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To begin playing download the client HERE, then login with your desired username and password, no registration required! Some usernames are already taken, in which case you'll get "Invalid username or password", choose a different username if this is the case. For more help and general chat join our Discord HERE.


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  1. That's amazing congratz on your fortunes! Big shout out from ign Lostthemis :3
  2. LostThemis

    So this happened...

    Yea 2/3 of the items are untradeable, and the third-age full helm is 40m ish... I have lvl. 116 Dungeoneering and do not need another Cls' hahaha! Would have been my lucky day to build my house for open altar + parties after selling the santa ....
  3. LostThemis

    So this happened...

    So I bought 3 mystery boxes (from donating actual money from myself and not a pos ingame) as you see the first two items are a tease and just as the third box spin is over this happens and it DEAD stops on the line! I think its funny and wanted to share... Mod Yogi was there to cheer my luck on but it was not on my side
  4. LostThemis

    100 Random Boxes opening + HUGE GIVEAWAY

    Lostthemis This is great! I love these boxes and have gotten a few nice items! I hope I win, I love this server and even have co workers playing! imagine the bragging I could do hahaha, thanks for the video I was curious of the loot!
  5. LostThemis

    Torva Set Give-Away!

    ign: Lostthemis

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