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  1. Isleview

    Lavishly's Hello

    Welcome to Elkoy. Hope you're enjoying yourself already! Please let me know if you need anything by shooting me a pm. V/r Isleview
  2. Isleview

    Return of your friendly neighbourhood Pkermaster

    Welcome back. @Pkermaster Seen you around in game a few times. V/r Isleview
  3. Isleview

    Edgeville Pking Event

    The event will start after the Wildy Key Drop Race. Welcome to the Edgeville Pking Event. This is going to be a raffle type event. The event will be an hour long. To get your name entered into the raffle you will need to reply to this thread with a picture of you killing somebody in Edgeville. This picture must be taken during the hour the event is on, I along with other staff members will be checking each entry to make sure they took place during the event and not before it. For each picture posted you will get your name entered into the raffle once. You can have multiple entries so the more you have the better chance you have of winning. Event will end at 11:25pm server time. This thread will be locked until the event starts. The prize for this event will be a $50 scroll.
  4. Isleview

    giveaway result!

    Grats on winning Allah. Thanks for the videos. @ninjashyper V/r Isleview
  5. Isleview

    Some serious petluck

    Very nice on the pets drops. Good luck on the rest of them V/r Isleview
  6. Isleview

    Reversed: Ironman progress thread

    @Pepe For most part almost done with boss KC required for comp. I’m sure you’ll be there in no time V/r Isleview
  7. Isleview

    Reversed: Ironman progress thread

    Wow for an Ironman you’ve accomplished so much. Can’t wait to see that comp cape on you. Did I miss posting of achieve and boss KC left? V/r Isleview
  8. Isleview

    so that just happened...

    Nice nice, grats on pet drop. V/r Isleview
  9. Isleview

    I'm Back :)

    Welcome back to Elkoy.
  10. Isleview

    Last Post Wins

    Good try buddies.
  11. Isleview

    Journey to Max Skiller

    Keep us updated regularly. I love watching new players goal progression. V/r Isleview
  12. Isleview

    What is your job?

    @aaga Been all over the world, but I have never been to Alaska. I bought my mother an Alaskan cruise for Mothers Day this year. I'm sure she will love it. V/r Isleview
  13. Isleview

    What is your job?

    Interesting line of work. No ones every told me they done anything like that. Best thing is you love it because that makes all the difference.
  14. Isleview


    Welcome to Elkoy @Twisterinoo. I’ve seen you around in game a few times, but if you have any questions please let me know. V/r Isleview
  15. Isleview

    What do you do when you aren't playing Elkoy?

    Work. Work. Work. Spattered with traveling whenever we can. V/r Isleview

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