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  1. Coming Back To Elkoy.

    Good to see old faces returning. Welcome back!
  2. Great giveaway! GL to everyone.
  3. What car do I buy?

    You're just a nationalist babe
  4. What car do I buy?

    Thats very true. The older cars and engines especially The v70 is one of The best ever build. Allthough i meant that The 2017 models are way worse. Thats a Volvo year with alot of issues so far
  5. What car do I buy?

    This doesnt appeal to The 2017s. They have alot of engine problems and software errors. I shared The same opinion b4 tho.
  6. Elkoy Updates [6/09/2017]

    Great updates guys!
  7. Yunai's Showcase

    I like your signature. looks cool!
  8. Hello all, I'm Loanshark

    Always nice to see new people around. Welcome!
  9. where does staff team get their forum pics

    Got it from google.
  10. Community Awards

    This is a great idea guys!
  11. Welfare Pking Event - Sign Ups

    Ign: hci verxi
  12. LVJ introduction

    Welcome Bud!
  13. All in one boss guide thread

    Im impressed mate! Cant wait to see all of it.
  14. All in one boss guide thread

    Ty for the heads up, fixed it.
  15. All in one boss guide thread

    All in one boss guide thread Godwars dungeon Wilderness bosses Daggonoth kings King black dragon Queen black dragon Glacors Nex Wildy Wyrm Bandos avatar Ice demon Zulrah Thermo smoke devils Abyssal sire Kalphite Queen Kraken Phoenix Cerberus Skotizo Corporeal beast Jad + Kiln Tormented Demons Barrows + Elite barrows Demonic gorillas * Credits to those who made the guides ** let me know if any others are missing