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  1. prodigyyy

    Elkoy Updates [7/03/2018]

    bring back bloody pack yak in wildy, i stopped playing honestly because of that stupid update, its not oldschool we need yak
  2. prodigyyy

    Elkoy Updates [17/01/2018]

    removing beast of burdon is the worst update ive ever seen, first off you removed the winter storage scroll from wildy i hated that, but that was not enough so you remove pack yaks in total or anything with bob in that regards, good job summoning is useless now except for pvming or pking with steel titan which has no skill, i think you should disable summoning in total if thats how you treat this update steel titans are way too overpowered and bossing is not bossing its just using a steel titan, i demand the bob to return to wildy. if not its completely useless outside of wildy. who the hells going to use a pack yak anywhere when we have steel titans for everything, really turned me off the server idk why but it did. so if not return them i demand a removal of steel titans from all bossing and pvp combined. my opinion, i dont like that update. @Professor Oak @Craig
  3. prodigyyy

    classic dude after dieing

    i rather yak then wolper unless at wests its more convenient for me and i dont have to keep banking and before it was even better i use to bank my loots and not even bank lol but now the new update i even gotta bank sometimes lmao
  4. prodigyyy

    wassup supreme pvm

    speaking of supreme pvm donations, here is a donation from supreme pvm member 'naqui' https://gyazo.com/97dbf078a40b51ab6da7d42d0e382e14 https://gyazo.com/7ab47ff1ba8fa1ddea182cb98c8e09b4
  5. prodigyyy

    classic dude after dieing

    takure thats irrelevant the person in the picture was pking and using yak aswell i dont see the problem
  6. prodigyyy

    classic dude after dieing

    ye tungus man you gave me like 1-2b loot unskulled lol,
  7. i got a classic here daily dose of mad people pking, this one claims i am new and he tanked me, have a nice donator rank and he wants to risk some bank at edge. posting for funs so people can share my fun. https://gyazo.com/b9c12793c6d162a4a12272be348d2e11 https://gyazo.com/670eed7a7457856300c66bb787cc2299
  8. prodigyyy

    PVM Legends clan!

    Username: Prodigy Time played: 10days 11 hours Time Zone:Australia, sydney IRL Name (optional): Favourite boss's: ones i can use a steel titan Boss experience: ive killed all bosses in-game Attack/Strength/Defense/Range/Prayer/Summoning: I AM Currently maxed Do You Have Range or melee void set + divine + chaotic? ( If Yes Please Provide Picture Of This ) https://gyazo.com/c9d67ab54d2ced3a3012592e315f3382 Do You Have Basic Knowledge Of The Bosses Stated In The Main Thread ? yes sure do Event Availability times (server time): can go on whenever if you need me to be on for an event let me kno Little about yourself (optional): im the best Can you use Discord? surely
  9. prodigyyy

    ⭐Total loss Clan Requirement ⭐

    Application -In-game Name: Prodigy -Age: 21.75 -Do you have discord: yes -Timezone: Australia -Clan History: not really -Prefer Multi/singles Or both: both is fun -Multi/Singles Gear setup "PICTURE REQUIRED" https://gyazo.com/0dffa129a80fb5d34df6bed87bb6c7c3 -Picture of multi return sets "PICTURE REQUIRED" https://gyazo.com/3759c55e7e18a650bdb9e44ead32e3b2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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