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  1. Raids development log

    oh wow so your adding 100% raids danm
  2. Thank you!

    Wow Claire. This was quite the unexpected downfall. With your absence, there will for sure be a void within the team that will, however, be unfillable. Just wanted to say it was a great pleasure working and learning along your side. Was quite the journey. Be safe; enjoy what new challenges and tasks at hand await yo in the future!
  3. I've returned (kind of)

    Welcome back!
  4. Best of luck to you! Will be keeping tabs on thread to see daily updates.
  5. Does anyone else get lag like this?

    turn off some your background running applications or you have to many devices connected to wifi or try and restart router & computer
  6. Interviewing Claire and Jacob Lund

    Claire - Would you rather live amongst the gorillas or Orange tigers? Biggest challenge of being a moderator? Jacob How you fitting in with your new promotion? Dislikes about being a server-support?
  7. Quack

    Welcome to Elkoy. Enjoy your stay!
  8. Nice job. Try 24 hours of it?
  9. No EXP waste afking

    Your training strength and mining at the same time?
  10. Its been along time

    Welccome back to the server!
  11. Balance elemental guide!

    Really nice guide! Thankss!
  12. cmonbruh

    Dont you have a mutagen?
  13. Gold Text Template

    Hey thats reallly cool!
  14. The states of didy? lo. Nice vid again...
  15. Revenant Location's guide by Tungus Location 1 Useful information The deeper into the wilderness you go. The more isolated spots you will find with a lesser chance of coming across pkers.

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