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  1. LVJ

    2v2 Welfare Range Sign-Ups! [11/26/17]

    LVJ and someone else idk yet
  2. LVJ

    jad pet confirmed!

    congrats, Jad was my first pet too. Hope its the first of many for you.
  3. Rumor has it Sekto is still in the wilderness
  4. LVJ

    2V2 Verac's Event

    LVJ & Rooner
  5. LVJ

    F2P PK Tournament Signup

    Time This pk event will start after the scavenger event, and wilderness hide n' seek are finished The F2P event Today's F2P event will be one versus one's in the F2P pking arena. (Pking teleports - Other Pking Areas - F2P Arena) We will create a roster for the particpants that will dish it out. Therefore, you MUST be signed up to participate. The winners will be those that manage to snag the first,second and third place respectively. The prizes are listed down below. Players that decide to crash the tournament by attacking participating players will be jailed for the time being. Rules Everybody will have to wear the same outfit as on this picture or worse. Those who fail to follow these rules will be excluded from the tournament. If you're not fighting, you will wait DD'ed in the safe zone. Please follow intstructions or you will be removed from the tournament. Helm: Leather Cowl (Coif not allowed) Cape: Any cape that can be bought in the F2P arena store Amulet: Amulet of strength - Amulet of power Weapon: Rune Scimitar KO-Weapon: Rune 2H - Rune Battleaxe Body: Monk's robe - Wizard's robe Legs: Monk's robe - Wizard's skirt Gloves: Green d'hide vambraces - leather gloves Boots: Leather boots Food: Swordfish or worse Note that all of the equipment can be bought at the stores in the F2P Arena. Please note that Attack and Defense potions do not work inside the arena. Do not forget to set your prayers to normal prayers! Overhead prayers are not allowed. Prizes 1st place: $50 scroll 2nd place: 3x $10 scroll 3rd place: 2x $10 scroll Best of luck to all of the participants!
  6. LVJ


    welcome to the server fam
  7. LVJ

    Hello Elkoy!

    glad to hear that you are enjoying the server, welcome to Elkoy.
  8. LVJ

    2v2 Clash of the Godswords Sign Up Thread

    ign :LVJ - looking for partner atm
  9. LVJ

    Dharok PK Event - signups

    ign - LVJ
  10. LVJ

    Soul Wars Guide

    that was a bug - has been patched now.
  11. When Professor Oak announced that pray flicking and prayer functions were fixed, I started thinking of challenges and what things I can do with that. So what better thing to do than give myself 1 prayer point, low hp, and free to play gear to kill Jad with. This run gave me really good RNG on my hits, I had a run earlier that I was in for over 5 minutes and then ran out of prayer. No potions used, my stats were at 99 excluding hit points and prayer. If anyone can copy my gear, with 1 prayer point, and hp under 10, with a video I will give them a 1b cash! Post your video below. First person to do it as well, so only one winner for the 1B. Goodluck! -Please show your stats before hand -Make sure to show you only have 1 prayer point -Make sure you have below 10 hp (osrs style hp - so 100 hp new hit points) -Follow the gear setup below .
  12. LVJ

    Soul Wars Guide

    Welcome to my Soul Wars guide. Recently, many people have been asking me how to play the mini game and there is a lot of details involved so I decided to make a guide to help players! Also, many weekends we have a soul wars events and would like to help players be able to participate in the events without being confused! Rewards: Ancient wyvern scroll - Permanently unlock the ability to visit the brand new dungeon which contains Ancient wyverns. These ancient creatures have a chance of dropping the Ancient wyvern visage, which can be used on an Anvil to forge an Ancient wyvern shield (also requires an Elemental shield). Ice demon scroll - Permanently halves the Elite points consumed at Ice demon's lair. Ornament kits - Can be used on your weapon to give it a new look. You will be able to dismantle the Ornament kit from the weapon at any time. Charm packs - Each pack contains 100 charms. Crystal halberd - A new and very powerful weapon. Parrot - A cosmetic pet which randomly recites your last chat. Dragonkin lamp - Grants tons of experience in a skill of your choice. Magic notepaper - Use on an item to note it immediately! Aggressive potion - One sip of this and every NPC will want to kill you for 5 minutes! Ring of wealth scroll - Use on a Ring of wealth to give it unlimited charges. Dark totem pieces - Combine with the other 2 pieces to make a complete Dark totem. Elemental shields - Can be used to forge an Ancient wyvern shield (along with the visage). Skiller's box - a box which contains 100 Steel bars, 75 Mithril bars, 50 Adamant bars, 10 Rune bars, 25 Grimy ranarrs, 30 Grimy avantoes, 30 Grimy kwuarm, 45 Torstol seeds, 150 Raw sharks, 300 Oak logs, 150 Magic logs, 50 Uncut sapphires, 40 Uncut emeralds, 30 Uncut rubies, 25 Uncut diamonds and 5 Uncut dragonstones. Map of Soul Wars: Joining the game: To join the game, simply click the green portal. It doesn't matter which team you join because the teams randomly split up before the game starts! This allows the games to be more fair and not let people "Stack" teams to be uneven. Spawning in the game: When you first spawn. You will spawn at your base, this is where your avatar is located. This is a place to defend from people killing your boss. Located close to the base is supplies, these supplies are barricades and bandages. Bandages: Used as a food source in soul wars. These can be used to heal you throughout your fights if you run out of supplies! Barricades: Use these to block enemy team from getting past you - they will have to destroy the barricade to pass by. The map below has the spawn points for bases, and where the supply area is. Goals of the game: To score a point on your team. You have to kill the other team's avatar! Everytime it is killed, you get 1 point. Keep in mind the other team is also trying to kill your avatar - so you have to find a balance between offense and defense You can find points at the top right of your screen to see who is winning, the time left, and the avatar's "level" Steps Prior To Killing the Avatar: The avatar starts at level "150" which means you need a slayer level of 150 in order to kill it. However the highest level in Runescape is 99 slayer, so you will have to lower the Avatars "level" to the slayer level you currently have in order to attack it! Most teams will have a player or multiple with 99 slayer, so getting it to 99 is the most important step. How to lower Avatar slayer level requirement: In order to lower the slayer level, you have to farm an item called "soul fragments" - each soul fragment will lower the slayer level requirement by 1. To collect them you have to kill the npc's spawned around soul wars. The best NPC to kill is jellies they will drop 2 fragments at a time! You can collect as many as you want but if you get killed, you will lose them on death A good method for killing jellies is to get multiple stacked on you and barrage them How to use soul fragments: After you have collected a lot of souls, you need to take them to the middle of the map at the obelisk and then use the soul fragments on the obelisk. In order for you to be able to put your souls in the obelisk, your team must have control on the middle area. For this to happen you need to have more players than the other team present at the middle. This is a very active spot for people to fight so be ready to fight people when you enter the middle! Killing the Avatar: Now that you have the avatar down to your slayer level, it is time to kill the enemies avatar! It is located on the other side of the map. The best method to kill avatar is to use blood barrage on it. You must also be prepared to tank many players who will be defending the avatar so you can't kill it! Make sure to come prepared. Graveyards: There is 2 graveyards located across soul wars, if you team claims them you will be able to spawn at the graveyard instead of at your base. The way to claim a graveyard is to be the first team to that graveyard and it will belong to you. Gear setups: There is many different gear setups you will see people using. Most people will bring Mage and Range with ice barrage. You will also see people bring a melee switch to special attack people and tri-brid their attack styles. I will post my setup - it can be modified to work with your budget if you are more rich or have less money than me! I recommend you bring ice and blood barrage runes with the best mage and range gear that you have. You are also allowed to bring Overloads, Prayer Renewals, Prayer potions, and Saradomin brews in the game - make sure to use these as it will help a lot! Efficient Soul wars Strategy: There is many ways you can go about doing soul wars but team work is going to be everything. Make sure you are communicating well with your team mates! 1) The first thing to do is rush to jellies and get the soul fragments needed to lower Avatar's slayer level requirement! Communicate with your team at jellies to know when you have enough to rush the middle and dump the souls. At this point you may want 1 or 2 team members attacking players of the other team at jellies, this will throw them off not allowing them to get soul fragments as fast, thus giving you a head start. 2) Once you dump, coordinate with the team and make sure you are ready to kill the avatar. The other team will most likely be there to defend and you need to be ready to rush to the other base and kill their avatar! Make sure you have a few players at your base to defend your avatar if they are attacking it! 3) Depending on the size of the game, it is very important to defend if your team is ahead. At this point if it is 1-0, start killing them at jellies so they can't lower your team's Avatar Slayer Level. If the level is already below 99, then run to your base to help defend. 4) Depending how the game is going, you want to be ahead on avatar kills, so make sure to kill the avatar again by repeating the steps if the score becomes tied! If you are ahead then I recommend continuing to defend your base.
  13. LVJ

    Is staking a form of gambling?

    If you are asking for staking over yell to be not allowed as well, you can suggest it on the forums - I have linked it below. Not sure what you are trying to get at from this post though. https://forum.elkoy.org/forum/8-suggestions/

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