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    What's up guys... I'm not the best with first impressions, I'm just here to try to be funny and ruin people's days when I try, but first things first... My name's David, and I'm 18 years old. Ok well enough about my boring ass, I'm going to tell you a bit about my RSPS journey: I started out on RSPS on this one boring server which will not be mentioned, and until now, I have been playing on that server for 3 years. I've joined today and I'm starting to love how this server replicates how it was back in 2012, and just brings me some nostalgic feelings. As well it's not fast training exactly, but it's a decent xp rate to have an immersive experience and actually feel like you're playing RS back in 2012. Well that's just my intro, and if anyone wants to talk, then message me on here or in-game and we can chill, cause I need friends now i'll leave you with the most cancer video I found in 5 seconds

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