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  1. Terrorism V Not terrorism

    The USA had a chance to do right and vote for Bernie, now deal with your president. We've done about 6 months with Trump, just 3 and a half years to go... DO YOU MISS BERNIE???! DO YOU MISS HIM YET?! This Trump about to turn USA into nuclear wasteland, forreal tho, I can't believe what is happening nowadays, is this some type of reality tv-show? I really don't know anymore
  2. Kidnape's FREE GFX SHOP !

    Perfect! Thanks!
  3. Newspaper Interview Questions

    For both: A: What features or improvements would you like to see to help you do a better job at moderating? B: What are some of the most annoying situations you encounter ingame? C: Outside moderating, what is something that keeps you most busy ingame? Grts
  4. Kidnape's FREE GFX SHOP !

    TEXT: Merguez ALT text: Grow strong! Background: Animated, I love hwoarang from tekken 7, he looks badass Color: Urban I look forward to see your gfx work, thanks for doing this type of service! Much love.
  5. Terrorism V Not terrorism

    Yes, sure! Let's not talk about allowing nutjobs to roam free with weapons of mass destruction!
  6. Crazy Kalphite Queen trip

    That sure is some crazy rng luck, my friend! Hopefully don't run out !
  7. How'd You Hear About Elkoy?

    Kept seeing ads about Elkoy and said why not? Let's try it out!
  8. Does God exist?

    Good for you mate! Pure sadist!
  9. Terrorism V Not terrorism

    Gunlaws is what we should be talking about right now! Radical Islam got nothing to do with this, terrorism has no skincolor nor a religion. All they have is crazy ideologism and their motives are pure evil and suffering of others. Those 'Islamic terrorists' probably are not even pure muslims but just use that as an excuse for those horrible acts!

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