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    Hello everyone I AM PHILLIP and this is my vouch thread. leave a vouch may it be positive or negative. it's not a must but every vouch would appreciated. i thankyou in advance. Middleman Flower Poker Trust trade Bank transfer Other
  2. Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

    Well if conor had more stamina he would beat mayweather. But it was far too early for him to face mayweather. 50-0 TBE Anyways i love mayweathers new fightstyle the turn around it looked like they were cuddling until round 8. What do you guys think about it.
  3. 599ba410eda6f_ScreenShot2017-08-22at03_56_05.png.cd295a8fc8b18f24d8765b844ea3f6f4.png  <-- CHEAPSKATE SWAG 

    HAIR BAND - ( GUCCI ) - 450 $

    JACKET - ( VERSACE ) - 2500 $

    PANTS - ( PHILIPP PLEIN ) - 600 $

    SHOES - ( LOUBOUTIN ) - 1400 $

    CAPE - ( TARGET ) - 2.50$

  4. Past life?

    well i once went to a famous fortune teller(manghuhula/soothsayer) in the Philippines for fun, it was a friend of my cousin so she gave us a free service. the first thing she did was she took my left hand and was sorta reading it and told me that i have a very old soul that been reincarnated many times already. i didn't know if should believe it or not at that time. but the weird thing is (also the reason why i slightly believe in reincarnation/past life now) is that every fortune happened so far and there is even more to come the next 7 years. so am a kinda freaked out. but yeahhh.. v v v v v v v v vv like h a r r y said v v v v v v
  5. Harry's Gambling Video [Trills] [55B Giveaway]

    ooh nice giveaway h a r r y :)! goodluck everyone.

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