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  1. F2P Event - Sign ups

    IGN: Millie
  2. Elkoy Updates [6/09/2017]

    12 mins minimum at qbd now, then it was 8-9 mins. nerfed asf
  3. PVM Legends clan!

    USERNAME: Millie TIME PLAYED: TIME ZONE: GMT+3 IRL NAME: Milgedas FAVOURITE BOSS'S: I like qbd nowadays. But I can do every boss. BOSS EXPERIENCE: Pretty good i guess. LEVELS: MAXED DIVINE+CHAOTICS: Well Divine was first thing that i bought at POS in this game lol. Chaotic's? Yes. DO YOU HAVE BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF THE BOSSES STATED IN THE MAIN THREAD? : Funny question. Yes, if no, RISE AGAINST gonna teach me. LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: Well i'm 25, I've professional bachelor of building engineering systems. Working in small company by building engineering. I'm from Lithuania, and my language is lithuanian. But im pretty good in english. While my girlfriend playing with Playstation, I'm enjoying ELKOY. CAN YOU USE DISCORD?: Yes, i can, but i wont lol. I dont need any rsps friends outside server. dont wanna mix my real life with Elkoy buddy's problems. HOW DID YOU KNOW OF THIS CLAN? REQRUITED BY .. ?: Few times Rise reqruited me, some ppls at phoenix did it aswell, at corp, at bandos and etc. it doesnt matter lol. Peace
  4. Elkoy Updates [6/09/2017]

    i hope pyramid plunder is fixed too