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  1. Solder

    Elkoy Updates [17/01/2018]

    Tears of Guthix in Elkoy? Raids must be looking good if that's what we're getting on the side.
  2. Solder - Iron Man Goals/Achievements Lasted Updated 12/19/2017 I'll try my best to keep this updated with progress throughout my time playing. Key: Completed, In Progress, Not Started or Incomplete Skilling Goals 500M in all Combat Stats - Attack, Strength, Defense, Hitpoints, Magic, Range, Prayer 500M in Herblore 99 Runecraft 99 Firemaking 99 Hunter 99 Crafting PvM Goals All Barrows Items - Torags, Veracs, Dharoks, Ahrims, Karils, Guthans Full Vesta's Set from Revs/Keys - Chainbody, Platelegs, VLS, VSpear Full Morrigan's Set from Revs - Coif, Chaps, Body Full Zuriel's Set from Revs - Hood, Robe Top, Robe Bottom, Staff Placeholder visage/DFS All Kree'ara Drops - Boots, Chainskirt, Chestplate, Gloves, Helmet, Hilt, Complete Book KBD Pet 250 Nomad Killcount All DKS Drops - Seers' Ring, Berserker Ring, Dragon Hatchet, Warrior Ring, Archers' Ring Daggannoth Supreme Pet All Cerberus Drops - Primordial, Pegasian, Eternal, Smouldering Stone, Jar of Souls Bank Upgrades/Goals Ranger Boots Staff of Light Amulet of Fury Dragon Defender Imbued DKS Rings Dragon Pickaxe Toxic Blowpipe Trident of the Swamp Infernal Cape Zenyte Jewelry - Ring of Suffering, Necklace of Anguish, Tormented Bracelet, Amulet of Torture All Iron Man Progress Pics -
  3. Solder

    Does God exist?

    Before I begin, allow me to say this. No one is an "amazing philosopher," philosophy is a conceptual thought, not a skill or a job. Philosophers that became famous did so because their philosophies invoked thought, imbued wisdom, or gave birth to a new era of thinking, both on a spiritual level, and a humanity level. Now, to answer your question. "Does God exist?" Layman's answer; No one knows. You don't. I don't. None of us here know. There's only one way to know, and it's to die. Good luck with that. To elaborate, asking a question as blunt as that will only grant you with opinions, or unsubstantiated claims and bible verses, because to us, that's all that God is. On our human level, the concept of God is a modicum of faith and conceptual spirituality. What we know as "God" only stems from our belief, whether firm or weak, in that God. Our faith can be consolidated through holy texts, devotions, etc., but in the end, asking if God exists will only grant you as good of an answer as "Why do we exist?" Everyone believes something different, whether in faith or not, and no amount of debate or war will bring us to an absolute resolution and answer to this overarching inquisition. A better question to ask is, "Should we believe in God, or not?" It invokes a much more open response, as people who respond have to defend their faiths and why they choose to believe in it. Now, to answer your second question. "what're your thoughts on God and religion?" "I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live as if there isn't and to die to find out that there is." - Albert Camus To put it bluntly, I've spent the majority of my life as a devout Christian, at the support of my familial piety to my parents and family. As I went through high school, I became much more inquisitive of my life and role as a human being, and how I may remain happy in my actions, positive in my work and healthy in my relationships. Over time, I spoke to many of my teachers and found a sense of familiarity as I grew closer to myself. I read many of Thich Naht Hanh's stories and books, and found meditation to be a sensible method of devotion. I grew isolated from my family spiritually, but found a sense of wholesome content within myself and my own teachings. I didn't consider myself a buddhist, I just found the texts and the faith one I could build a foundation upon for my future. Push came to shove, and I began attending temple as a way of acceptance of myself and an outlet to study deeper ideas and more in depth eastern philosophies. On the slab right now is Taoist societies, and how The Way can be a part of myself, in our endless search for harmony. Sounds like a bunch of horseshit to most people, but if you're like me, you'll see something in it. Now, in my subjective light, religion is a part of life. It's like breathing, or eating. Without religion, without some form of belief, it's almost as if we're inhuman. Obviously, that doesn't mean atheists or scientific followers aren't like the rest of us, but I mean that without religion, there's no humanity, there's no life, there's no system of right or wrong. Morality only stretches so far, and even then, it's different for everyone. Religion creates stability, whether good or bad in the eyes of the follower. But what of the extremists, terrorists, and wars fought over religion? How can religion be needed for life if it is just so easily exploited to take life? I think we often forget the unforgiving truth that war is as natural as the fall of rain. It's another part of what makes us human. Extremists and terrorists are created not because of their religion, but because of their interpretation of the religion, but in the end the religion is blamed as the enemy. One drop of poison doesn't spoil the entire pot. There will always be that sense of corruption there, because it's a part of human nature, just as much as the creation of war. For now, though, we must try and remain impartial to each other, and to our beliefs, because one day, we won't be here any longer to quarrel over it.
  4. After dropping 140m, I'm starting to wonder if that guilded altar was really worth the 5 levels of Prayer I needed to get 99.

  5. Solder

    Efficient iron man guide , Low tier

    Looks great, keep it up!
  6. Solder

    Efficient iron man guide , Low tier

    Finally, a semi-competent look at the Iron Man game mode. As an Iron Man with over 8 days of playtime, I appreciate this. The formatting could be a bit better since everything in italics isn't all too appealing, but I'm a huge fan.

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