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  1. Requesting Signature, prize for winner!

    Was hoping for something a big bigger/scenic like the first two
  2. Requesting Signature, prize for winner!

    I'd like darth, but honestly whichever you feel suits your work better.
  3. Come one, come all. It's been awhile since I've been active on any kind of forums for anything, but I know when I used to be, I always made sure I had a dope ass signature. I'd like to see as many ideas as possible so I can have a large variety to pick from. The one I pick will have the amazing prize of me forever associating it with my name on here. Okay, maybe not forever, but the creator one I pick out of these submissions will get 100m in game, and perhaps a bonus if it absolutely blows me away. Being in the arts myself, I wanna see what you all come up with yourselves without any kind of prompting or guidelines or suggestions. Whatever you feel suits my name or personality or what I do in-game. Lemme see what you all got. Aaaaaaaand go!
  4. Hey from Spanky

    Welcome to the server
  5. Buncha sigs

    I'd love to see what ideas and concepts you could get from my name, hook me up if you've got the time
  6. Modern Society - Is it in decline?

    I...I'm gonna need some time to collect myself after this one. I can't remember the last time I've seen this level of insight and higher intellectual thought processes occur. Thank you for this reply in the "Intellectual Debates" section of the forums.
  7. Modern Society - Is it in decline?

    In terms of peak evolution, I don't believe that humanity has reached it yet. It's incredibly difficult to comment on the evolution of a species during a specific point in time without a total historical narrative of that species. Though I am a man of faith, there's no doubting the process of evolution through the millennia. But in terms of the materialism, I agree 100%. It's ironic seeing the value of the (US) dollar decline throughout the decades, but the person's value/interest/lust of the dollar increase. It's a thing of beautiful disaster to see the craving of attention and fame and popularity among the youngest generation, thinking that is what is best for themselves, while they are totally blind to how much it is really hurting society as a whole. It's incredible to observe the increase of entitlement over such a short period of time, and to be fully honest, not being able to really truly identify a sole source of it. Social media like Vine, Twitter, and Facebook, has created a problem that we are still trying to solve but to what avail? Even in solving the problem, what is the goal that we are working towards achieving? I could go on and on and on for hours, maybe days, about all of this and I'm still curious to see what else you guys and others have to say about it. I'll try to keep my responses somewhat limited as to not dominate the issue, love hearing what others have to think on the subject.
  8. Elkoy Updates [6/09/2017]

    Great update, as usual. Can't wait for that inferno and a free weekend to give it a shot!
  9. Ella Linnea

    Welcome to the server.
  10. Would love to see a collab with Sohan, more specifically, doing mbox or super mbox pking. Definitely my favorite type of mbox/super mbox opening vids.
  11. Transcendent

    Welcome to the server, make sure to check out the Support Clan Chat for any questions you have.
  12. Being close to earning my Master's degree in a social science, I find myself thinking a lot about the oddities of modern society, more specifically, in my own country (USA). Everything from the decreasing of attention spans because of current entertainment, the seemingly constant yearning for attention in my generation (our generation? most likely) and what that has done to the work ethic, and many other facets. I'd love to hear others opinions on the topic of where modern society is headed and whether you think it is "better" or "worse" than previous generations, and in what aspects. Aaaaaaaaaand........go.
  13. Does God exist?

    While it's certainly a very interesting topic and I've enjoyed reading through the discourse, I'd have to refer to the point that others have made, as well as the quote you put in the original post: "I think, therefore I am." Being trained in psychology, everything comes down to perception, 100%. It's been suggested that no two people see a color exactly the same way because of different perceptions. So if your perception is that God exists, then he does. And if your perception is that God doesn't exist, then he doesn't. Personally, I am a man of faith, not religion. I firmly believe in God, but not the factions that have been created from such beliefs. Hence why I have the following verse tattooed on my body: "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."
  14. 100 days playtime

    Good fucking lord man, over what time period irl has this been for 100 days in game???
  15. What makes you happy?

    Only ones that are really holding me up are the gp-based ones (demonic throne, hellhound, the well, etc.) and the pking-based ones because I am literally the worst pker you will find on this server.