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    Welfare Pking Event - Sign Ups

    ign xbone
  2. xbone

    Golden Chin.

    25k - xbone
  3. xbone

    Callisto giveaway

    uhm this may be a little optimistic. but im going to guess 2254 kc - xbone
  4. xbone


    IRL name (Optional):Eliot IG Username:Xbone Time Played:12 days, 6 hours *Boss Experience: (Picture of NPC Kill Log) (cant provide I can send it in discord though) Preferred Bosses:Any Are you max combat (level 138):yes Total Level:2151 *Do you meet the requirements: yes Do you consider yourself more of a PvM or a PvP player: depends on the mood, im decent at both Tell us something that separates you from everyone else: I guess a lot of players are kind but I try to keep everything fair and mediate a lot of conflicts How did you hear about this clan and/or who recruited you: Lower321
  5. xbone

    PVM Legends clan!

    Username: Xbone Time played: 5 days 10 hours Time Zone: US Central (Chicago) IRL Name (optional): Eliot Favourite boss's: Wildy Wyrm, K'ril Tsurath, Jad Boss experience: Well versed Levels Attack: 99 Strength: 99 Defense: 99 Range: 99 Prayer: 95 Summoning: 99 divine + chaotic? ( If Yes Please Provide Picture Of This ) : no divine but I am saving for one, and see me in game to see chaotic (cant upload picture bc I can't download gyazo) Do You Have Basic Knowledge Of The Bosses Stated In The Main Thread ? yes Little about yourself (optional): Can you use Discord? Always How did you know of this clan? reqruited by..? Shuckeh
  6. Don't run any 93 tune in that engine setup without a need for 93 fuel. The tuning ran his timing advance up too far to sustain and and had triggered the knock sensor till the computer triggered a reduced boost map. All I could tell him to do is change the oil, plugs, and hope a relearn doesn't catch the knock sensor go off before it maps back to 17+. Q: how important is it to get new plugs? Not as important as the oil but as important as checking the injectors. Just easier and more informative If he has a tuner he might have the right tool for it. But chances are he has to take it to a dealership for that.

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