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  1. omghellopk

    Skilling pets

    dam that title looks legit one of a kind let's hope it is
  2. omghellopk

    Moka's Vouch Thread!

    knowledge is a very important key to becoming whatever you want. that knowledge and understanding of the game, I see it in you, therefore, I'm going with vouch
  3. omghellopk

    omghellopk's intro

    hello, I'm omghellopk, I'm a very friendly person and easy to talk to, or possibly make friends with. I used to be a staff about a week ago, [not saying the server's name] I resigned due to irl issues I used to be a global moderator [ingame and forums mod] but thankfully those issues have gone pretty quickly, and now I'm playing elkoy because elkoy got my attention really fast, as i said at the beginning I'm a really friendly person come chat with me

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