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To begin playing download the client HERE, then login with your desired username and password, no registration required! Some usernames are already taken, in which case you'll get "Invalid username or password", choose a different username if this is the case. For more help and general chat join our Discord HERE.


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  1. Aleckx

    Advising Vouch thread

    Completely trust-worthy. 10/10 Would recommend!
  2. Aleckx

    PVM Legends clan!

    Username: Aleckx Time played: 6 days 10 hours, but months on ikov. Time Zone: Eastern standard IRL Name (optional): Alex Favourite boss's: Corp Boss experience: I've pretty much done every boss except phoenix but i'm a quick learner and wanting to learn it soon. Levels: 2473 Attack 99 Strength 99 Defense 99 Range 99 Prayer 99 Summoning 99 divine + chaotic? ( If Yes Please Provide Picture Of This ) http://imgur.com/a/8lKem Do You Have Basic Knowledge Of The Bosses Stated In The Main Thread ?I am familiar with all of the previously stated bosses, except phoenix, but I'm working on learning that safe spot at the moment.Little about yourself (optional): I'm pretty easy going, love to stake\fp\pvm Can you use Discord? yes How did you know of this clan? reqruited by..? Khalil\Pepsihaax

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