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  1. Finally, after 1129 KC, the pet grind is over! Loot Estimate (Probably 3X what is shown, sold a lot of it): (Rank #1 Zammy btw xd)
  2. PVM Legends Event (CC only)

    Easiest 2.5B ill make. IGNL Thesasukekid

    First you go ahead and click Macro Then enjoy botting gg. This is bait btw
  4. Fp tourney! --- PvM Legends

    Gang gang shit nibba. Ya boy T h e s a s u k e k i d is commin to fuck some shit up yah feel me. Aight cya then cuz.
  5. Flower Poker Event!! Sign-up!

    Ign: Thesasukekid
  6. <#INFERNO#>< Inferno Main PK Clan><#INFERNO~>

    You can keep deleting my posts mate, ill keep re-uploading
  7. Quick In Thread Giveaway

    IGN: Thesasukekid
  8. Jad pet on the first kill :D

    The odds are 1 in 500. Come-on Ocean! Thought you knew better!
  9. Flower Poker Event Signup

    IGN: Thesasukekid
  10. Biggest BAIT ever

    LOL gz! But... im still punching you next time I see you, you lucky bastard
  11. Biggest BAIT ever

    im qutting
  12. Proof of clearing #lpr

    Picture says it all PvMLegends 1 - Lpr 0
  13. PvM Legends - Raids event!^.^

    Count me in! IGN: Thesasukekid
  14. PVM Legends clan!

    Username: Thesasukekid Time played: 4 Days 12 Hours Time Zone: PST IRL Name (optional): Josh Favourite boss's: KBD, Jad, Bandos. Boss experience: Levels: 2467 Total Attack 99 (500m) Strength 99 (173m) Defense 99 (84m) Range 99 (202m) Prayer 99 (14m) Summoning 99 (15m) Do You Have Range or melee void set + divine + chaotic? ( If Yes Please Provide Picture Of This ) Do You Have Basic Knowledge Of The Bosses Stated In The Main Thread ? Yes Event Availability times (server time): 10AM - 5 PM Little about yourself (optional): Previously played Ikov, was in a similar clan. Did really well, got all the way ranked up to Co Can you use Discord? Yes
  15. Dharok's Demise [23/07/2017]

    IGN: Thesasukekid