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  1. How long will Elkoy last

    Will be dead 2k18 sorry
  2. Rick Sanchez Illustration

    Some good shit, I like it.
  3. Kidnape's GFX showcase V,2 !

    The 5 first sigs looks really boring, sorry. And the one you made for Jakey is way too blurry. The other sigs looks pretty good.
  4. New EP [Tropical House]

    Thanks bro, still a beginner. :]
  5. Hey there

    What's up, welcome.
  6. New EP [Tropical House]

    Thanks guys, means a lot. <3
  7. New EP [Tropical House]

    Hey, It's been a while since I posted in this section showing my shitty music. However, I'm happy to announce that my EP "Humble" will be out on all platforms (spotify, apple music, etc.) 13/09-17. If you want to listen to the 4 tracks that will include in the EP right now - I've uploaded the tracks here: https://soundcloud.com/user-975569284 If you like this type of music - leave your opinions down below. Peace out. <3
  8. Only One [Tropical House, FL Studio]

    What's up ladies and gentlemen, it's been a while... As you all know I've been producing for a few months now (still a beginner)... and I've posted some tracks a while ago on here. This is the first preview of 1/4 tracks that will be released in an upcoming summer EP. Like it? Hate it? - All fine, leave your opinions down below.
  9. Rather Do [Remix]

    Currently not on Spotify, however I've got some good news that the remix will be out on Spotify/Apple Music on the 5th of June! Thanks for the nice comments.
  10. Rather Do [Remix]

    What's up, As you all know me and my friend released our first single back in April. If you haven't heard it - feel free to give it a listen here: Last week I decided to do a re-make, since I personally think the lead gets too boring. Feel free to give it a listen here and enjoy the summer vibes:
  11. Help my HipHop Playlist

    Some dope shit.
  12. ToWonder; a swedish producer with a pretty nice style.
  13. Sunrise [Upcoming track release]

    Yeah, sure. Will do it tomorrow.
  14. Sunrise [Upcoming track release]

    Hey, Since it's close to summer I thought I'd produce another tropical house track that gives you some summer vibes. We're planning to release this track by 10th May (it's not finished). This time I actually skipped to add vocals because I feel it's better without it. Hope you all like it (like what I've done so far) - feel free to drop your opinions down below. Also, shout out to @storm for the album cover.