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  1. F2P Event - Sign ups

    IGN: lxlWinlxl
  2. PVM Legends clan!

    Username: lxlWinlxl Time played: 5 days 5 hours Time Zone: EST IRL Name (optional): Andrew Favourite boss's: Phenoix Boss experience: worked with some members of Pvm Legends Levels Attack 99 Strength 99 Defense 99 Range 99 Prayer 99 Summoning 99 divine + chaotic? ( If Yes Please Provide Picture Of This ) - show ign. Do You Have Basic Knowledge Of The Bosses Stated In The Main Thread ? Yes Little about yourself (optional): Im an old member of Ikov and been on a lot of other servers and always have been on the top of every server ive use to play on. Can you use Discord? Yes. How did you know of this clan? reqruited by..? Stones