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  1. Gfx

    Enjoy what you did with the name. Good work. V/r Isleview
  2. Completionist Cape

    Congrats on your Comp Cape @Nevy. I need to finish it up myself. Good luck on your next goals! V/r Isleview
  3. Hello

    Hi @Sovietclawz (Austin). I'm doing quite fine with the exception of work. How are you doing today, bud? V/r Isleview
  4. All boss pets obtain

    Fantastic! Grats on the achievement and good luck on your next one. V/r Isleview
  5. Last Post Wins

  6. Elf on the shelf

    Welcome @ElfPker5. It's nice to see your goals and I hope you reach your goals successfully and I'm looking forward to your updates. Please let me know if you have any questions via forums or in game. Be sure to check out the Facebook event for some great prizes! V/r Isleview
  7. Interviewing Meteorites and Tungus

    @Meteorites As a member of the staff team and a Moderator for a while now, what advise do you have to new players that are looking to join the staff team? If you could choose one food to eat right this moment, what would it be and why? @TUNGUS By the time you read this you will be on the Support team for a short bit. What areas of improvement do you think you could work on? What is your favorite movie and why? -Both- I also would like to know what both of you would like to see this year implemented into Elkoy? V/r Isleview
  8. @pkedbyzig Congrats on almost making it to max. What levels did you leave for last? V/r Isleview
  9. Sup.

    @iDSYGM Welcome to Elkoy and the forums. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns via private message on the forums or in game. Speaking of advertising on facebook, there is an event that is being hosted for liking/following our official Facebook page. I'll drop a link below and encourage you to check it out as there will be prizes involved! "Make sure you comment on our most recent status to be eligible to win!" V/r Isleview
  10. No Strings

    That looks fantastic man, super jealous of your talent. V/r Isleview
  11. I'd really like the weather to pick a range to stay at and stop going from 18 degrees to 60 the next x.x

    1. Dwings
    2. Sylax


      Honestly the same for me. Sunny and a few degree (celsius) one day and a few days later it's -15 and snowing. 

  12. I'm Dead

    Welcome to Elkoy. @ghxst Please let me know in game or via forums if you have any questions. V/r Isleview
  13. Taelan's introduction

    @Taelan Welcome to Elkoy and the forums! Nice goals and I'm looking forward to seeing them get complete. Please let me know if you have any questions either here or in game. V/r Isleview
  14. Last Post Wins

    💤 when you need to sleep but all you can do is lay there 😒
  15. @S4x I think that’s an excellent idea that the community would benefit from. V/r Isleview

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