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  1. Elkoy Updates [12/02/2018]

    Glad to see all the hard work that went into Balance Elemental released into the game, was a really fun process. Appreciate the hard work!
  2. muted

    You were muted for spamming caps over yell despite multiple warnings. Don't do it again. @2good4you
  3. Brothers In Arms

    Ign: Darth Zach and Rooner
  4. Elkoy Updates [17/01/2018]

    Thanks for the hard work, as always. Looking forward to the release of raids!
  5. Elkoy Updates [21/12/2017]

    Lot of hard work went into this one, thanks for taking the time, looks great!
  6. Is staking a form of gambling?

    Dictionary definitions are nice. On this server, staking refers to dds-ing with an autopayout system and no chance of scamming by other players. Gambling refers to fp, dicing, and other similar games where players hold their own items or use a mm, which increases likelihood of being scammed unless a member of staff team is mm, which is why staking is allowed over yell and not fp. Just matters what it's known as on the server.
  7. 2V2 Free To Play Event - Signups

    IGN - Darth Zach IGN - Rooner
  8. Flower Poker Event - Sign Up !

    IGN - Darth Zach Nice of you to host this, I enjoy seeing people in the community doing their own stuff like this and willing to donate their stuff.
  9. Requesting Signature, prize for winner!

    Thank you for your entry sir, it is the winner! Sorry for the late response, but pm me ingame for your prize! @Vext
  10. Level 3 Event Sign-ups [11/3/17]

    Woe Zach
  11. Elkoy Updates [2/11/2017]

    Very cool update, love all the thought put into it, especially the settings. And again, put out in a very timely manner. Keep up the hard work!
  12. Looking for testers! Apply here!

    What's your ingame name? Darth Zach How long have you been playing Elkoy? Roughly 6 months How old are you? 24 What is your current timezone? EST (GMT -5) How much experience do you have with beta testing? None Have you reported any bugs that you have found? (Yes or no). Yes, multiple
  13. If you could skip any achievement for comp...

    At this point, I'd skip the 50 pk's if I could
  14. 3v3 Turmoil Event [10/29/2017]

    IGN: Rooner IGN: Dep IGN: Darth Zach
  15. Staking Event Sign Up Thread

    IGN: Darth Zach

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