of this thrilling weekend of events. The sign up thread for tonights event, 2v2 Clash of the Godswords can be found here Elkoy's Winter Awards are out now! Cast your vote until Januari 23th right here. The winners will be awarded a badge as shown above. For this edition's video, we wanted a classic, a golden oldie, a throwback if you may. Behold; @Mamba the Man Bunner. We've gotten a whole bunch of staff updates since the last edition. @X Dark Z has been promoted to Server Moderator. @Jacob Lund has been promoted to Server Support. @Dep has been promoted to Senior Moderator. @Tungus has been promoted to server support. @Fr00b has been demoted from Server Moderator. @Attra has been demoted from Server Support. @Vitality has been demoted from Server Support. @Accent has been demoted from Server Support. @Claire has been promoted to Server Support. @Julia has changed from Global Moderator to Forum Moderator. @Mario has been promoted to Global Moderator. If you would like to read more about the staff updates you can do so here: Staff Update 31/12/17 Staff Update 7/1/18 Staff Update 18/1/18 Staff Update 19/1/18 Since our last edition of the paper our Developers have been doing a lot, there has been two updates which mainly consist of bug fixes and quality of life updates which will make the server much more enjoyable. The focus will now be aimed at new content, Raids hype! If you would like to read more about these updates you can do so here: Server Updates 21/12/17 Server Updates 2/1/18 Server Update 10/1/18 Server Update 17/1/18 The Player Spotlight is dedicated to players who have been active, helpful and/or just standing out above everyone else. This weeks player spotlight goes to @Neytorokx. He has been helpful in-game and on the forums over the last weeks and this does not go unnoticed. Keep it up! The Discord Spotlight is dedicated to players who have been active, helpful and/or just standing out above everyone else. The player shining in the spotlight this time around is @Gosugrill. They have been extremely active and has been keeping the discord conversations lively! For this edition we interviewed both @Mamba and @False Hopes They both received loads of questions - both serious and trolls. Find out how they answered your questions down below, it's worth the read! @Mamba @False Hopes This week's PVM Guide features the Ancient Wyverns and has been made by @X Dark Z. Thank you for reading this week's guide. Should you have any other questions or tips - then feel free to leave these in the comments down below. Happy hunting! One year in, many more to come. The item I'm looking for, where does it come from? Found in a present, upon log in. We all know it's true, Elkoy for the win. Leave a comment below on what you think is the answer and if you're correct you will be rewarded! Remember there's only 1 winner. This concludes the twelfth edition of the Elkoy Chronicles! Please leave any feedback you may have as it will only help us improve. We strive to do nothing, but improve the Elkoy Chronicles and we will keep modifying it here and there based on your suggestions and input. More information on who is apart of the team or how to join can be found here: Elkoy Newspaper Info Thanks, Elkoy Newspaper Team
  7. The Elkoy Chronicles XIII

    Welcome to the 13th edition of the Elkoy Chronicles! We are currently in the middle of a HUGE Facebook giveaway. To enter all you have to do is like our page, follow our page, and comment on the pinned status about the giveaway! Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ElkoyRSPS/ You can read more about the Facebook giveaway by clicking here. The week long Hardcore Ironman Event has just ended. A lot of people entered this event and even though most people died during the week the final day was still a lot of fun. The winners of this of event were as follows: 1st: @takure 2nd: @Toxicate 3rd: @Hutsu If you would like to read about the event you can do so by clicking here. Video by: @757 Click here for 757's channel. @Valium has been promoted to Server Support @Nevy has been promoted to Server Support @Miidgee has been promoted to Server Support @Toxicate has been promoted to Server Support @Pawn has been promoted to Server Support @Asami has been promoted to Server Support @Claire has been promoted to Server Moderator @Isleview has been promoted to Server Moderator @Insomnia1995 has been promoted to Server Moderator If you would like to read more about the staff updates you can do so here: Staff Update - 2/2/18 Since our last edition of the newspaper we have had one update, but it was a big one! Filled with a ton of bug fixes and a new boss... the Balance Elemental! If you would like to read more about our update you can do so here: In-Game Update - 2/12/18 Discord Spotlight: The Discord Spotlight is dedicated to players who have been active, helpful and/or just standing out above everyone else. The player shining in the spotlight this time around is @Anthony. Anthony has been extremely active and has been keeping the discord conversations lively! Click the Discord logo above to join our server Player Spotlight: The Player Spotlight is dedicated to those who have been active, helpful and/or just standing out above everyone else. The player shining in the spotlight this time around is @Lugioxy. He has been extremely active and helpful to others in the community. Click the Elkoy logo above to be direct to our client download @Meteorites @Tungus For this edition we will be using an older guide that was originally meant for last edition, but we held off and @TheWhiteHaze posted early. Check it out if you haven't already! With big things being in development We have found balance in all elements I heal others, stomping you in the face. Make it top five to experience extace. Send @James a forum or discord message to claim your prize if you're the first to answer! This concludes the thirteenth edition of the Elkoy Chronicles! Please leave any feedback you may have as it will only help us improve. We strive to do nothing, but improve the Elkoy Chronicles and we will keep modifying it here and there based on your suggestions and input. More information on who is apart of the team or how to join can be found here: Elkoy Newspaper Info Elkoy Newspaper Team @James @TheWhiteHaze @Mamba @Craig @Lolfish @Supreme @Dark @Toxicate
  8. Balance elemental guide!

    Balance elemental is Elkoy's newest multi boss which spawns 1 hour after it has been killed How to get there: Boss teleport x - Balance elemental Setup and inventory: Note: there are alot of setup's you can use for this boss, but due to the fact that this boss is multi: it's recommended to bring your best gear (melee+mage). Example of set-up (imo this is the best setup for balance elemental at the moment): You can switch battle-mage with torva and virtus. The best special weapon for this boss is a crystal halberd since it hits alot. Trident to hit the boss when it protects melee, toxic staff of the death to use bloodbarrage on the minions. Ring of wealth to get a chanse of a double drop. You can bring familiars inside but they will get eaten within seconds: so DON'T waste pouches on it. The fight: Balance elemental can do several kind of attacks: Melee attack: The balance elemental slams the current target with its club, dealing damage to all the nearby players. Ranged attack: The balance elemental uses its bow and fires a high-damaging Arrow onto the current target. Magic attack: The balance elemental fires a high-damaging wave spell to all nearby players. Trap attack: The balance elemental randomly teleports players onto traps. These traps are venomous and will deactivate your players. Minion spawn: The balance elemental randomly spawn 'earth elementals'. When one of those elementals damages a player, the balane elemental is healed for the same amount. Also the head boss heals with it hits during the minions are alive. You can not attack the balance elemental when the minions are up. Life drain: the balance elemental randomly drains the life of nearby players. It is healed for the amount drained. The fight itself: The fight itself is in fact very simple. Protect mage and overload before the kill starts. You enter the boss room and attacks it. You watch the overhead prayer that the balance elemental has and switch to another attack style. When the minions spawn, I recommend you to stand here: (Most of the earth warriors will be on one pile so it is easy to blood barrage them). When all the minions died, you continue with the boss fight. NOTE: Watch your health at all time!! With the venom and your prayers being deactivated you can get comboed! The spoils: For this boss, there has been added a different looting system: The 5 players who have dealth the most damage will all receive loot. The player who dealt the most damage of these 5 will receive double loot. Table of the rare drops: Video: Goodluck with the drops everyone Appriciate feedback (: Rise against.
  9. Raids development log

    Raids development log Hey! A lot of people been suggesting us to make a development log for raids so I figured I'd give it a go. This log will be updated regularly and will allow you to follow our progress. It will also give you an insight on how we work on bigger projects. I won't leave too much technical details out as I know some people really like reading them. Also, please keep in mind that the content posted here may be subject to change before the actual release. If you have any feedback or would like to know more about something in particular, feel free to ask! 1.0: Start of project We decided to start the project when we felt that Elkoy was in a good state (with most of the reported bugs fixed etc). We planned it out a bit, made a "to-do list" and everyone in the team got assigned a task. I started working on the interfaces while @Macrosun started working on the map-generation algorithm. 2.0: Interfaces, Party system I started gathering more information on the interfaces. It was very obvious that I needed to create some sort of party system in order to make the interfaces work as intended. I made a system and made sure to make it support clanchats. A player must have a high rank in their current clanchat in order to create a raid party (at least being able to kick other members). When a new party is made, anyone in the clanchat automatically becomes a member of the party (if they're nearby). Once the base for the party system was finished, we got the interfaces added! 3.0: Raid instances? With the base of our party system being finished, I started looking into writing a base for raid instances. The instance would require global support (more than 1 player) aswell as be able to process players joining/leaving the raid. Luckily for me, Elkoy already has a good instance system, I just had to make a few adjustments. Kicking a player from the clanchat will kick them out of the party and vice-versa. If a raid is ongoing, they'll be forced to exit. Note: The raids in the following pictures have not been automatically generated. Macrosun is still working on the algorithm. 4.0: Raids - Vanguards I decided to start doing some actual raids-content next. I figured I'd try to add the boss which seemed easiest, Vanguards! I think that this is a very interesting boss. I love the fact that the raiding party must work together in order to damage all of them equally or have them regenerate to full health again. 4.1: Raids - Vasa Nistirio As I really enjoyed adding the Vanguards, I decided to add one more boss. I picked Vasa Nistirio because he looks badass. I also really like his mechanics, teleporting players to him and then literally annihilating them. He walks inbetween crystals, throwing rocks at players. When he reaches a crystal, he will start regenerating health. Not going to lie, Vasa Nistirio was much harder to do than I had expected. As npcs don't use advanced pathfinding, I had to create a table containing all of his steps. 4.2: Raids - Storage units! After adding the bosses above, I decided to work on something else for a bit; storage units! These can be built in a raid and can be used to store items. Players can store private items but can also share raiding-related items with the party. The private storage unit MUST be emptied before a player can enter a new raid. 4.3: Raids - Skeletal mystics! Took a small break to work on other things but I've turned my attention back to raids now. 4.4: Raids - Ice demon! This one has interesting mechanics! 4.5: Raids - Lizardman shamans! Luckily their mechanics were already added since months ago, although they needed some work. I went through all of their attacks and perfected them, one by one. I also added a 20 second cooldown to their spawn attack so that it isn't spammed. 4.6: Raids - Muttadiles! Took a small break to add presets, back to raids now though. Muttadiles are next.
  10. Hi everyone, lately we have been lacking on server supports. We do like the application system we have but it can be daunting for some, so that's why were creating this thread. If you're interested in Server Support this is the best way to let us know, this thread will be open for one week. This thread doesn't guarantee you will get the position it just shows us you're interested and we will keep an eye on you. We are specifically looking for PST NA and Australian timezones. If you do not meet those two timezones that's ok, we are are still recruiting for all timezones just these ones we are in more need. Format: Elkoy in-game name: Why do you want server support?: That's it. Simple format, however, we encourage you to still write as much as possible and be articulate. Fill it out and post it below. Please keep all posts on this thread strictly for the people who fill out the format and are interested. If you have any questions feel free to pm me or another admin. Kind Regards, Elkoy Administration
  11. Congratulations to all of the winners below. Staff Awards Some of you may have noticed that some of the winners didn't have the most votes. After speaking with other forum staff we decided to change the votes ourselves to give a better representation of that category due to the extreme bias that took place. Yes, community awards are biased, always have been and always will be, but when you vote for players who don't even fit the category it ruins the spirit of the awards and will be changed. These are community awards, not clan awards. When you come to only vote for your clan chat in categories they don't even represent.. it's no longer a community award. You win a badge that can go into your signature, nothing more, nothing less. There is absolutely no reason to vote for people in categories they do not belong. From now on action will be taken against extreme bias in community awards. These awards happen four times a year, not 12, don't ruin it for everyone else. If this repeats for spring awards the voting process will most likely be removed and staff will select 3 nominees for each category you must vote on.
  12. Hello and welcome to the first Hardcore Ironman Last Man Standing Event on Elkoy. We've decided to host another ironman only event but this one will be completely different than our last one. We're always looking for new events to host so if you have any that you would like to suggest or any suggestions to make this event better please be sure to send me a message. How this event will work is everybody who enters will have to create a hardcore ironman account on the day this post was made (04/02/18) or later. You will have to have 'Woe' at the start of your name and whatever name you want after, for example my name would be 'Woe Craig'. The reason for this is so that nobody can cheat by trying to enter an old account. We will still be double checking all accounts to make sure that they were not created after this date. After you have your account created you will then have to reply to this thread with your name so that staff will know who is entering the event. The event will go on for a week. To win this event you will need to level your account up and collect the best gear you possibly can, but make sure you don't die because then you will lose your hardcore status and be eliminated. After the week is up everybody who entered will have their names put into a bracket and the participants will fight in a tournament type of setting. There will be prizes for the winner, the person who finishes second and the person who finishes third. The only rules to this event are: The account has to be created on the 4th of February 2018 or later. You are not allowed to account share with other people. All your work must be done by yourself. You are not allowed to bring your main account to kill a boss and get the loot on your hardcore ironman. The prizes for winning this event are as follows: 1st: Black h'ween mask 2nd: Blue partyhat 3rd: $50 donator scroll Good luck to everybody who enters and we hope you all enjoy it. Thanks, The Events Team.
  13. First kill of the game + a rare WEWT #SUPREME PVM
  14. Mamba falling off a jet ski

    Mamba spraining his wrist from a gutter ball free of charge. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pxrhzjp7fo4hrpn/Video 01-02-2018%2C 02 07 13.mp4?dl=0
  15. All boss pets obtain

    Today i reach one of my goals on elkoy. Obtain all boss pets. Next goal is to reach is to obtain all pets ingame (only 4 left)
  16. Server Support Position

    Elkoy-in-name :Real yacoub Why do you want server support? : Been playing this server for a long time back then in ikov and its been a great experience. Has actually do goo think but overall I'm getting in good shit and I'm the master at thieving and trying to get in more agitly stuff and I ll be great as ss so players know as yacoub and know Big hard work in elkoy and ikov I hope I get this good meet new s people like nevvy and toxicate and hoping I get chances as part of my new team like power rangers .
  17. Happy Birthday Elkoy RSPS!!! (VIdeo)

    Guess @Mario wasn't kidding when he said he was helping you with videos.
  18. Hello, Welcome to another weekend of events. I would like to thank you all for your participation in last week's events, as you may have noticed our events are growing every weekend with more and more people getting involved. If you have an idea for a specific event you would like to see, Don't hesitate to PM me or another member of the events team. KEEP IN MIND EVENTS WILL BEGIN AT 9PM SERVER TIME (GMT +1). Pest Control Event - Players will participate in the Pest Control mini-game with prizes to be won every 5-10 rounds! (Yell and my cc) Free To Play PKing Event - Players must fight using the required gear in a tournament type setting! (Sign up thread to be posted) Staking Event - Players will duel in a tournament type setting. (Sign up thread to be posted) Jad Event - First person to receive the Jad pet wins. (Yell) Random Teleport Hide n' Seek - Players must find me at a random teleport! (Yell and my cc) Dharok's Pk Tournament - Players will fight in the required gear in a tournament type setting! (Sign up thread to be posted) Skilling Event - First to receive the announced pet wins. (Yell) Dangerous Duo's - Players will engage in a multi 2v2 event where one player on each team will use vesta and the other will use statius. (Sign up thread to be posted) Monster Bash - Players will compete in the monster bash arena to win prizes, there will be two rounds! (First to 15 kills and Last man standing) (yell) The rewards for each event will differ, They will be announced or posted within the sign up threads. We hope you guys enjoy these events, Please use this thread for feedback on how we could improve events. Thanks & Enjoy, The Events Team.
  19. Penguin Guide 2.0

    I felt like the current guide towards finding these buggers didn't offer much as to how you acually find them. Therefore I have decided to create a guide on my own in which I will try my best to give some insight on how they operate and where to look for the penguins. First we need to establish some things. you can only spot each penguin once every 24 hours the location of these penguins changes every 24 hours (or so I believe, this timer might be different) Before you do anything, you may want to obtain the "spy notebook" from "Larry" in the Ardougne zoo which purpose is to inform the player how many penguins he has found that day and how many points he has. Larry is also the place at which you will recieve the hints required for finding the penguins. The following are the different hints he can give you (Do note that the penguins roam over huge areas): A penguin has been spotted near the land of kings. A penguin has been spotted somewhere south of Ardougne. A penguin has been spotted around Ardougne. A penguin has been spotted where the tree's rule. A penguin has been spotted spying on mages. A penguin has been spotted somewhere in the northern desert. A penguin has been spotted somewhere in the southern desert. A penguin has been spotted looking around the marshes. A penguin has been spotted stealing flowers. A penguin has been spotted in the north. A penguin has been spotted where bloodsuckers rule. A penguin has been spotted around falador A penguin has been spotted around varrock A penguin has been spotted around Port Sarim (Let me know if i missed any hints) The areas circled in this picture is what i assume are the roaming grounds for each penguin. the areas could be larger or smaller but these are what i have encountered so far. Some common locations where the penguins like to hide out: Where Trees rule South of Ardougne (south of the ZMI teleport) Northern Desert (just northeast of the shortypass entrance) Where Bloodsuckers rule (he likes all the houses in this town) Stealing Flowers Around the marshes (Lumbridge swamp near the graveyard) Each penguin you spot gains you 2 points which you can trade with Larry for rewards. I hope this guide will help you find some penguins so Larry can get some sleep. Happy hunting!
  20. Queen Black Dragon Guide

    Queen Black Dragon Guide Video Guide: Requirements: -Decent Range gear and levels -Super Antifire (Antifire + Phoenix feather) -Divine Spirit Shield -Rigour (Optional) -Steel titan (Speeds up kill significantly) Gear: Helm: Slayer Helm (When on task) > Seer's Headband 4 > Pernix Cowl > Void Range (set) > Morrigan's Coif > Armadyl Helmet > Archer's Helm Cape: Ranged master cape > Completionist cape > Max cape > Ava's Accumulator Amulet: Necklace of Anguish > Saradomin's Hiss > Amulet of ranging > Amulet of fury Bolts: Dragon bolts (e) and Ruby bolts (e) ( rubies for first 2 stages to get bolt specs) Body: Pernix Body > Void range (set) > Morrigan's leather body > Armadyl Chestplate > Black d'hide top Legs: Pernix Chaps > Void range (set) > Morrigan's leather chaps > Armadyl Chainskirt > Black d'hide chaps Boots: Pegasian boots > Pernix boots > Glaiven boots > Ranging boots > Snakeskin boots Gloves: Mercenary gloves > Barrows gloves > Black d'hide vambraces Shield: Divine spirit shield Weapon: Armadyl crossbow > Chaotic Crossbow > Rune Crossbow Spec Wep: Morrigan's Javellin Ring: Eye of the ranger > Archer's ring (i) > Archer's ring Ring switch: Ring of wealth ( reg or (i) ) Inventory Set up: Key points: - Before getting into the fight, you should make sure you have auto attack switched off. This will prevent you from attacking the invisible monsters which spawn during the fight. The invisible monsters can be ignored, however sometimes the QBD will use them to heal her health slightly which can prolong the fight. - Remain on the platform during the fight, you can only leave it to activate the 2nd and 3rd artefacts, but make sure you return to the platform straight after activation. - Kill all the giant worms which are spawned, these will spawn according to how long it takes you to activate the artefacts. - The QBD will breath fire waves which will not pose any problems when divine+magic prot+super antifire is used. -QBD can turn blue (weak to physical attacks,range+melee) and green (weak to mage).Take of advantage of this by using your Morrigan's javellin spec when it is blue. -It is recommended to keep your Hp above 50 throughout the fight, especially when there are more invisible monsters present. Fighting the boss: The fight is composed of four stages. 1) In the first stage you will fight QBD and activate the first artefact. 2) In the second stage you activate the second artefact. 3) In the third stage the third artefact is activated 4) In the final stage you activate the fourth artefact and click the stairs in the middle (where artefact 1 was located) Rewards: When you enter the looting room, click on the dragonkin coffer in the centre to get your loot. The best possible drops are: Dragon Kiteshield Royal Crossbow pieces : Royal bolt stabiliser, Royal frame, Royal sight, Royal torsion spring (Coral crossbow also required but it is a common drop)
  21. Elkoy Updates [17/01/2018]

  22. 4 points
  23. Server Support Position

    Elkoy in-name: Toxicate Why do you want server support? : Been playing this server for a while now, and its been a great experience. The staff team really has helped contribute to my great experience at this server and has actually encouraged me to apply for ss. Its great seeing new players join elkoy and it would be a pleasure to provide them with support in game and help them progress further and achieving their in game goals. I try my best to keep active in game and always try to get a couple of boss kills a day. I would love to share any advice and tips in pvming to any of those who are not quite familiar with certain bosses. It would also be a great opportunity for me to get to meet some other players on elkoy and also help out in the community. Overall i personally feel i get on with most of the players on elkoy as well as the staff team, and will look forward to help and maintain that relationship.
  24. Server Support Position

    Elkoy in-name: takure Why do you want server support?: very helpful to new players. very active, very friendly, very nice. thanks u
  25. Server Support Position

    guess its time to bring in the reinforcements (me)
  26. Server Support Position

    Elkoy in-name: Dwings Why do you want server support?: I really don't know if this is really worth posting. However, Ill give it a chance. I want server-support because I like helping people. I'm quite active on the forums and mostly in-game. Through account infractions ill never be the right fit but as for helping through Server-support I believe I can do a great deed to the community.
  27. Drygore fiesta ^.^

    Lets say... A great start of the day (and some luck l3l ) After eating some lunch #Supreme PvM
  28. 4 points
  29. Small showcase from store

    Here are a few signatures from orders on my free thread, sorry i've been inactive for so long, hope you enjoy:) @Insomnia1995 @Fr00b @Level 3 Bot
  30. Called it! #Balance pet

    Topic name tells it all Finally got what i wanted from this boss, sexy ass pet
  31. All boss pets obtain

    Nice! Too bad another one is being added in the upcoming update.
  32. Hey Elkoy, For the next edition of the newspaper we will be interviewing @Meteorites and @TUNGUS. As always, ask as many questions as you'd like and please refrain from asking the questions on this pastebin: https://pastebin.com/9thN0zuL Let us know who you would like to be interviewed next!
  33. Interviewing Meteorites and Tungus

    @Meteorites What was it like being demoted? @TUNGUS What was it like finally getting staff after being denied? Who is the better pker? Favorite and least favorite thing about being staff?
  34. Client Issues

    I've noticed these 2 common issues haven't been bought up on the original post by @Julia hopefully they can be added (Tried & Tested) by myself. Getting Latest Client - Failed To Load Guides - If you have any other client issues please refer to the original client post
  35. Server Support Position

    Elkoy in-name: ma1as Why do you want server support?: easy question because I know this game better then anyone else in my opinion. Furthermore, active in game and will be active on forums soon enough. I got no infractions on my account. always been a good boy. I talk to most of the staff team and would fit in perfectly. I got skype, discord and all that communicating stuff. moreover, I don't ignore pms and respond to everyone.
  36. Haunter's Achievements

    My Achievements Spreadsheet: https://tinyurl.com/y6wwfm7l 4b Exp: https://imgur.com/SGCNJxs Drop Screenies: Revenenants Kc: Approx 2,600 https://imgur.com/nuqkzKt Corporal Beast: https://imgur.com/wwLSHU2 https://imgur.com/8SWetml Wildy Wyrm: https://imgur.com/37tetcr Zulrah: https://imgur.com/VQITzyU https://imgur.com/FK7Qtya https://imgur.com/NoERFLm https://imgur.com/6N1FUYk https://imgur.com/Am0HpEK https://imgur.com/lNaQTje https://imgur.com/zzzV8Ma https://imgur.com/bh0YYih Kree'Arra: https://imgur.com/wu94upv Commander Zilyana: https://imgur.com/d8xotkx Skotizo: https://imgur.com/UVsD3lU https://imgur.com/h6oM5FX https://imgur.com/uY7WChI Thermy: https://imgur.com/XMWagLf Kraken: https://imgur.com/jy88z0d Farming: (107m xp) https://imgur.com/YnUueev Ancient Wyverns: https://imgur.com/rVPgnZE
  37. All giveaway winners announced in this video hope u enjoy guys. my stomach is hurting so bad
  38. Signature Plox <3 :[

    ur lucky im so nice
  39. The Elkoy Chronicles XII

    The @False Hopes interview. God bless.
  40. 500M cape perks

    Made this thread for peeple who wonder what the 500M capes exactually do. Where to get them? When you reached 500M in a particular skill, you can go buy the 500M cape or upgrade your Trimmed cape, here : Talk to the wise old man, west of ::home. What do they do? When the Attack cape is worn, it will negate the need for tokens when fighting Cyclopes on the second floor of the Warriors' Guild. When the Strength cape is worn, it can be used to grant a temporary potion boost. When the Defence cape is worn, it can be enabled to act as a Ring of life - teleporting you to safety when your Hitpoints drops critically low. When the Ranging cape is worn, it will grant the ammo-saving effects of Ava's accumulator aswell as a 10% bonus chance to trigger bolt special effects. When the Prayer cape is worn, it will restore 1 prayer point every 3 seconds. When the Magic cape is worn, it can be used to spellbook-swap for up to five times a day. When the Runecrafting cape is worn, it will act as an infinite source of runes when casting spells. When the Construction cape is worn, it allows furniture to be built without the required items. When the Dungeoneering cape is worn, receive 25% discount on all items in Thok's Dungeoneering rewards shop. When the Hitpoints cape is worn, it can be used to restore all stats, including Special attack energy. It will also cure poison and venom. This effect can only be used for 3 times a day and not in combat. When the Agility cape is worn, it immediately restores Run energy. It also prevents your Run energy from being drained. When the Herblore cape is worn, grants 30% chance to make two while mixing potions. When the Thieving cape is worn, grants 20% chance to receive double loot when stealing. When the Crafting cape is worn, grants 50% chance to not consume an Onyx while making high-tier jewelry. When the Fletching cape is worn, grants 50% bonus arrows/bolts/darts while fletching. When the Slayer cape is worn, grants the ability to reset tasks without any cost. Also makes it possible to extend an assigned task. Slayer master cape will not reset streaks when reseting a Slayer task When the Hunter cape is worn, grants 30% chance to receive double loot from a catch. Also grants 50% bonus chance to receive a golden Chinchompa pet instead of a regular one. When the Mining cape is worn, grants extra stardust while mining it. Also provides an infinite amount of teleports to the Shooting star. When the Smithing cape is worn, it makes it possible to make items without a hammer. Additionally, no longer fail when smelting Iron ore into bars. When the Fishing cape is worn, it increases catch rate by 10% while fishing. It also makes it possible to fish without any bait. When the Cooking cape is worn, never burn food while cooking. When the Firemaking cape is worn, any fires made will be randomly colored. When the Woodcutting cape is worn, it will grant an additional 30% chance of a bird nest falling while chopping trees. Also grants an infinite amount of teleports to the Evil tree. When the Farming cape is worn, you'll receive 20% more herbs when harvesting. Additionally, they will become noted. When the Summoning cape is worn, grants 30% chance to not have to use a secondary ingridient while infusing pouches. Additionally, also reduces familiar special attack timers by 10%. Hope this guide told you what you wanted to know about the 500m skillcapes, Goodluck grinding!
  41. Shooting Star Location

    Requirements: 10-90 Mining Any pickaxe A shooting star can be found in many location within Elkoy. In this guide, I will be sharing with you all the locations so that you can find it when you may be unsure of its location/announcement. When mining a Shooting star, the rock gives stardust. When you have 200 Stardust you can be exchanged towards rewards from "Star sprite" who is found at the end of the shooting star. The respawn time of the star is estimate 2 hours. Reward: 10 Millions coins Any star bumble Skilling items (bar,ore,etc) Prospector items (1 in 5) Mining xp (200K ea time you exchange) Possible Locations & How to Get There: Falador City Teleport - Falador Varrock East bank o Use the command ::market o City teleport - Varrock Varrock Wests o Use the command ::market o City teleport - Varrock Canifis Slayer teleport - Slayer tower Lunar isle Spirit tree - City teleport - Lunar Isle Rimmington City teleport - Falador Shilo village Skilling teleport - Fishing - Shilo village Keldagrim entrance o Use the command ::train o Training teleport - Rock crab Neitiznot o Use the command ::yaks o Training teleport - Yaks Ardougne City teleport - Ardougne Al kharid Skilling teleport - Mining - Al kharid Duel arena Minigames teleport - Duel arena Lumbridge swamp Skilling teleport - Mining - Eastern lumbride Brimhaven Slayer teleport - Brimhaven dungeon Monastary o Ardougne cloak o City teleport - Ardougne Wilderness Mage bank o Use the command ::mb o Pking teleport - Single pking - Mage bank Pirates' Hideout mining site o Use the command ::mb o Pking teleport - Single pking - Mage bank North Edgeville mining site o Use the command ::Home o Pking teleport - Single pking - Edgeville Wilderness rune mine (MULTI) Skilling teleport - Mining - Runite - Wilderness (MULTI) If I miss any location please make sure to private message my on discord/ingames or forums Thank you Your truly Loyal
  42. New PVM Guides

    Abby sire, its been modified quite a bit, Balance elemental just in general for newer players, phoenix could be touched up, dont think theres an ancient wyverns guide, godwars dungeon bosses defense bonuses have been tweaked so those can be touched up, wilderness bosses like vet'ion, venenatis, callisto. Theres probably more but thats off the top of my head.
  43. [FR] RAP #16

    Here are some more classics I listened to LIM as a kid, was a bad influence. Doc Gyneco one of my favorites
  44. I see you've ran out of ideas.....
  45. Supreme PvM clan!

    Welcome @Puta, @Taqo and @Lugioxy to the clan You can now join 'supreme pvm'!
  46. Small showcase from store

    Wow man, love the signature! =) Will use it straight away! The other ones are pretty cool aswell, like the one you made for me the best though. Can't really give feedback as I don't know too much about GFX.

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