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To begin playing download the client HERE, then login with your desired username and password, no registration required! Some usernames are already taken, in which case you'll get "Invalid username or password", choose a different username if this is the case. For more help and general chat join our Discord HERE.


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  1. Reasonn

    Dharok - Magic Shortbow event

    ign Reason
  2. Reasonn

    Inferno Event

    https://gyazo.com/19e69780ca0c80cea2df66512018ceff https://gyazo.com/8be634c02fa63efbf6997687e22fa46e https://gyazo.com/dfe3b2b22e4cca3fe137839a731551f7 #3 putting pictures on the post not working for me hope this is good =)
  3. Reasonn

    Dharok's Tournament Sign Up Thread

    Ign: Reason
  4. Reasonn

    PVM Legends clan!

    Username: Reason Time played: 5 days 3 hours Time zone: Gmt UK IRL Name :Dennis Favourite boss´s: Nex, Cerberus, zulrah Boss experience: Basics, never went to ice demons Event availability times (server time): Weekends mostly Little about yourself (optional): full-time uni student Can you use Discord? i only use teamspeak:P but i can get into discord Elkoy Stats: Maxed with dung 112

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