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  1. Sly's Money Making Guide #1

    May I add Slayer doing elite slayer task's Herblore Super combat potions Overloads Hunter Catching Grenwall spikes Fishing Rocktails Obtaining live rock minerals
  2. Lizard-Man Shaman?

    Check YouTube. quick guide Divine + pray Mage + use melee + 1 overload flask + prayer Renwal + 1 super restore+ all Sara brews. You need to obtain a teleport from slayer points.
  3. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums kiddo
  4. Your luck is questionable as well as astonishing well done.
  5. Kinda chuckled at a few moments..
  6. Superhuman Powers

    Flight. or speed.
  7. Elkoy Updates [04/12/2017]

    Awesome Thank you for the updates!
  8. Nice job!! unreal pvming talent
  9. intro

    Welcome to the server! come kill some Pheonix.
  10. 10 Hp Infernal Cape

    LOL....What.. Best I've seen so far..
  11. Dean's Ultimate Construction Guide!

    Very nice guide @Dean; Will be useful for players for sure.
  12. GFX - New Signature

    I agree. Perhaps suggest a lightning bolt rendering effect? or show us an example of what a picture fitting lightning bolt would like courtesy to this sig?
  13. Last Post Wins

    Lets gooo!! I wn.
  14. Never have i ever!

    Had sex with a siblings ex.