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  1. bigkill48

    50$ Scroll Giveaway!!

    IGN Bigkill48
  2. ign bigkill48
  3. bigkill48

    Welfare pking sign ups

  4. bigkill48

    Dharok's PK tournament sign up thread

    bigkill48 leggo
  5. bigkill48

    Dharok's Tournament Sign Up Thread

    IN IT TO WIN IT BABY IGN Bigkill48
  6. bigkill48

    You are bored , CRAZY ?

    I usually fill my time with memes if I'm real bored.
  7. bigkill48

    Terrorism V Not terrorism

    im sorry, but this is dumb af
  8. bigkill48

    30mins of looting @edgeville

    30 min of xp waste?
  9. bigkill48

    Rhett IRL?!

    Just a dude, marrying another dude, so they can be dudes together, forever. Congratz
  10. bigkill48

    0Main0 Middle Man

    fp'd 800m pot, self hold. paid up. VOUCH
  11. bigkill48

    hurricane's Irma and others

    2 hurricanes, both "once very 500 years". the second worse than the first, and a third following behind. and the east coast is ablaze. and people say "Global warming isnt real" Safe prayers and i hope everyone can find shelter! Be safe out there Alligator Wrestlers
  12. bigkill48

    Flower Poker Event - Sign Ups

  13. bigkill48

    Vouch me. Paxtoon

    mm'd a total of 1.2b through 3 mms. legit
  14. bigkill48

    this is my thread -shadowraze

    mm'd 200m pot (100 cash 1 claws)
  15. bigkill48

    Elkoy Updates [18/08/2017]

    why did u change other things and NOT put it in the update? such as reducing turn-in value of artifacts to maderin or w.e his name is. and the multiple atrifact turn in doesnt even work.

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