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  1. what happened to this nigg

    1. X Dark Z

      X Dark Z

      coma after being cleaned

  2. hello guys and girls can i get unban ip plz i wanna go play?


    1. Dep


      You can appeal on the forums


  3. the best iron man

    the best pvmer

    the best player -> psychician, i p v m, hi k y s

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    2. takure


      Never saw u in wild so idk if you could call urself overall best player

    3. IP V MI

      IP V MI

      @Iron Fr00bprobs because you're new, check this thread out. 

      kinda motivating if you're an iron too.

      and true @Takure fuck pking Cx

    4. Iron Fr00b

      Iron Fr00b

      Very nice, but as 42 said, you were quite lucky with the KC for the drops. Nice items nonetheless

  4. Elkoy Updates [2/11/2017]

    good update
  5. Elkoy Updates [07/10/2017]

    Good updates
  6. SOO, is the inferno still a thing lol?

    1. Millie


      Yes, wait 2 more months lol

  7. To all Elkoy Ironmen

    iron man isn't a challenge anymore
  8. can u unmoderate my content ty x

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    2. IP V MI

      IP V MI

      i didnt do anything wrong lol

    3. James


      Forgot to remove it. Give it a bit, gotta have someone do it for me since I’m not home. 

    4. Julia
  9. The Elkoy Chronicles V

    Spotted a few issues with the Zulrah Guide: 1) seems as though you just copy and pasted the rotations, as they're incorrect. Zulrah always spawns in its range form, then during the second phase- Zulrah is either in its range/Mage form and never melee. 2) it's better to bring void there over Pernix for the damage buff+ zulrah's low defence+ you won't really need the hp buff from Pernix as you can't get KOED easily 3) better to bring ring of suffering with recoils 4) onyx bolts are the best there if you don't have a blowpipe. 5) you won't get to the JAD phase unless you don't have a titan. Zulrah's been severely nerfed. also just some speculation for everyone going to do the inferno: it seems as though overloads have been disabled as whitehaze is using extreme range's. The reason why I'm guessing that he's hiding his invent is because he has Sara brews+ Super Restores. A shame flasks are allowed but yolo.
  10. Nice Inferno. 

    1. Mamba


      thanks, got 3 capes on test server ^_^

  11. PVM Loots - I P V M

    Transitioning to university currently, so I may not update this thread for a while, gl all whom partake in the inferno.
  12. Monthly Awards - September [Voting]

    The categories for Players: - Most Active In-Game - Most Active Forum - Most Active Discord - Most Helpful @El Barto - Best Clan - Best Ironman Psychician/ @Logan - Best Hardcore Ironman - Best Overall Pker - Best Hybrid - Best PvMer @El [email protected]@I P V M - Best Skiller - Best Youtuber @El Barto - Best GFX Designer The categories for Staff are: (players are allowed to vote on this) - Most Active - Best Pker - Best Skiller - Best PvMer @Fergus