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  1. Why Hello :P

    Welcome to elkoy @Ruer
  2. Thank you!

    Sad to see you leave elkoy team, hope you return in the future. Make sure to keep in touch on discord and let know how things are going.
  3. The reign of Weednabis

    Welcome to elkoy @Weednabis
  4. Elkoy Updates [7/03/2018]

    Thanks for the update, great stuff.
  5. Road to 1,000,000 Stardust.

    Jeese meteories nice stack.
  6. 500m skill poll

    Herblore would be the quickest, woodcutting is average speed, thieving is slow and agility is either very slow doing courses or will can be done very quick with agility tickets but set you back a fortune.
  7. Andromeda

    Very nice @Sylax
  8. Last Post Wins

    I will not fall.
  9. Ironman or fresh account from scratch, account progress series. We got enough gambling / stakers / giveaways. Would also be useful for newer people to learn their way around the server.
  10. Raids development log

    Looking great, thanks for the hard work.
  11. Last Post Wins

  12. I've returned (kind of)

    Welcome back @ticket2edgg
  13. Hello hello!

    Welcome to Elkoy @Hitsugaya
  14. hello my name is jerry

    Welcome to the forums pal.

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