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  1. Isleview

    Welfare Pking Event - Sign Ups

    Event will start shortly after the previous events on 11/11/2018  The tournament will take place at a private location. Failure to be online 5-10 minutes before the event starts when moderators are teleporting players will result in your name being skipped and disqualified from the tournament. To be entered all you have to do is comment your in-game username below. Rules: Failure to abide by the following rules will result in an automatic disqualification from the tournament You may teleport from the fight to prevent yourself from dying, however it will count as a death and your opponent will advance onto the next round. Ring of Recoils ARE NOT permitted. Prayer Renewals ARE NOT permitted. Soulsplit & Wrath ARE NOT permitted. 2 Saradomin Brews is the MAXIMUM that can be used per fight. Any form of flame or trolling during the tournament will not be tolerated, you will simply be teleported home. Staff members have the right to move you home if you do not abide by the rules set in place, for example standing where you aren't supposed to. Gear Setups: Special Attack Weapon : Dragon Dagger > Dragon Mace Cape : Infernal Cape > Tokhaar-Kal > Fire Cape > Other Amulet : Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Strength > Amulet of Glory Shield : Dragon Defender > Dragon Square Shield Body: Monk's Robe Legs: Monk's Robe Boots : Dragon Boots > Rune Boots > Climbing Boots Ring : Berserker Ring (i) > Berserker Ring > Warrior (i)  Prizes: 1st place - 3x $10 Scroll 2nd place - 2x $10 Scrolls 3rd place - 1x $10 scroll
  2. Isleview

    Golden Chin.

    19.5k You should have added a caviot for the amount of days it would take too for another prize (split them) I’m guessing 1 month. @Pawn
  3. Isleview

    Elkoy Updates [09/11/2018]

    Exciting updates! The WASD camera change is going to be epic and I’m excited for all the other changes as well. See you all in game!
  4. Isleview

    basbas intro

    Welcome @basbas I hope you are enjoying yourself so far! What kind of activities do you like to do? PvP, skilling, PVM (slayer, bosses, raids)? If you’re familiar with raids1 we have full Chambers of Xeric in game! Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. Isleview

    VersionX's GFX shop

    I wish I could do stuff like this as well.
  6. Isleview

    paramore: brick by boring brick

    Love this song. Been a while since I’ve heard it
  7. You may not like pest control event, but it is our most requested event for newer players and ironman. However, if you don't like it you don't have to participate in it.
  8. Isleview


    Nice work done on this video. Nice to see some new youtuber faces around! Welcome to Elkoy!
  9. Isleview

    Looking for a Signature

    @VersionX I'll gladly use that. Thank you for the work put into it. I do appreciate the work you put into this, however I am going to go with the one made by @VersionX thank you for your time!
  10. Isleview

    Looking for a Signature

    Good try, but not quite what I was looking for... lol Missing the Christmas colors
  11. Isleview

    Looking for a Signature

    Well where is it?
  12. Isleview

    Looking for a Signature

    With the holidays coming up I'd like a Christmas themed signature. Red, green are obvious, but maybe having Christmas lights strung through it?
  13. Isleview

    F2p Tournament Sign Ups

    Posted for IGN: Yokle Rs
  14. Isleview

    F2p Tournament Sign Ups

    Time This event will start after the first two events. The F2P event Today's F2P event will be one versus one's in the F2P pking arena. (Pking teleports - Other Pking Areas - F2P Arena) We will create a roster for the participants that will dish it out. Therefore, you MUST be signed up to participate. The winners will be those that manage to snag the first,second and third place respectively. The prizes are listed down below. Players that decide to crash the tournament by attacking participating players will be jailed for the time being. Rules Everybody will have to wear the same outfit as on this picture or worse. Those who fail to follow these rules will be excluded from the tournament. If you're not fighting, you will wait DD'ed in the safe zone. Please follow instructions or you will be removed from the tournament. Helm: Leather Cowl (Coif not allowed) Cape: Any cape that can be bought in the F2P arena store Amulet: Amulet of strength - Amulet of power Weapon: Rune Scimitar KO-Weapon: Rune 2H - Rune Battleaxe Body: Monk's robe - Wizard's robe Legs: Monk's robe - Wizard's skirt Gloves: Green d'hide vambraces - leather gloves Boots: Leather boots Food: Swordfish or worse Note that all of the equipment can be bought at the stores in the F2P Arena. Please note that Attack and Defense potions do not work inside the arena. Do not forget to set your prayers to normal prayers! Overhead prayers are not allowed. Prizes 1st place: x3 10 scroll 2nd place: 2x $10 scroll 3rd place: 1x $10 scroll Best of luck to all of the participants!
  15. Isleview

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to Elkoy! Please shoot me a pm if you have any questions! See you around in game and don't forget to participate in our Weekend of Events! Your goals will come quickly! Any long time goals?

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