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  1. you animation stall and gmaul and try hit full hp then tele ezone and try for 2 hours straight until you get lucky, some of these pictures arent even gb, poor effort lmfao.
  2. every single pic there is literally you rushing with vls gmaul or hitting 45 barrages into korasi rushing, they're all irrelevant deaths lmfao, try again.
  3. so many irrelevant edge pks where you're legit rushing people for full hp.. zzzz boring attention seeking thread, try again.
  4. shouldn't you be looking for the one ring buddy?
  5. Agb

    Glory Dayz Part 8.1 - Three Blind Mice

    congrats you killed someone for 90m dh in edge? ( not like it matters ) anytime you step out of rune you die for the gear.
  6. Agb

    Glory Dayz Part 8.1 - Three Blind Mice

    are you implying we can't kill you? hmm.. if you look at any of the pictures above you'll find yourself dying countless times.
  7. Agb

    Glory Dayz Part 8.1 - Three Blind Mice

    exodorks = deceased.. wasn't even hard either LOL.
  8. Agb

    Brothers In Arms - Sign Ups

    agb n fergus
  9. Agb

    Dharok's PK tournament sign up thread

    ign agb
  10. Agb

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    You're posting chat box kill msgs of multi hahaha I cba. Tell trixx ty for 5b btw. we almost got you for the lot aswell but you knew better than to step in our wilderness.
  11. Agb

    2v2 Clash of the godswords event - sign-ups

    agb & fergus
  12. Agb

    Edgeville pking event

  13. Agb

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    means nothing, was still a death. here's another 1 for you; @Puta

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