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    funny vid, keep em coming
  2. Elkoy Logic

    aw m8, wot r u talking about, that is b0nk right there
  3. Coming Back To Elkoy.

    welcome bro, glad to have old members come back
  4. aye m8

    Hey dude, likin the intro u have there, it's short and sweet lol. Anywhom, welcome to the server
  5. Road to EXTREME ??

    Good luck bro, keep us updated with bank pics or somethin
  6. First 500M Runecrafting!!^.^

    congrats nerd, while ur at it, get a life pls
  7. Vext's FREE GFX Shop

    Desired text: Grade Subtext (if applicable): Colour scheme: Blue/sky blue variations, whatever you think looks good tbh idc Theme (if applicable): thanks in advance
  8. u w0t? Kappa123

    is that a prepubescent 'A Friend'?
  9. Nice guide, if you're looking for honesty, guides like this, that are quite short and simple, especially since you aren't using a mic. IMO, you would be better off just making a typed out guide. Since the text is kinda hard to see in game anyway Either way, preciate' the effort, and thanks for the guide.
  10. When you have to work all weekend anyway, good luck to everyone and have fun. and @Duke m8, don't make me call out of work just to beat u
  11. Hey from Spanky

    Welcome @Spanky hope you enjoy your stay here
  12. Advising road to rank 1 #5

    Ay nice video and rng, that wep you got and the pet are looking nice
  13. whats going on?!

    Welcome bro, enjoy your stay
  14. Hi everyone

    Welcome @Ms.Ema and enjoy your stay
  15. Inactive -- Kidnape

    lol good luck on exams bro