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  1. imlikeevil


    Good to see you, Soprano. Interesting how we're all pulled back into Runescape (well RSPSs because exp rates and what not)
  2. imlikeevil

    I'm Dead

    Welcome, enjoy your stay!
  3. imlikeevil

    Taelan's introduction

    Welcome dude! Some of those goals look like tedious work. Getting 1k marks of grace will easily get you 1b cash if you only do gnome agility course for the tickets there. Good luck!
  4. imlikeevil

    Hello =D

    Welcome! Cool to see all the Ikov veterans coming back to play (I never played Ikov).
  5. imlikeevil


  6. imlikeevil


    Welcome to Elkoy! Good luck on you adventures
  7. imlikeevil

    Skillers attention!

    I have around 15 days played, but I stay logged in sometimes in my house for people to use my altar when I am sleeping. Also, I am 180/222 achievements now so my time has been spent not solely on gaining exp. 35 days isn't much for maxing exp! nice nice
  8. imlikeevil

    Penguin Guide 2.0

    Great guide. I asked for an updated penguin guide a while back, but I shortly realized that making a perfect guide for all the penguins would be impossible as certain penguins roam too far. Penguins such as: 1. "A penguin has been spotted where bloodsuckers rule." 2. "Both desert ones" can be found in Lumbridge next to the gate to the desert/ chicken/cow pens if you don't find 1 3. "Marshes" 4. "Bananas grow" Are the easiest to find and almost never roam and are found in the exact same spots every time. All the penguins that are hinted at being near a city and literally be anywhere around that city and can take forever to find and I wouldn't bother with them. Thanks for the guide, and good luck to anyone hunting them! They're a pain
  9. imlikeevil

    Your Elkoy Username

    Back when I was in middle school (6th grade) my friends and I used to draw tiny little evil elves and we would talk in maniacal voices impersonating them and laughing about it (I guess we were mischievous back then haha) That's also around the time I started playing Runescape (my RS name is different because I didn't want to use it on private servers). I didn't want to be completely evil, and I didn't want my name to be evil elf as I thought that sounded dumb. I ended up with the name I have now, and like an email address you made as a kid just sticks with you, so does a name you make for private servers
  10. imlikeevil

    How'd You Hear About Elkoy?

    I went to Google and checked multiple RSPS sites. I logged into multiple servers and checked ::players to see which had the most (but not too much). I read each server and what it has to offer, and I make sure the store and the benefits are not too overpowered (p2w). This seemed like the perfect server, and since it was based off Ikov (I never played it but I knew it was popular) I figured this would be a good server.
  11. imlikeevil

    If you could skip any achievement for comp...

    I'd skip pking. I hate getting killed and I would hate killing others . I am not good enough to get 10 kills in a row without killing skillers/PvMers. I haven't started on those achievements yet and I do not know when.
  12. imlikeevil

    In-depth Inferno Guide

    I give this guide my seal of approval! I used this guide to obtain my Infernal Max cape; it's spot on. Some advice for anyone doing the full inferno for the first time, take blood barrage. You will almost 100 percent make it to wave 68 (triple Jad wave) with ample supplies left. I'd like to reiterate from the guide that YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO KILL THE END BOSS WITH 1 OR LESS FOOD, AND YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO KILL THE BOSS WITHOUT FAIL BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE FULL INFERNO. Going into the full inferno with a less than ~ 80% success rate on killing the boss will be a waste of your time. I really wouldn't do inferno without divine + nex sets if you are unsure of your abilities either. - Good luck!
  13. imlikeevil

    Happy Birthday Elkoy!

    A RSPS turning 1? That's like 10 years in human years! It's rare to see private servers last for a long time. Congratulations to anyone who was and still is apart of it!
  14. imlikeevil

    New here

    Welcome @ltw! What's ltw stand for? Also, you can edit your profile so that it says what your IGN is. Good luck!
  15. imlikeevil

    Teddys Signature Store

    Those examples look like quality images! I'm cheap sorry, but those seem like very reasonable prices.

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