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  1. Linc Graphics Shop

    Good luck with the shop!
  2. Hey from Spanky

    Welcome to the community! I hope you will enjoy your stay!
  3. Rhett IRL?!

    Nice picture!
  4. Efficient iron man guide , Low tier

    Amazing guide! Will make sure that Ironman with questions about starting their account will be directed to this thread. Beginning tier should also include revenants and mysterious emblem. The revenants give Morrigans, Vesta, Statius and Zuriel's gear. Sometimes they are degraded and the best way to get money as an ironman is the star, but also the mysterious emblem. Eventhough they cannot buy from shops (most of the time) or players, they wil need 10 million in order to fix their degraded armor. They could also get Mercenary Gloves from Dungeoneering and die with it after being skulled after being level 100 Dungeoneering.
  5. Whats up

    Welcome to the community! I believe I have seen you ingame. Now we have @Azami and @Asami!
  6. Last works

    This is the first time I don't have negative constructive feedback. On the first one the background fits the render and the font perfectly. And that font colors, amazing. The second one has a different style and you also aced that one. You have my respect. PS: Mikasa is badass.
  7. NEW STYLE gfx?

    Really nice work, you are good with the 3D style. Mind making a tutorial about it? The flash could be optimised, it looks a bit weird but a cool idea.
  8. Elkoy Updates [6/09/2017]

    Amazing work! Can't wait for Inferno.
  9. Yunai's Showcase

    Here I am going to post my newest work, rather than making several new topics. I hope to see some improvement as time passes. 9/7/2017: 9/10/2017:
  10. Ella Linnea

    Welcome to the community!
  11. The Showcase

    Tokyo Ghoul is awesome! You are talented, good sir.
  12. New signature

    What are your thoughts? Font used: Arista 2.0 Light from dafont.com Files used:
  13. Something new ?

    I like the font and the color around Marshall Law's hand, but the background doesn't fit the render. I would also like to see more orange as it really seems like it is a render pasted on a flat background. The background also has straight orange lines, which should be blurred more. I would use the yingyang sign as a background without a black background behind it. Behind the yingyang sign, you can add a lot of effects, 3d or c4d stuff. I have highlighted green what I like and highlighted red, what I believe you can do better.