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  1. Professor Oak

    Elkoy Updates [22/09/2018]

    I know that we said that raids would be released this weekend but unfortunately one of our testers found a big problem which is causing raids to randomly kick players out of the game. We've not managed to locate the issue just yet but we should have it sorted by 1st of October. Nah I'm just kidding. Chambers of Xeric Hiscores | Active event hosted by Mamba Many months ago we started working on our biggest project yet; the Chambers of Xeric. We've finally finished it and to be honest I'd like to say that we bit off more than we could chew. Here at Elkoy we try our best to bring you content which is as close to the real thing as possible and we wanted to do that with raids too. Even though I'm proud to say that we're the first RSPS with real raids, I also feel like it would have been better if we had simply made our own version of it as it probably wouldn't have taken as long to do. The Chambers of Xeric (also known as raids) is end-game content for high-level players who are looking for challenging bosses to fight and puzzles to solve. Every raid consists of 3 floors: Upper level, lower level and the Great Olm. Both the upper and lower levels are dynamically generated and can look very different from raid to raid. The Great Olm is not a dynamic floor and will always look the same. You can explore the Chambers of Xeric on your own but you can also team up with other players. Simply join a clan and have the leader make a party through the party interface which can be accessed via the Scoreboard. Keep in mind that monsters become tougher the larger team you have. Performing different actions in a raid will give you points, these are later used to determine the rewards for your party. If a player dies in a raid they will lose 40% of their current points. If they have less than 1.000 it'll also decrease the team's total points so make sure you tread carefully. Below are all of the restricted items and/or effects that cannot be used in the Chambers of Xeric. Below are the rewards you can receive from a raid: We've added a brand new highscore page dedicated for raids, who will become Elkoy's top raider? Additionally, @Mambais currently hosting an event. Check it out here. In other news This update isn't just about raids. We're also rebranding all of Elkoy. New designs for the website, launcher and client. We'll be launching many new ad-campaigns so expect to see some new faces around here soon. A collection log has been added in the Quest tab and will register future valuable boss drops. Pre-existing untradable items will automatically be registered when opening the log. Added an account creation screen to the client's login box. Fixed few items having wrong bonuses such as the Tormented bracelet after the previous update. Fixed client crashing sometimes crashing when using the ESC key to close an interface. I'd like to give a huge shoutout to our testers who have put in many hours to help make sure that the content is as smooth as possible. I'd also like to say thanks to all of the players who have been patient with us throughout the entire project and supported us on the development log. Now that the project is finally over we'll be going back to weekly updates. Make sure to let us know what you think of this update. Your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issues, please report them here. Thanks for reading!
  2. GloryBoyz

    Join in the Glory

    The most dominant team in Elkoy history has finally opened its doors (slightly) to allow outsiders in. If you feel you are good enough and are willing to become a living legend, then place an application below. Name: Clan History: Single or Multi: Return Sets: *Players may need to prove themselves against a PK Leader+ in certain match-ups to prove you belong in the Clan. Join the Familia
  3. Supreme

    GloryBoyz - Raids Division

    The most dominant team in Elkoy History extends it reach to the Chambers of Xeric. Who do you fear more? GB or Olm. Join us and fear neither. Show case: Requirements: The red boxes are optional items, the rest mandatory. Along with maxed combat stats. How to apply: IGN: Raids KC (Screenshot): Inventory/gear setup (screenshot): What makes you want to join GB Raids Division?: Clan History: Isleview or myself will review your application, pm you and respond on the thread. If you have any questions feel free to pm one of us too.
  4. Mamba

    Raids Event

    In preparation of the update most thought would never come, I'll be posting the raids event a day earlier. Although I don't want to talk about the wait, I figure it's best to stay transparent with the community. We have been working on full raids for nearly a whole year, I can assure you this was not due to laziness or anything of the sort. This was a huge project for the size of our team - However, we have had many meetings and have came to the agreement that nothing of the sorts will ever happen again. The last year has been hard on us as majority of the time, Elkoy was neglected due to development of Raids. The Raids update will not only include Raids but a new website, forum theme, client and much more. Think of it as a fresh start (don't quote me and ask for unbans). We will begin to produce more consistent updates again and as a community we will bring Elkoy back as a top server. So once again I, along the rest of the team apologize for the wait. Now onto the event! This will be a 3 part event which each part having different rewards. Keep in mind, you can win more than once. Most individual raid points in a week: Prizes: Black h'ween mask and a monument located near raids with your details. (This will be tracked via highscores) First to solo a raid: Prize: $200 in donation scrolls (First to reply to this thread with a picture will win) First (3) to receive a unique: Prizes: Party hats (You can choose color, no black) (Up to 3 players can win this, first to reply to the thread will win) All pictures posted must be full client. If you have any questions, contact me. Enjoy! Elkoy Management
  5. Professor Oak

    Elkoy Hotfix [27/09/2018]

    Some more fixes for the newly released Chambers of Xeric before we start working on other things again. The overall points received for dealing damage against monsters in raids has been increased again. Minion spawns blocking the exit in the shaman room will now only deal 1 damage each. You no longer need any free inventory space when mining the rocks-shortcut in a scavenger room. Redemption will no longer heal a player if the incoming damage would take their health below 0. Kindling can no longer be used to farm points (by burning it over and over again in the Ice demon room). The Great Olm's hitpoints now scales more in teams. Salve amulets now properly grant bonus damage against undead monsters. Dragon hunter crossbow's ranged attack has been increased to the same as the Armadyl crossbow. Collection log entries for drops will no longer be registered when killing the wrong monster. Zoom will no longer reset upon client restart. Broadcasts can now be dismissed by simply clicking on them. Make sure to let us know what you think of this update. Your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issues, please report them here. Thanks for reading!
  6. Professor Oak

    Elkoy Updates [26/09/2018]

    This update is intended to balance the Chambers of Xeric points system while also fixing some other problems that were introduced into the game recently. Chambers of Xeric In this update we're looking to decrease the amount of points you get from certain activities and to increase the amount of points you get for dealing damage instead. We're also introducing a new way to earn points and will be looking to implement even more in the future. All unique item drops in raids should now be slightly easier to obtain. You can now use the ::raidsrates command which allows you to check the drop rate for a unique item with a specified amount of total points. Boulders will no longer be the only shortcut to spawn in large scavenger rooms. Scavenger shortcuts will now give less points. It was not taking the scaling into consideration when rewarding points. The points received for dealing damage to a monster has been increased. Keep in mind that the party's average combat level still plays a large role in the amount of points given. Make sure your party has an average combat level of at least 115 if you want to earn the maximum amount of points. Catching bats will now reward you with points. Additional points can be obtained by consuming them (they must be cooked first). Tekton will now fire less projectiles from the lava around the room in larger teams when standing near his anvil. Dragon warhammer's special attack will now decrease Tekton's defences by 5% if it was inaccurate. The melee Vanguard's damage has been lowered. All rewards received in the Chambers of Xeric will now be sent to your private storage unit if you were removed from the raid unintentionally. The big Muttadile's shockwave attack can no longer hit targets that are 2 tiles away. The Great Olm's mage-claw can no longer be attacked from outside the room with a long-ranged weapon. Cavern grubs can now be deposited in shared storage units. Raids-related items will no longer be dropped on the floor when you leave a raid after defeating the Great Olm. They'll just despawn instead. All new items introduced with the Chambers of Xeric can now be searched for in the POS interface. Twisted bow's bonus damage has been increased slightly. Added proper bonuses to all of the Salve amulets. Their accuracy and damage boosts do no longer stack with the effects of a Slayer helmet. Solved an issue causing some items to not be unnotable. Steel bars received as loot will now properly be added to the inventory with the full amount instead of only 1. Additionally, the now scale with the amount of points you have, up to 5000. In other news All types of potions and flasks can now be split into two doses by using their respective empty vessels on them. This also works with potions made in the Chambers of Xeric, simply use an Empty gourd vial on one. Fixed a visual bug causing walls in Tears of Guthix to only be visible in certain angles. Additionally, players on the oldschool teleport system will now be able to find Tears of Guthix in the minigame teleports. Fixed another visual bug in the Inferno causing pillars to not be fully visible in certain angles. Vote books now give a 5 minute 10% off npc drop chance, this applies to non ironmen only. You may only have a maximum of 60 minutes at one given time, the time is in real life meaning, if you logout the time is still ticking down. This obviously does not effect minigame rewards, raids etc. This is only for NPC drops. Kills in wilderness made by clans are now recorded and will be shown on the Hiscores shortly. We will be adding a few features to help clan owners, manage their clan and run some events surrounding the Clan Hiscores in the near future. The command ::nextstar will now show in what location the current star is in and also where the next star is going to land after the announcement, for those who might miss it. Saradomin brews now count towards the heal 5000 HP achievement. Ironmen may now use the vote store to purchase cosmetic items only. Chaotic maul has received a buff in PvP. Legendary donors may now pick e-zone as the place to respawn at upon death. Ancient Wyvern resource drop amounts have been fixed. Useful for ironmen. Giant mole will now drop noted Fellstalks in the range of 5-25. Attempting to equip a two-handed weapon with just a shield and a full inventory will no longer prevent you from doing so. Sorted a problem with the collision detection system causing players to be unable to walk in some areas (one example being the ladder at the King Black Dragon lair, another being in Dungeoneering).
  7. Professor Oak

    Elkoy Hotfix [23/09/2018]

    The Chambers of Xeric have been out for more than a day now and it's great to see players enjoying them! This is a hotfix to make the experience a bit more enjoyable. We'll continue to monitor the gameplay and try to address any future issues as quick as possible. The world map will now display all puzzles and boss rooms that can be found on a raid floor. This should make scouting a bit easier. Please note that they're not ordered. Slightly increased the overall points gained from dealing damage against certain monsters in the Chambers of Xeric. The Great Olm will no longer change his regular attack type as often. Additionally, the players being targeted by his spheres is now more random. Zamorak godsword now only requires 50 special attack energy. Ruby bolts have been capped to 100 against all monsters in the Chambers of Xeric. Jewelled crabs can now walk through pets. You can no longer use an Overload while already under the effects of one. Muttadiles will now only try to walk towards the tree once (instead of everytime they get low on health). Additionally, they'll now heal slightly less from it. The water-Muttadile's projectile will now be visible for players standing next to the Noxious tendrils. Also, it's not as accurate anymore. The Meat tree in the Muttadile room is now easier to cut down. Increased the Vasa Nistirio special attack duration, giving players more time to run under the area of effect to reduce the damage. Decreased the Guardian falling rocks attack distance radius to 1x1 instead of 2x2. Slightly increased Ice demon's melee defences but lowered his Ranged defences. The Ice demon will no longer walk over a brazier in some room layouts. The Ice demon can no longer be safespotted from behind the chest. It'll be able to target players there aswell. Ironmen can now properly see the Tinderbox and Bronze hatchets spawned on the ground near the Ice demon passage. Tekton will now have a bit more health in larger teams. Lowered Scavenger's attack levels. Scavengers should now be dropping secondaries more often. Added Dragon javelins and Steel bars to the common drop table in raids. Fixed teleporting to the Falador southern patches when on the oldschool teleport system. We also released a different hotfix yesterday, click here to read it. Make sure to let us know what you think of this update. Your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issues, please report them here. Thanks for reading!
  8. TheWhiteHaze

    Raids Event

    Gottem boys! First solo (don't mind the completion time ha. Scavs were not friendly)
  9. Yacoub21

    Join in the Glory

    Can i join u all ign real yacoub
  10. Professor Oak

    Elkoy Updates [22/09/2018]

    We've just released a hotfix for the following issues: The message for filling empty gourd vials with water can now be filtered. Scavenger drops that are used for making potions and building the storage unit should now be more common. Max capes with attached Master capes can no longer be brought into raids. The raid timer will no longer restart when someone in the party receives points. Lowered the amount of bonus damage against Guardians that's based on Mining level. Jewelled crabs can now properly follow players around the entire room. The loot received upon completing Vespula can now properly be picked up. Added the "Chambers of Xeric" teleport on the oldschool teleport system. The crystal blocking exit out of the Olm boss room will now properly despawn for everyone in the raid. Olm's swap teleport attack will no longer target players outside the room.
  11. TheWhiteHaze

    Dragon Hunter Crossbow

    Yeah me too haha pm me @Cal is a mercher.
  12. Mamba

    Raids Event

    Read the first sentence before replying next time
  13. PhilBlunttz

    IRL Pet Thread

    I was looking through didnt go far as theres alot of pages for each subcategory, but i didnt see a IRL Pet thread started at all yet and i promised a few of you id show you pictures of my zoo so here we are. that being said, all pets are allowed, from cat to fish to insects. I myself have 6 cats, 1 dog, and 10 or 11 reptiles ill be editing the original post and posting the pictures from my iphone. I figured it wasnt too inappropriate of a subject to start, if im wrong feel free to delete it forum mods. EDIT: Photos of the Reptile Room at Night (excuse the mess only moved in here 2 weeks ago roughly)
  14. Meteorites

    Raids Event

    Can't wait to not be able to participate due to my work schedule, but exciting nonetheless!
  15. Fergus

    Raids Event

    I got the scrolls in the bag.
  16. Nerf

    Iron nerf - raid drop log

    I guess its about time someone makes a droplog about the freshly released chambers of xeric, so why not me? KC 36 KC 37 KC 49 KC 57 KC 77 KC 140
  17. Noobydude

    Hi :D

    Hey all! Some of you may have already seen me around or played with me since I've been around for about a week or so. In 15+ years of playing Runescape and numerous servers Elkoy has pulled me into it with that "just one more hour" sort of affect. I look forward to speaking and playing with you all just add me in game at "Noobydude" If you want See you all out there
  18. Hello, Welcome to another weekend of events. I would like to thank you all for your participation in last week's events, as you may have noticed our events are growing every weekend with more and more people getting involved. If you have an idea for a specific event you would like to see, don't hesitate to PM me or another member of the events team. KEEP IN MIND EVENTS WILL BEGIN AT 9PM SERVER TIME. Pest Control Event - Players will participate in the Pest Control mini-game with prizes to be won every 5-10 rounds! (Yell and my cc)Race - I will announce my position and the first person to get to me and trade me wins. (My cc)Level 3 Event - Users will create a new account and use the required gear. (Sign up thread to be posted) Trivia - I will ask questions related to Elkoy. First person to answer will win (My cc) Drop Party - I will be dropping items at a certain location (Yell and my cc) Flower poker tournament - Players will FP in a tournament type setting. (Sign up thread to be posted) Mass raids - Players will group up for Staff lead Chamber of Xerics raids (My cc) Soul Wars Event - Players will participate in the soul wars minigame with x2 points (yell) The rewards for each event will differ, they will be announced or posted within the sign up threads. We hope you guys enjoy these events, please use this thread for feedback on how we could improve events. Thanks & Enjoy, The Events Team.
  19. Hello, Welcome to another weekend of events. I would like to thank you all for your participation in last week's events. If you have an idea for a specific event you would like to see, don't hesitate to PM me or another member of the events team. This weekend's events will run slightly differently to those in the past. As I am sure you are all aware Elkoy's player count has been slowly decreasing and as a result participation in weekend events has also decreased to a point where the events team feel that it is not suitable to run three full days each weekend. With raids just around the corner we absolutely expect these numbers to rise dramatically but until this happens events will be run as described below. Once our player count has risen again we will return to the original format. Additionally, we will be hosting a huge giveaway with the release of raids to celebrate for which a post will be made soon to explain, be sure to check it out as the rewards will be massive! SUNDAYS EVENTS WILL BEGIN AT 9PM SERVER TIME (GMT +1). Pest Control Event - We will activate x2 Pest Control points for a few hours in the evening. Soul Wars Event - We will activate x2 Soul Wars points for a few hours in the evening. Skilling Event - First to receive the announced pet wins. (Yell) Dharok's Pk Tournament - Players will fight in the required gear in a tournament type setting! (Sign up thread to be posted) ´╗┐Soul Wars Event - We will activate x2 Soul Wars points for a few hours in the evening. ALL WEEKEND Chompy Chick Race - First person to receive the chompy bird pet wins the event. (All weekend. If you win reply to this thread with a picture of it.)
  20. Fergus

    Raids Event

    http://prntscr.com/kxoeah first bow prize loc?
  21. Isleview

    Raids Event

    We getting first tbow in game..
  22. Professor Oak

    Raids development log

    Testing still going on. I've spent last couple of days improving the Olm head rotation system. Additionally we've done some misc improvements to all of the rooms. We've made the ::home command able to teleport players to the latest checkpoint if they end up on an unwalkable tile or inside a wall. Even though it should never happen, it will save players a lot of time as they won't have to redo the entire raid (if they logout in a solo, the raid will disband).
  23. Abzurd

    Weekend of Events - [21-23/09/18]

    The events were hosted from 21:00 untill about 23:00. Three full days feels kinda like exaggeration, but I get the point. In my opinion these events made many weekend players return to the game. The giveaways were a huge player draw too. I don't know why you chose these specific events. But I personally don't see the point in Dharok's pk or a monster bash to draw in more people. You probably know the infamous saying: the rich get richer. That's why im pointing out the succes and the mass-attendance to last few FP-tournaments. But they're a lot of work to organise and maintain. I dont know if anyone wants to read this, normally i don't write these kind of posts. I think the declining player numbers and reducing the events in response isn't a good thing to do. I cheer to some changes in the events, to freshen it up. Good luck with the release of raids.
  24. GloryBoyz

    Glory Dayz - Pt 1

    Enjoy the music while you have a little read. After becoming official we decided to hit the wilderness the only way we thought of, complete destruction, many of lootpiles and some clown pvmers reduced back to ragging. Glory Boyz doing what we do best, dropping freaks and taking loots. We had a run-in with Supreme PvM who heavily out numbered us as usual, but with 4 itemers and 1 bangs Glory Boyz were on a roll and the loot just kept piling. Thanks Supreme PvM for the lootpiles, your Zbows help our rebuilds, although it'll probably be our last seeing as your leader is now scared to face us, who could blame him tho. As for @Dwings, Hello bro when you gonna level up from a pure and start fighting back? I know you had a little head bump outside rev cave but maybe its time for you to drop the black d hide ghostly robes and get back into your void, we miss your lootpiles. Then we have this little guy, banned from Obey and Supreme PvM and all-round Glory Boyz fanboy Godloan AKA Kirby 123 decides to try his luck ragging one of our members, the end was inevitable, his body hit the floor and his hopes and dreams of rejoining Supreme shattered just like his jaw across the wilderness floor. Hall of Shame - Thanks for the Loot The Glory Dayz have just Begun. Stay tuned.

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