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  1. Karaoke Event

    Well, I guess i can be the first to post my karaoke video... Be ready to cringe but I hope you guys like it. I hope to inspire others to post so I don't have to be embarrassed at my singing skills alone... Enjoy I can't sing super well (or at all) but i just wanted to have fun with it.
  2. Elkoy Updates [2/11/2017]

    A big update coming your way! Lizardman shamans The shamans have finally found their way to Elkoy! Kuradel now sells Lizardman shamans teleport tablets for 35 Slayer points. Shamans have two unique pet drops. Both of these are more rare than other boss pets. Shamans drop the new Dragon warhammer. The weapon's special attack reduces the target's defences by 30%. This drain effect does stack. Shamans also drop Mind and Elemental shields. These two items have been removed from the Magic store. Magic spellbooks Since the Prayer tab was reworked in the previous update, we figured that we'd give the Magic one a magic touch aswell. All spellbooks can now be sorted in 4 different ways: Default ordering, combat ordering, teleportation ordering and skills ordering. All spell hovers have been redone and will now be drawn below the hovered spell. Game settings The old interface was very outdated. Our new one will allow us to easily add more toggles in the future. Added a brand new interface for settings. All settings now properly save when closing the client. Sounds have been added. Added the ability to change brightness, zoom, music volume aswell as sound volume. The attack priority setting will now properly work for npcs too. The "New cursors" option will now properly show the pre-eoc cursors. Added a bunch of more toggles, such as "Oldschool teleport system", "Show teleport warnings", "Show other players' pets" and many more. All settings now have proper tooltip hovers, giving more information about what they actually do. Some of them are very confusing. Fixes/Other changes Soul Wars has been enabled again. Reworked dragonfire and it now properly supports resistances (such as potions and equipment). Reworked Granite maul's special attack, it no longer has to rely on attack delay. The Zaryte bow special attack now deals 10% increased damage and also fully drains the target's Prayer points. When trading or challenging another player, your character will now follow them until it's close before sending the request. Additionally, made Duel arena's bank area count as part of the arena, allowing challenge requests to be sent there aswell. Added ability to toggle between the new and oldschool teleportation system in the settings. Added the ability to use Shift+T in order to quickly open up the teleportation interface. This can be toggled on/off in the settings. Added the ability to toggle teleportation warnings on/off in the settings. Resource area now grants 3x bonus experience instead of 2x. Soul Split effect now checks if the curse was active during the start of the attack instead of when the damage is actually dealt to the target. This allows the curse to be properly flickered. Slightly lowered the Prayer points drain rate for a few prayers and curses. Fixed an issue causing Deflection curses to not reduce damage. Verac's equipment now has a 25% chance of hitting through protection prayers/curses. Dragon scimitar's special attack will only disable the target's protection prayers if the damage dealt was greater than 0. Levers can no longer be activated from more than 1 tile away. Activated levers will no longer allow walking through walls. The world map will no longer close when walking. The abyss will now properly check for hatchets and pickaxes. Additionally, added the ability to quickly squeeze through a passage with an Agility level of at least 90. The overload potion effect's initial damage can no longer be reduced by other sources such as spirit shields. You can now filter items/npcs in the Drop log interface. Herbicide now properly applies for Grenwall traps. Rogue thieving set is now a bit more rare and harder to obtain. Rogue set will now only give double loot when pickpocketing npcs. The run orb will now be toggled off when a player runs out of energy. The run button in the settings tab interface is now properly updated on login. Added cooldown timers for Summoning familiar special attacks. The chain in Slayer tower will now properly teleport players to the second floor instead of the third one. Disabled the ability to sell items back to the Wilderness slayer store. After enchanting an item, the magic spellbook will now properly open again. Fixed an issue with fight styles sometimes not affecting accuracy. Removing an equipped bow will now properly change combat mode to melee. Ironman players can now only do duo slayer with other ironmen. The right-click fetch option on butlers will now properly bring up the item selection dialogue. Butlers will now save the last entered amount. Bones on altar graphic will no longer show for players in different houses. Fixed an issue with farmer's gear, sometimes turning players invisible. Dragon arrows now have their proper Ranged strength bonus (60). Fixed Armadyl godsword (or) maxhit and accuracy. Cannon parts are now properly tradeable again. Make sure to let us know what you think of this update, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here. Thanks!
  3. Hello, We're going to be doing ANOTHER vote event for November! We're working super hard on keeping Elkoy as one of the top servers and voting is so frustratingly important for us to achieve this that I beg everyone to always make sure you get all your votes in daily regardless of if you need the votes! We're going to try and strive to reach #1 this month. This month, find ANY of the items shown in the picture below and you will win! This month we will have 10 winners! The first 10 to get one of the items above during November will receive a super & regular mystery box each! Even if you don't want to win please help Elkoy out anyway and vote vote vote! The more votes we get the higher we are on the top-lists and the more players that will visit Elkoy and the bigger we can grow this awesome server. If you're lucky enough to win please post a picture of it happening on this thread and an administrator will check out the legitimacy of the picture and reward you. ALSO We're also going to be giving out prizes to a random 10 players who have claimed auths this month, so to enter for this all you have to do is vote on the sites and claim the auths with the command and you'll be in for a chance to win some awesome prizes on top of the ones above I appreciate everyone and all the support you guys show time and time again, best of luck to everyone! Vote here! https://elkoy.org/vote Vote here! https://elkoy.org/vote Vote here! https://elkoy.org/vote Thanks everyone and goodluck! Elkoy Administration
  4. Karaoke Event

    In-game name: Lvl3farmer song: Boo! ? i think lol link to song : had some fun doing this sorry for shit singing, and messing some word up like 3 or 4 did well for 3rd time hearing it lol
  5. Boss Guide Directory

    God Wars Dungeon Wilderness Boss Dagannoth King King Black Dragon Queen Black Dragon Glacors Nex Wildy Wyrm Bandos Avatar Ice Demon Zulrah Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Abyssal Sire Kalphite Queen Kraken Phoenix Cerberus Skotizo Corporeal Beast Jad + Kiln Tormented Demons Barrows + Elite Barrows Demonic Gorilla
  6. Elkoy Updates [22/10/2017]

    Two updates this week? Awesome. Teleportation system rework In this update, we've been very focused on reworking the teleportation system. As of right now, players have to inefficiently navigate through multiple dialogues in order to find their target destination. To solve this, we've added a brand new interface which has support for hotkeys. Replaced all teleport-related option-dialogues with a brand new interface. Updated teleport buttons on all spellbooks with brand new sprites which will always be lit up. Removed unused teleports from both the Ancient and Lunar spellbook. Prayer system rework As the previous system had collected a lot of dust, we decided to introduce a new one. Each prayer now has a proper drain rate. Prayer bonus granted from equipment will play a large role in how long your prayer points last. You now have the ability to "prayer-flick", the drain won't start immediately after activating a prayer, giving you time to quickly deactivate it again. Rewrote quick-prayers and quick-curses to use the brand new system. Your toggles will now properly save on logout too. Added the ability to view prayer-based bonuses at the bottom of the prayer tab. When toggling this on or off, the prayer tab will dynamically rebuild. Fixed a bug allowing players to use both Rigour and Augury after unlocking Rapid renewal. Notes A new piece of content for players who like to document things. Instead of having to do it through the ignore list, you can now do it in a brand new interface. Added a toggle in the Quest tab to show the notes interface. The notes interface can hold a total of 30 notes. Added the ability to change the colour of notes. Fixes/Other changes Fixed the big issue causing a player's items to not appear on the ground when dying to a boss after being damaged by another player. Slayer master cape will no longer reset streaks when reseting a Slayer task. Added a "Drop log" which will display the latest 200 drops. Can be accessed through the Quest tab under the "NPC Kill Log" button. Fixed an issue with Stamina potions, causing run energy to sometimes not drain at all after the effect has run out. Run energy will no longer recover while a player is running. Fixed Fight pits entrance aswell as orb-viewing. Added the ability to customize the colour of clanchat messages again. Fixed spirit-shield effects sometimes not properly being called. Kree'arra is now immune to melee again. Bows can no longer be used with javelins as ammo. Removed the "You have been infected with venom." message for players who are immune. Changed "Polar lebbit" to "Polar kebbit" in the Hunter skill guide. Fixed a staircase in Ardougne causing the player to appear on a different height level. Make sure to let us know what you think of this update, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here. Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, On behalf of myself and the Elkoy team we'd like to wish you all a happy Halloween. Our very first while Elkoy has been online! To celebrate we're going to be hosting a huge drop party where everyone is invited to join in while we scatter some items around. Event starts at 9PM GMT +0 (10pm Server Time) To also celebrate we're going to be running a sale on our store for all token and scroll purchases for the next few days! Make sure you get involved. We hope you have an enjoyable Halloween, best of luck at the drop party! Please don't be sad if you don't manage to get anything however. Kind regards, Elkoy Administration Team.
  8. Complete ironman guide

    Welcome to my ironman guide! I have tried to make the guide as complete as possible, if you have any further questions join the "iron man cc" or pm me in game! The first spoiler contains a short guide on how to take your first steps as an ironman. The guide continues below, the order in which you complete the steps isn’t as important as the part up top. It includes completing all quests and all 99s in skills. Important: Weekends grant double xp rates. So do voting xp books. Make sure to train skills such as prayer, dungeoneering, summoning and herblore on weekend + vote xp. Below here I have posted how to get x item: I hope you enjoyed the guide, and I hope it answered any questions you might have had about the ironman game mode! If you have any further questions, join the "iron man cc" clan chat or ask me in pm. - Iron Fr00b
  9. Soul Wars Guide

    Welcome to my Soul Wars guide. Recently, many people have been asking me how to play the mini game and there is a lot of details involved so I decided to make a guide to help players! Also, many weekends we have a soul wars events and would like to help players be able to participate in the events without being confused! Rewards: Ancient wyvern scroll - Permanently unlock the ability to visit the brand new dungeon which contains Ancient wyverns. These ancient creatures have a chance of dropping the Ancient wyvern visage, which can be used on an Anvil to forge an Ancient wyvern shield (also requires an Elemental shield). Ice demon scroll - Permanently halves the Elite points consumed at Ice demon's lair. Ornament kits - Can be used on your weapon to give it a new look. You will be able to dismantle the Ornament kit from the weapon at any time. Charm packs - Each pack contains 100 charms. Crystal halberd - A new and very powerful weapon. Parrot - A cosmetic pet which randomly recites your last chat. Dragonkin lamp - Grants tons of experience in a skill of your choice. Magic notepaper - Use on an item to note it immediately! Aggressive potion - One sip of this and every NPC will want to kill you for 5 minutes! Ring of wealth scroll - Use on a Ring of wealth to give it unlimited charges. Dark totem pieces - Combine with the other 2 pieces to make a complete Dark totem. Elemental shields - Can be used to forge an Ancient wyvern shield (along with the visage). Skiller's box - a box which contains 100 Steel bars, 75 Mithril bars, 50 Adamant bars, 10 Rune bars, 25 Grimy ranarrs, 30 Grimy avantoes, 30 Grimy kwuarm, 45 Torstol seeds, 150 Raw sharks, 300 Oak logs, 150 Magic logs, 50 Uncut sapphires, 40 Uncut emeralds, 30 Uncut rubies, 25 Uncut diamonds and 5 Uncut dragonstones. Map of Soul Wars: Joining the game: To join the game, simply click the green portal. It doesn't matter which team you join because the teams randomly split up before the game starts! This allows the games to be more fair and not let people "Stack" teams to be uneven. Spawning in the game: When you first spawn. You will spawn at your base, this is where your avatar is located. This is a place to defend from people killing your boss. Located close to the base is supplies, these supplies are barricades and bandages. Bandages: Used as a food source in soul wars. These can be used to heal you throughout your fights if you run out of supplies! Barricades: Use these to block enemy team from getting past you - they will have to destroy the barricade to pass by. The map below has the spawn points for bases, and where the supply area is. Goals of the game: To score a point on your team. You have to kill the other team's avatar! Everytime it is killed, you get 1 point. Keep in mind the other team is also trying to kill your avatar - so you have to find a balance between offense and defense You can find points at the top right of your screen to see who is winning, the time left, and the avatar's "level" Steps Prior To Killing the Avatar: The avatar starts at level "150" which means you need a slayer level of 150 in order to kill it. However the highest level in Runescape is 99 slayer, so you will have to lower the Avatars "level" to the slayer level you currently have in order to attack it! Most teams will have a player or multiple with 99 slayer, so getting it to 99 is the most important step. How to lower Avatar slayer level requirement: In order to lower the slayer level, you have to farm an item called "soul fragments" - each soul fragment will lower the slayer level requirement by 1. To collect them you have to kill the npc's spawned around soul wars. The best NPC to kill is jellies they will drop 2 fragments at a time! You can collect as many as you want but if you get killed, you will lose them on death A good method for killing jellies is to get multiple stacked on you and barrage them How to use soul fragments: After you have collected a lot of souls, you need to take them to the middle of the map at the obelisk and then use the soul fragments on the obelisk. In order for you to be able to put your souls in the obelisk, your team must have control on the middle area. For this to happen you need to have more players than the other team present at the middle. This is a very active spot for people to fight so be ready to fight people when you enter the middle! Killing the Avatar: Now that you have the avatar down to your slayer level, it is time to kill the enemies avatar! It is located on the other side of the map. The best method to kill avatar is to use blood barrage on it. You must also be prepared to tank many players who will be defending the avatar so you can't kill it! Make sure to come prepared. Graveyards: There is 2 graveyards located across soul wars, if you team claims them you will be able to spawn at the graveyard instead of at your base. The way to claim a graveyard is to be the first team to that graveyard and it will belong to you. Gear setups: There is many different gear setups you will see people using. Most people will bring Mage and Range with ice barrage. You will also see people bring a melee switch to special attack people and tri-brid their attack styles. I will post my setup - it can be modified to work with your budget if you are more rich or have less money than me! I recommend you bring ice and blood barrage runes with the best mage and range gear that you have. You are also allowed to bring Overloads, Prayer Renewals, Prayer potions, and Saradomin brews in the game - make sure to use these as it will help a lot! Efficient Soul wars Strategy: There is many ways you can go about doing soul wars but team work is going to be everything. Make sure you are communicating well with your team mates! 1) The first thing to do is rush to jellies and get the soul fragments needed to lower Avatar's slayer level requirement! Communicate with your team at jellies to know when you have enough to rush the middle and dump the souls. At this point you may want 1 or 2 team members attacking players of the other team at jellies, this will throw them off not allowing them to get soul fragments as fast, thus giving you a head start. 2) Once you dump, coordinate with the team and make sure you are ready to kill the avatar. The other team will most likely be there to defend and you need to be ready to rush to the other base and kill their avatar! Make sure you have a few players at your base to defend your avatar if they are attacking it! 3) Depending on the size of the game, it is very important to defend if your team is ahead. At this point if it is 1-0, start killing them at jellies so they can't lower your team's Avatar Slayer Level. If the level is already below 99, then run to your base to help defend. 4) Depending how the game is going, you want to be ahead on avatar kills, so make sure to kill the avatar again by repeating the steps if the score becomes tied! If you are ahead then I recommend continuing to defend your base.
  10. Agility This will provide all you need to know about the agility skill in Elkoy. Rewards Agility Cape Graceful Master Agility Cape The Agility Cape and Graceful set are purely cosmetic The Master Agility Cape will provide you with unlimited run energy, this includes while in the wilderness Agility Pet - Giant Squirrel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While training agility at any course, you will also be collecting marks of grace. These will appear randomly while you are training and may be used to purchase or recolor Graceful sets (See Barbarian Course) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Each course may be found under: Skill Teleports - Agility Gnome Course Requirements - Level 1 Agility This is the only course you will be earning "Agility arena tickets" for each lap you complete. Depending on your donation status you will get a different amount per lap Regular - 1 | Donator - 2 | Super - 3 | Extreme - 4 | Legendary - 5 | Uber - 6 These tickets are tradeable, but may also be spent by speaking with the Gnome Trainer in exchange for Agility experience or you may purchase a Pirate's hook Note - There is also an achievement for exchanging 50 tickets with the Gnome Trainer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Barbarian Course Requirements - Level 35 Agility Upon arrival you must squeeze-through the Obstacle pipe to enter the course, then you may continue your laps while picking up your Marks Of Grace as they appear. While doing laps here you may earn the "Agile set", this requires 100 laps per piece. Note - There is an achievement for completing 50 laps of this course. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Before entering the course the Barbarian Course, you will see "Osten" inside the building as you teleport. Osten is the NPC that you may exchange your "Marks of Grace" with. It will cost you a further 15 Marks Of Grace for each piece you wish to recolor, to recolor a piece of graceful simply use the piece you wish to recolor on him. Colors available - Purple, Blue, Gold, Red, Green and White All will be avaliable at any level except for White, this required 500M experience in agility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ape-Atoll Course Requirements - 48 Agility The Ape-Atoll agility course will require a "Ninja monkey greegree", this may be purchased in the tool store at ::home for 1k GP. The course may only be completed while in monkey form. Note - There is nothing beneficial by completing laps here, you will simply be here until you're able to move onto the next. You may also opt to stay here until 99 as this will be the last "Safe" course available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wilderness Course Requirements - 70 Agility The wilderness agility course is the highest level course avaliable, but is 49-52 wilderness so you may run into many pkers, but if you're on at a quiet time you should be free to get all the agility gains you can get your hands on. DO NOT use this course if you are a hardcore ironman as it is not safe Note - There is an achievement for completing 100 laps of the wilderness agility course.
  11. The Elkoy Chronicles IX

    Welcome to the 9th edition of the Elkoy Chronicles! We have just chosen the five nominees for the karaoke event. If you want to vote for your favourite entry you can do so here: Elkoy Karaoke Event [Voting] We are also hosting a voting event for Elkoy. If you vote and redeem your vote book in game and get one of the rare items you will win a super mystery box and a regular mystery box! If you want to read more about this you can do so here: November Voting Event @Asami has stepped down from Senior Moderator but has been given the Forum Moderator rank. @Mario has been promoted to Senior Moderator. @LVJ has been promoted to Server Support. @Lvl3farmer has been promoted to Server Support. @Meteorites has been promoted to Server Support. @Darth Zach has been promoted to Server Moderator. @Webzzy has been promoted to Server Moderator. @Select pk has been promoted to Server Moderator. You can read about the latest staff updates here: Staff Update 10/29/17 Since our last edition of the paper our Developers have been hard at work tweaking Soul Wars in order to get it up and running in a stabe state. Along with that we've received some nice updates, one of the biggest ones being the introduction of the Lizardman Shamans. If you would like to read more about these updates you can do so here: Elkoy Updates 2/11/17 The Discord Spotlight is dedicated to players who have been active, helpful and/or just standing out above everyone else. The players shining in the spotlight this time around are @Yogi and @icyx. They have been extremely active and keeping the discord conversations lively! The Player Spotlight is dedicated to players who have been active, helpful and/or just standing out above everyone else. This weeks player spotlight goes to @Accent! He has been very helpful in-game over the last week and this does not go unnoticed. Keep it up! The GFX Spotlight is dedicated to our graphic designers on the forum! The artist shining in the spotlight this edition is @Creampie! He recently posted his first showcase and we have to say it's pretty damn amazing. You can check out his showcase here: Cream's Showcase. @Asami @Dep Dagannoth Kings guide created by @TheWhiteHaze Agility Guide created by @Asami I'll take us back to where it all began When we took our first step onto this foreign land We fished for food and fought some monsters To the world we go its time to conquer Good luck on the riddle and remember the first person to answer gets a prize! This concludes the ninth edition of the Elkoy Chronicles! Please leave any feedback you may have as it will only help us improve. We strive to do nothing, but improve the Elkoy Chronicles and we will keep modifying it here and there based on your suggestions and input. More information on who is apart of the team or how to join can be found here: Elkoy Newspaper Info Thanks for reading! Elkoy Newspaper Team
  12. Karaoke Event

    In-game username: ShuckehSong: Enrique Iglesias - HeroLink to song:
  13. The Elkoy Chronicles VIII

    . With Halloween just creepin' around the corner, in Mamba's words, he has decided that now is a perfect time to host a Karaoke Event! The winner will receive 2 $50 scrolls and a partyhat! The event ends on Saturday, October 28th, leaving you with 5 days left to enter! You can read more about the event here. After 30 days and over 3600 entries the winners for the huge Elkoy Giveaway have been chosen! Congratulations to all of the winners! You can click anyone on this sentence to view the winners. @Ironlight has resigned from Server Support. @Pkerown has resigned from Server Support. @Select pk has been promoted to Server Support. @Cal has been promoted to Senior Moderator. @Craig has been promoted to Global Moderator. @Rooner has been promoted to Server Support. @Agb has been promoted to Server Support. @Dephas been promoted to Server Moderator. @Yunai has been promoted to Server Moderator. I R N G has been demoted from Server Moderator. You can read about our lastest staff updates here: 10/12/17 10/23/17 Since our last edition of the paper our Developers have been hard at work tweaking Soul Wars in order to get it up and running in a stable state, Along with we've recieved some nice updates in the forms of the new Wilderness Resource Area, New teleport interfaces, Some great chat filter options and many more! You can read about our latest updates here: 17/10/2017 22/10/2017 The Discord Spotlight is dedicated to discord users who have been active, helpful and/or just standing out above everyone else. The player shining in the spotlight this time around is @iron fr00b. He has been extremely active and keeping the discord conversations lively! The Player Spotlight is dedicated to players who have been active, helpful and/or just standing out above everyone else. This weeks player spotlight goes to @Rooner! He has been very helpful in-game over the last week and this does not go unnoticed. Keep it up! @Mario @Cal The riddle from the last newspaper has yet to be answered. Here's another shot at it! Fishing and mining, what terrible jobs and an NPC that makes you fight mobs Gems from Stone, amulets of Glory I really do hope you remember this story. This concludes the eighth edition of the Elkoy Chronicles! Please leave any feedback you may have as it will only help us improve. We strive to do nothing but improve the Elkoy Chronicles and we will keep modifying it here and there based on your suggestions and input.More information on who is apart of the team or how to join can be found here: Elkoy Newspaper Info Thanks, The Newspaper Team
  14. How long will Elkoy last

    Elkoy will stay online as long as it has players, even if it only had 20 players as long as it's hosting can be paid for it'll always be online.
  15. Karaoke Event

    In-game name: Vezzah song: Michael Jackson - Thriller link to song :
  16. The Elkoy Chronicles VIII

    @Mario call me aids again pal i dare u other than that neato thread yogert boy rly enjoyed this content
  17. Updated Wilderness NPC Guide

    Have seen a lot of people asking about wilderness NPC's and the current map guide is only boss npc's so here is Updated version with all NPC's and Bosses. *Let me know if I missed an NPC and I will add to the map* -Revenants are scattered throughout the wilderness.
  18. Sup Elkoy!

    you're not welcomed here.
  19. Elkoy Updates [17/11/2017]

    In this update, a new demi-boss is being released including important fixes. We're also announcing a big future update which we've already started working on. Giant mole It seems that the Giant mole has inhabited the park in Falador. You can find the mole's drop table by clicking here. Added the Giant mole to the underground system of Falador park. Spawned a Spade next to Sir tiffy in falador park which can be used to dig into the Giant mole's lair. The Giant mole is instanced, you will not see other players there. The Giant mole is a timed boss, and a hard achievement has been added which is to defeat it in under 3 minutes. The Giant mole will randomly dig itself underground and teleport around in the tunnels during combat. Players who defeat the Giant mole has a chance of receiving the new Baby mole pet. Raids As some of you may already know, raids is currently being worked on as a big side-project. We'll keep updating you so that you can follow our progress. Added all raids interfaces to the client. Added a Raids party system based on clanchat channels. Added the ability to customize a Raids party. Fixes/Other changes Reworked chargeable items system. The issue where charges randomly disappear is now fixed. Additionally, items will no longer randomly turn into different items. Fix issue with Blowpipe scales or ammo disappearing if player has a full inventory when uncharging or unloading it. Fix issue causing players to not be able to reload their Toxic blowpipes with a different kind of ammo after it has run out of charges. Fixed a few actions which could cause the player to be disconnected from the game. Non-combat Summoning familiars special attacks can now be used in non-multi combat zones. Improved the formula for resistance to dragon fire. The Queen black dragon defence level has been lowered. The active Gilded altar list will now show player-owned-houses with altars even if there are no active burners. Active burners in player-owned-houses will now last longer. To counter unbalanced Soul wars teams, both teams are randomly mixed on the start of a new game. Prospector equipment will now properly grant bonus Mining experience. Buffed Lizardman shamans defence and attack, including the damage they deal. Fix all special-effect magic spells checking for Runes using an old system and thus not supporting staffs and the Runecrafting master cape perk. Flaming skull can now properly be un-noted. The Woodcutting master cape should now be better at finding active Evil trees. All skilling actions will now be stopped properly when a player dies. Fixes the issue which allowed mining after dying inside of the wilderness resource area. Dying at Nomad will no longer cause him to stop spawning. Make sure to let us know what you think of this update, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here. Thanks!
  20. Kc 333 was lucky as hell. So glad i got it really early on
  21. Ice Demon Guide!

    Want to take PvM to the next level? Want to get rich? The Ice demon Guide has arrived! How to get there: Elite slayer points What? Elite slayer points are points you get after doing your Elite slayer task. You can obtain a task by talking to 'kuradal'. How does it work? After every elite slayer task you get 2 elite points. This will go up when you are at a task streak. Where can I see how many points i have? Quest tab -> Elite slayer points. Link to ice demon? 1 elite point = 1 minute inside the Ice Demon cave. When it reaches 0 minutes, you will get teled to edgeville, even when the kill isn't finished yet. Any way to reduce time? YES. Redeeming the ice demon will Permanently halves the Elite points consumed at Ice demon (2 minutes in the cave will be reduced to 1 minute after using the scroll). You can buy a scroll for 30 Soul wars points at the soul wars minigame, by talking to the imp. The teleport When you think you have enough elite points to defeat the Ice demon: Slayer teleport -> 3rd page -> Setup and inventory: Melee Setup: Magma helm > Bandos helm > torva helm Max infernal cape > Comp cape > Infernal cape > max cape Drygore rapier > chaotic rapier ( wouldn't recommend because the risk of getting planked is decent, means you'll lose your drygore rapier) Special weapons: Abyssal dagger, korasi, crystal hally,... You can switch torva for vanguard aswell (but again, if you die, vanguard items will turn into cash) It is highly recommended to camp divine Steel titan is basically a must if you don't want to spend 25-30 minutes at one kill! Range Setup: Tanzanite helm > pernix cowl Comp cape > max cape ACB > CCB > RCB Ruby bolts (e) > dragon bolts (e) Special weapon: Morrigan javelin's You can switch pernix for a trickster set (but if you die, the trickster items will turn into cash) Divine (recommended) > armadyl buckler Steel titan is basically a must if you don't want to spend 25-30 minutes at one kill. Normal spellbook for vigour is also recommended If the ice demon has 100 hp left, switch to ring of wealth to snipe a double drop The fight: When you are geared up and gathered a good amount of elite slayer points, it's time to fight the boss. The boss itself isn't really that hard if you know what you are doing. Some facts: Put on your protect from Magic for the entire fight. Make sure to have a good internet connection, if you dc for only 5 seconds, it will result in you dieing. Run off is the best way to dodge the icicles efficiently, you CAN NOT tank the icicles as it will heal the ice demon's hp. Use your titan as much as you can to speed up the kills. Ice demon has 55K hp! Ruby bolts (e) can hit up to 2k damage! If you have to tele out to rebank, the kill WILL NOT be reset! If you leave it with 10k hp left, it will stay at 10k hp! If you die, you'll be spawned at market and the gear will be on the ground in the ice demon cave! ATTENTION: MAKE SURE TO HAVE ENOUGH MINUTES (elite slay points) TO GET YOUR GEAR IF YOU DIE! hint: if its the first time: put your private off, chat off,... so you can stay concentrated. If you talk its a 80% chance u'll die. The actual fight: In fact the fight isn't really that hard if you know what you are doing, you just gotta stay concentrated and keep your health above 800 to avoid combo's. The tactics are the same, doesn't change if you go melee instead of range. You tele in and start fighting Ice Demon You can keep fighting untill this happens: When the icicles fall down you'll have to move quickly, if your not concentrated or acting asap you'll most likely die. These icicles will follow you for 10 seconds, keep walking till they are gone, then go attack ice demon again. You have to walk them otherwise, if you decide to tank them, you'll end up dead and ice demon will regain its Hp. It is best to use your screen like I do, so it is clear to see when they fall. Ice coming out of the ground When this happens, just ignore it. If your hp is above 800 you won't get comboed. !! But stay concentrated! If ice comes out of the ground, you might forget to see the icicles dropping from the roof. !! Short Summarized: You get enough elite points to complete a full fight. You tele in and attack it. If icicles show up, walk them till they are gone and attack it again. Repeat this till the ice demon dies. Pray to the harambe for a drygore weapon (approx 25B ea atm) or a nice ice demon pet. The spoils: Ofcouse we wouldnt be killing it if had nothing important to drop 1 on 500 is the chanse to get a pet: 1 on 180 for a drygore rapier: 1 on 180 for a drygore mace: 1 on 180 for a drygore longsword: ENJOY KILLING IT AND GOODLUCK ON THE DROPS ALL Any feedback is welcome to improve the guide.
  22. 5 points
    #devlog The prayer tab was given a slight change in the last update. Why not improve the magic tab for the next one?
  23. Elkoy Updates [17/11/2017]

    Special accuracy was not being applied to items which have multiple hits for example MSB, DDS etc, this has been fixed. Verac special ability was not ignoring NPC or Player defence, only prayers. This has been fixed so should be very good for Npcs with extremely high defence, such as Vennenatis.
  24. Elkoy Updates [17/11/2017]

    Mole has had stats adjusted and also mechanics adjusted slightly Added win/losses to duel arena along with ::duelstats Changed the bandos godsword special so it takes 50% special and also does the stat drain of the opponent correctly. Lowered Lizardman shaman stats
  25. Interviewing Asami and Dep

    Hey Elkoy, For the next edition of the newspaper we will be interviewing @Asami and @Dep. As always, ask as many questions as you'd like and keep the trolling to a minimum. Please refrain from asking questions that are already on this pastebin: https://pastebin.com/9thN0zuL Let us know who you would like to see next week!
  26. You are bored , CRAZY ?

  27. Karaoke Event

    In-game username: Jealousy Song: So Sick - Ne Yo Link to song: What better way to embarrass myself amirite? I didn't know any Halloween songs to sing, & my phone didn't let me record the rest! But, yeah pls no flame-arinoo LOL.
  28. 500M cape perks

    Made this thread for peeple who wonder what the 500M capes exactually do. Where to get them? When you reached 500M in a particular skill, you can go buy the 500M cape or upgrade your Trimmed cape, here : Talk to the wise old man, west of ::home. What do they do? When the Attack cape is worn, it will negate the need for tokens when fighting Cyclopes on the second floor of the Warriors' Guild. When the Strength cape is worn, it can be used to grant a temporary potion boost. When the Defence cape is worn, it can be enabled to act as a Ring of life - teleporting you to safety when your Hitpoints drops critically low. When the Ranging cape is worn, it will grant the ammo-saving effects of Ava's accumulator aswell as a 10% bonus chance to trigger bolt special effects. When the Prayer cape is worn, it will restore 1 prayer point every 3 seconds. When the Magic cape is worn, it can be used to spellbook-swap for up to five times a day. When the Runecrafting cape is worn, it will act as an infinite source of runes when casting spells. When the Construction cape is worn, it allows furniture to be built without the required items. When the Dungeoneering cape is worn, receive 25% discount on all items in Thok's Dungeoneering rewards shop. When the Hitpoints cape is worn, it can be used to restore all stats, including Special attack energy. It will also cure poison and venom. This effect can only be used for 3 times a day and not in combat. When the Agility cape is worn, it immediately restores Run energy. It also prevents your Run energy from being drained. When the Herblore cape is worn, grants 30% chance to make two while mixing potions. When the Thieving cape is worn, grants 20% chance to receive double loot when stealing. When the Crafting cape is worn, grants 50% chance to not consume an Onyx while making high-tier jewelry. When the Fletching cape is worn, grants 50% bonus arrows/bolts/darts while fletching. When the Slayer cape is worn, grants the ability to reset tasks without any cost. Also makes it possible to extend an assigned task. Slayer master cape will not reset streaks when reseting a Slayer task When the Hunter cape is worn, grants 30% chance to receive double loot from a catch. Also grants 50% bonus chance to receive a golden Chinchompa pet instead of a regular one. When the Mining cape is worn, grants extra stardust while mining it. Also provides an infinite amount of teleports to the Shooting star. When the Smithing cape is worn, it makes it possible to make items without a hammer. Additionally, no longer fail when smelting Iron ore into bars. When the Fishing cape is worn, it increases catch rate by 10% while fishing. It also makes it possible to fish without any bait. When the Cooking cape is worn, never burn food while cooking. When the Firemaking cape is worn, any fires made will be randomly colored. When the Woodcutting cape is worn, it will grant an additional 30% chance of a bird nest falling while chopping trees. Also grants an infinite amount of teleports to the Evil tree. When the Farming cape is worn, you'll receive 20% more herbs when harvesting. Additionally, they will become noted. When the Summoning cape is worn, grants 30% chance to not have to use a secondary ingridient while infusing pouches. Additionally, also reduces familiar special attack timers by 10%. Hope this guide told you what you wanted to know about the 500m skillcapes, Goodluck grinding!
  29. most embarrasing moment on Elkoy!

    i think this is your most embarrassing moment yogay
  30. most embarrasing moment on Elkoy!

    Taking over the Elkoy train at market and walking towards Edgeville, pathing through the side of the bridge where it was multi varrock, Some people decided to split off and pull half the train into multi whom died and quit. Was Moderator at the time which made it all the worse, I abused the trust of the community .
  31. Karaoke Event

    Nup, you can't make me do it fanvy boi! Honestly, can you imagine my embarrassment I literally had to type that shit out last time. I'll just sing "Men At Work - Down Under", a good old Australian classic! @Mario seems to think my voice suits that better honestly.
  32. Elkoy Updates [17/11/2017]

    Fixed an issue where if you rolled a hit that it still had the chance to then roll a max hit of 0 Added the defence reduction of the Statius warhammer special Added Guthix rest potions, which can be made by buying herb tea mix from the Herblore store, then using 3 guams, harralander and marrentil on the tea. Added Wyson the gardener to Falador, who will convert your Mole claws and skins to nests Increased the blitz refreeze timer from 3 ticks to 5. You will now be unfreezed if a player runs off screen Fixed food and potion timers Fixed an issue where actions could be lost when lots of actions are queued up. Lowered the amount of damage Kalphite queen does Made Skotizo alters spawn slightly slower. Fixed Elysian shields effect not having the right chance to lower damage Fixed Vennenatis respawning
  33. Hello Elkoy!

    Hello I'm Orbiez Firstly let me thank you for taking the time to read my introduction. I first heard about Elkoy on runelocus whilst looking for a rsps that was both active and had a lot to offer, The moment i joined Elkoy straight away i noticed it had a very active community and a lot of helpful people around to help me get started. now i feel like i've made my home at elkoy after playing for around 1 week (maybe longer) i feel like i should introduce my self properly, My IRL name is Andrew (IGN Orbiez) I'm 23 years old and from the uk! In my spare time i like playing OSRS, Producing music and playing rsps aswell as just chilling out, i'm a down to earth person that's easy to get a long with and will always try my best to help people weather its IRL problems or problems in game. My favorite thing to do in Elkoy is helping people with dungeoneering to get their chaotic weapons or achieve the goals they want. i have made a lot of friends in Elkoy in my time playing so far and i hope to make even more! - Orbiez
  34. To enter follow rules in description or pinned comment
  35. When Professor Oak announced that pray flicking and prayer functions were fixed, I started thinking of challenges and what things I can do with that. So what better thing to do than give myself 1 prayer point, low hp, and free to play gear to kill Jad with. This run gave me really good RNG on my hits, I had a run earlier that I was in for over 5 minutes and then ran out of prayer. No potions used, my stats were at 99 excluding hit points and prayer. If anyone can copy my gear, with 1 prayer point, and hp under 10, with a video I will give them a 1b cash! Post your video below. First person to do it as well, so only one winner for the 1B. Goodluck! -Please show your stats before hand -Make sure to show you only have 1 prayer point -Make sure you have below 10 hp (osrs style hp - so 100 hp new hit points) -Follow the gear setup below .
  36. Flower Poker Event - Sign Up !

    Healys Fp Tourny!! I am hosting a fp tourny at 7pm Server Time, I am also giving a black santa to 1st place, 80m shards to 2nd places and 40m shards to 3rd place so drop your in game name and ill pm you the location when it starts i wish everyone the best of luck in this tourny and would like to hope u join my other tournys in the near future . As I am the one in charge of the tourny i would like everyone to do as I say to ensure the tourny can swiftly move through whilst people get knocked out and people get through to the higher stages 1st Place - Black Santa 2nd Place - 80m Shards 3rd Place - 40m Shards DROP YOUR IGN TO BE ENTERED!!!!!!
  37. Karaoke Event

    Hello, After many requests, I figured this would be the best possible time to run a karaoke event! With Halloween just creepin' around the the corner, let try to focus on Halloween themed songs - However any song you wish to do is completely fine and up to you! How this works: Record yourself singing a song Upload it to YouTube (preferably) Leave a reply following the format on this thread Top 5 songs will be chosen by the Staff Team Top 5 songs will be placed in a voting thread and 3 winners will be chosen by the community The format: I encourage you guys to have solo entries however if you want to work with someone or multiple people, that is perfectly fine - However the prizes will have to be split. You will also be able to get some 'bonus points' when the staff team is reviewing your song, those bonus points are: Halloween themed song IRL video The prizes as of now is 2 $50 scrolls and a party hat. You have 10 days to enter. The event will end on Saturday 10/28. Enjoy and have fun, Elkoy Events Team
  38. We're looking for a few players to help us test out updates before they go live. You will be given access to a client which will allow you to login to our testing world. If you are interested, please apply below using the following format. You must have at least 15 posts in order to post your application.
  39. Karaoke Event

    In-game username: DetecksSong: What goes aroundLink to song: Hereby my attempt of winning. video seems to be in 240p for some reason, idk why
  40. We'd rather spend our time working on more beneficial updates that will improve the server all year long rather than a 3 day halloween event. We have a big update coming out this week.
  41. Signature contest

    Watch and learn pal......
  42. Karaoke Event

    Just give another week cause I want more time to post this shit I want to post my land down under song
  43. Karaoke Event

    Here's my awful attempt lol IGN: SnowSaber Song: Dancing on my own; Calum Scott Video link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/185993794
  44. 1 Def Infernal Cape

    Hey ya'll, I'm newer to Elkoy and have been doing the inferno a lot. I decided to challenge myself to do the inferno on a 1 defence account with only a rune cbow and basic pure gear. I'm not sure if anyone else has done this yet, but I thought it was a pretty cool achievement. https://gyazo.com/3d9e630920c763505ea2c93223831960 https://gyazo.com/3c11a8087a28379eb27ef50533d365cb (Sorry about the gyazo links. Don't know how to post pictures on this forum)
  45. Whats up guys, Was doing my QBD task and getting thought about trying a new method. Using Dharok's for the first phase or 2 then switching to regular gear. It was pretty hard to get used to at first. I had to learn the QBD max hit, when it was able to stack hits on me, and the tick pattern of it's attacks. I did about 5 kills using this method and this was my best time so chose to use this clip of me doing it. But eventually i learned that and was able to not die immediately after trying. I feel if I kept going i could get a sub 4 minute kill with good RNG, and using titan as often as possible but still developing the method. Would love to see some other people try it, let me know if y'all have questions. Biggest hit I had vs QBD: 1000 Time: 4:27 I have been posting some various pvm related videos lately, so let me know if you guys like them or not. And if theres a challenge or something you want to see me do, let me know!
  46. Staff showcase [COMPLETED] !

    No but I do and unfortunately he is 100% correct. Yes what he said may be quite brutal however that is today's critiques. Personally by all of the signatures on this showcase are quite dreadful. There is literally no composition within any signatures. It honestly looks like you have completely rushed this last showcase to finally be over and done with it. Personally in my opinion if that were the case then why originally do it? To be on a more critique note; Your first showcase was by far the best, it seemed like effort was made, themes matched along with their color scheme and the composition was fully there, then there was the 2nd showcase and that's where I took a lot of note due to the fact that it seemed like you were either dropping off with intention and commitment or just running out of ideas and now your 3rd showcase just proves those theories. Honestly I hope you don't take offense to these however you either need to find more motivation or simply take more time because this last showcase is horrendous and I don't see any staff using them in an honest opinion.
  47. Hope you guys enjoy the video & goodluck to everyone who enters the giveaway!
  48. Staff showcase [COMPLETED] !

    I'm sorry man, but I'm gonna be brutally honest. These are horrific. More than half are just bad fonts with a combination of poorly applied blending mode options and extremely low quality renders. Why is there so much empty space in all of them? Can you just not be bothered to re-size anything? How long do you take on average to complete these? I find it hard to believe that you've been posting showcase threads for months and you've never improved beyond this. For the love of god man, slow down and put some effort into what you're making. Maybe watch a tutorial or two.
  49. Karaoke Event

    In-game username: Kidnape Song: Its almost Halloween Link to song: @LVJ second # kappa here's my entry to this event I guess this is awkward but yeah lets have some fun on this community haha *NOTE* : I didn't sing for years so don't blame me