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  1. Heavy Chevy

    Elkoy Updates [5/07/2018]

    great stuff thanks for the update!
  2. Heavy Chevy

    Dharok's 2v2 tournament

  3. Heavy Chevy

    Current situation with Elkoy

    life happens man , cant wait for the updates I'm sure it will be well worth it!
  4. Heavy Chevy

    Elkoy Updates [17/01/2018]

    Just checking this now, not a bad update list.. few things to disagree with but we all have our opinions, at-least your making updates right? keep it up!
  5. Heavy Chevy

    Hint's Gfx Shop !

    Maybe make me a new one? lets see what ya got keep in mind i like the purple look! "Heavy Chevy"
  6. Heavy Chevy

    Cream's FREE signature shop.

    Text - Heavy Chevy colour - looking for something like purple maybe red other text .. surprise me maybe? i want it more so for a cover photo on my fourms profile
  7. Heavy Chevy

    2v2 - Clash of the Godswords [1/21/18]

    "not heavy" and "indiangamer9"
  8. Heavy Chevy


    wowow lol that luck better luck next time
  9. Heavy Chevy

    Elkoy Updates [04/12/2017]

    Great update, thanks alot!
  10. Heavy Chevy

    2v2 Mauling Brother Sign Ups [12/3/2017]

    IGN : Heavy Chevy & armadyl gods
  11. Heavy Chevy

    Welfare Pk Tournament Sign Up Thread

    IGN : Heavy Chevy
  12. Heavy Chevy

    2v2 Welfare Range Sign-Ups! [11/26/17]

    Ign : Heavy Chevy & Aidshead22
  13. Heavy Chevy

    F2P PK Tournament Signup

    ign: heavy chevy
  14. Heavy Chevy

    2v2 Clash of the Godswords Sign Up Thread

    Ign: Heavy Chevy & Ign: Drunk 1
  15. Heavy Chevy

    Welfare Pk Tournament Sign Ups! [11/11/17]

    IGN : Heavy Chevy

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