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  1. Fat Kids Lag

    NEW STYLE gfx?

    Always liked the "fractured" text look. I would say that the only thing a little bit iffy with this design would be the animation - It looks slightly choppy and would probably look better if it was a tad brighter - It currently has the look of a saturated blue orb overtaking the text. If you were open to other ideas - Perhaps an animated blue flare at the corners of the text - It'd be more simplistic and clean and could probably enhance the piece dramatically in terms of animation. Good work, KIU
  2. Fat Kids Lag

    Last works

    [https://postimg.org/image/izqt4a61h/ 10 second gif comparison - for my reccomendations vs your current ] This is a good start of a large art. It has a good colour pallet and some nice swatches of colour here and there too. In terms of positioning it is a little too generically centred for my liking, but that's more artists preference than anything else. It's a nice construct and a well-made idea. However, there are a few issues that I see with it. Firstly, I don't know what render you've used but it seems that it is a little too bright in certain places - I would recommend toning it down a little by making use of curve layers - Only marginally - and then on the shadows using a 5px soft-brush of your chosen colour and lightly tint the render in the necessary places, likely on a low opacity. I would also use a hue/saturation tool on it to try and find a way to adjust the saturation slightly as in some places it seems a little oversaturated. Secondly, looking at the lighting contrasts there's not really much to go on here - You've seemed to forget about the natural lighting of the render (on top of her head is where the light source is intentionally coming from/ and would of in the original piece before it was rendered) and also in her hand. The fact you've thought about lighing is cool, but I think by soft brushing the roses and putting it on lighten has just brought it out a little more. - I would personally, lower the size of the soft brushing on the roses drastically (maybe 4 small points and then use a glassian blur) and then put it on dodge (Add). You could also bring the lightness/darkness contrasts out by simpily working around the sizes with some black softbrushing on around 30% opacity. Thirdly, The background is a good choice - kudos for you, but in terms of depth it is just as clean cut as the render - if I was you, I'd probably blur it slightly (in the same way that things further away and closer to a camera would naturally blur). I think that would make it pop out a little more. Add some gradient maps to the whole piece and bring out the lighting points to make it pop by adding contrast - you could end up with a really nice result. Love the main text, font and colour is heh, divine. The subtext is a little more to be desired - I don't think the font truly fits in with it- It to me, looks like a elegent font mixed with something that is comparable to a light comic sans. Overall it's a good job, and a excellent concept. KIU. On this one, before I start - Kudos to switching the style up. I've seen this style a lot over the years and it is a popular one- People seem to like shapes. Amazing choice of render/stock, it's clean cut, high quality and overall just a good pick. Firstly, I like what you've done with the shapes but remember that with depth perception things right in the foreground are going to be slightly blurred, just as that in the background. Currently, this is really lacking in terms of that depth perception. Just go through and experiment with it, and it will most likely become second nature to you. Secondly, Notice that where her bewbs are and back is, there's a clear white on it - That's lighting - try and keep that going - Some optical flares on this would work quite nicely here - Just make sure they go in the diagonal flow you've made. Thirdly, on the top half, you have a texture - it's really made the rest of the large art quite offputting - It's too strong and the flow is horizontal on it, rather than the diagonal flow of the shape work. A little bit of tweaking and it'll look grand. Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work.
  3. Fat Kids Lag

    hows everybody doing

    I'm good, how are you doing?
  4. Fat Kids Lag

    PVM Legends clan!

    Username: Fat Kids Lag Combat skills: 99 in all req. Time played: 2 days, 1 hoursTime Zone: London, BSTIRL Name (optional): FrankFavourite boss's: Zulrah, BandosBoss experience: I know a fair bit of the theory about bossing on the server - I've yet to do a lot of it in practice. But I have the gear, and eager to learn all of the mechanics fluently. Event Availability times (server time): I'm around most days, at most times - so I should be always avaliable. Little about yourself (optional): I am 21 (next week), I am from England, and I live on my own. I used to be a vehicle livery designer - Now I just on rsps' all day and watch the world pass me by. With the odd bit of photoshopping here and there. Can you use Discord? Yeah, I always use discord. [Saw something about gearing] Here's mine atm.
  5. Fat Kids Lag

    The Showcase

    Cheers all. :]
  6. Fat Kids Lag

    Iron Man Maxed

    Awesome work!
  7. Fat Kids Lag

    The Showcase

    Some Pentooling/Tagging/Digis/mechanicals Massive size - These are all a few months old now but yeah.

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