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  1. Does God exist?

    My personal belief is whatever a person believes in, is what happens. So Christians go to heaven for God, and Muslims for Allah. to me it's all relative to what you believe in.
  2. whats going on?!

    Welcome to the server man, it's nice to have you.

    First lady lolfish.
  4. Rhett's Vouch Thread

    Idk why he would even need a vouch thread... but I trusted him when he said he'd buy things off of me that I had to spend irl money for... and he did. Trusted in that sense with me.
  5. Rhett IRL?!

    Damn you are both handsome as hell. Congrats on the engagement man! Idk when it happened though lol.
  6. Welfare Pking Event -Sign Ups

    I just got called into work so i won't be able to make it, mark my name off, sorry guys!
  7. Welfare Pking Event -Sign Ups

    Heck yeah sign me up. -Dep
  8. What makes you happy?

    Community.... The community on Elkoy is pretty damn good for a RsPs. shit makes me happy lol..
  9. Whats up

    wlcome to Elkoy bro I hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. Very nice video bro keep up the good work.
  11. 1 - 99 Fishing Guide

    Thanks for the guide bro, I'm using it right now I really appreciate it.
  12. Storm of Armadyl?

    Yeah, it's more content and more content for ag ame is always good. Even if it isn't used, but as long as it is consistent and is not too overpowered I totally agree with it being in the game.
  13. Evil Tree Locations

    Thanks for this guide I'm using it for my 99 woodcutting
  14. Kaz Make For Teziz

    Gfxing is graphics designing isn't it? lool