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  1. Cha0sG0d

    Jonahx's Vouch Thread

    -1 vouch from Cha0sg0d Untrusted
  2. I have never liked farming therefore an elkoy farming guide would be fantastic!
  3. Cha0sG0d

    All in One Quest Guide

    Awesome man! It helped me with all 9 quests lol!
  4. Cha0sG0d

    Cha0sG0d Vouch Page

    This is my vouch page, on the road to becoming a great mm and trusted rank !
  5. Cha0sG0d


    +1 vouch, good person and good MM.
  6. Cha0sG0d

    Hello my name is Cha0sG0d

    Thank you everyone! i am having a small problem if staff could message me ingame that be great
  7. Cha0sG0d

    Hello my name is Cha0sG0d

    Hello my name is cha0sg0d. I am a new player, i started playing Elkoy on 12/20/2017. Ive played runescape sense 2002 and started messing around with runescape private servers sense like '09 but so far Elkoy is the best runescape private server ive seen in years. I look forward to meeting all of you and being apart of this great community! Message me if u have any questions or just want to talk!
  8. Cha0sG0d

    Shooting Star Location

    great job, thank you!
  9. Cha0sG0d

    All in One Quest Guide

    these quests are awesome. great job

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