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  1. iiNvictus

    Saying my fair wells.

    I think a lot of people have been there, pal. I had a shitty experience with an ex of mine as well and found myself in the same state as you for at least a year. It's important to know it does not fix itself - this is a path for you to carve. It is vital you realise your self-worth and also focus on your fortune, not misfortune. in my state i used to pity myself and I'd hide away and almost consciously make myself feel more sad. It doesn't help and it only gets worse. My biggest piece of advice, and one that worked for me, is to isolate yourself as much as possible and almost meditate. Remember that you were born fairly normal, and to remember kids out there born with heart problems that either don't survive, or do with life changing deformities and problems. Remember how f**cking lucky you are dude. Because you are, and you're still special to more people than you will realise. Life is way too short not to smash, enjoy, and love. Take your time, find yourself, and realise how damn great you are. I send my heart out to you and wish you all the best my dude. Chin up.
  2. iiNvictus

    Post Your Desktop!

    I really like Groot
  3. iiNvictus

    School Problem - WELPPPP

    Unfortunately in life you are going to need to practice self-control - whether it be to study or to avoid impulsive sending, as an example. Better to start early and develop a strong will-power to achieve and you will go far.
  4. iiNvictus

    Ironman Progression || Iron iiNvict

    One step at a time, brother.
  5. Hi everyone. I guess the whole point of this topic is to track my progress as an ironman, and will show my future goals and latest achievements. Please feel free to leave a comment, or to suggest something you'd like to see, or recommend doing. As always - thanks for your time and support. Skill Goals Minigame Goals Bossing [Boss name (kc)]
  6. iiNvictus

    The Ironman grind.

    Damn dude, nice loot but at the same time must be very frustrating. I personally also look forward to this grind. Keep it up ya lil biiiiich.
  7. iiNvictus

    Ironman Content || iiNvict Iron

    Hi everybody. I've been playing for a little while but whatevs. Feel free to join 'Ironman Cc' for perhaps the most helpful and fun ironman cc on the server. I livestream regularly - sometimes it isn't the most enjoyable content but I'm open to suggestions on things to do in-game. Song requests are also fine as long as they are on Spotify. I don't keep my mic on but I'll talk to you guys if there are enough of you. Thanks for popping in. Feel free to come along anytime and hang out.

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