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  1. Elkoy Updates [17/11/2017]

    Great job @Zion and @Professor Oak!
  2. You should make it a bit more fast pace. 11 minutes is quite a long time to watch the same kind of staking. You should also change the music. The music from Monstercat has no copyright claim on it and is amazing to use for this kind of videos.
  3. Hello Elkoy!

    Welcome to Elkoy! I hope you will enjoy your stay!
  4. Impressive! I will give it a go.
  5. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums!
  6. It's Finally Over...

    Congratulations on getting the pet!
  7. Continue the story

    Gold on dancers, so
  8. If you could skip any achievement for comp...

    For me it's inferno ones.
  9. Funny Man's Signatures Contest

    I will post my entry tonight. Halloween and 3x xp were the reasons I didn't enter this competition.
  10. Ma Intro

    Welcome to the forums!
  11. Signature contest

    Nice entry @Cal!
  12. How long will Elkoy last

    The Elkoy Staffteam has a lot of longterm players. The developers are putting hours and hours into developing. The playercount keeps rising everyday and it really has potential to become to biggest. I think it will easily stay for 8 more years and I will certainly stay here till it goes down. I love this server and so does the rest of the Staffteam.
  13. Signature contest

  14. Signature contest

    Changed the font a little bit: