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  1. That's amazing congratz on your fortunes! Big shout out from ign Lostthemis :3
  2. So this happened...

    Yea 2/3 of the items are untradeable, and the third-age full helm is 40m ish... I have lvl. 116 Dungeoneering and do not need another Cls' hahaha! Would have been my lucky day to build my house for open altar + parties after selling the santa ....
  3. So this happened...

    So I bought 3 mystery boxes (from donating actual money from myself and not a pos ingame) as you see the first two items are a tease and just as the third box spin is over this happens and it DEAD stops on the line! I think its funny and wanted to share... Mod Yogi was there to cheer my luck on but it was not on my side
  4. 100 Random Boxes opening + HUGE GIVEAWAY

    Lostthemis This is great! I love these boxes and have gotten a few nice items! I hope I win, I love this server and even have co workers playing! imagine the bragging I could do hahaha, thanks for the video I was curious of the loot!
  5. Torva Set Give-Away!

    ign: Lostthemis

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