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  1. glum

    my thread

    I 100% trust this man!
  2. glum

    super saiyan vouche thread

    Vouch from me! - Glum
  3. glum

    Elkoy Updates [17/01/2018]

    Good job, keep up the content! Appreciated - Glum
  4. glum

    Mr Bonkie's Vouch Thread

    Been hosting vs me, I always have a good time! Legit imo
  5. glum

    BoomDizzle's vouch thread

    55x2'd me 1b pot paid out
  6. glum

    Dumlings vouch

    Been fping this guy, legit
  7. glum

    Glum's vouch thread

    Hello guys! Leave a vouch if you've ever fp'ed me or had me as a MM. - Glum
  8. glum

    Gainz' Introduction

    Welcome back to Elkoy! You've gained a new subscriber right here Looking forward to the new series. - Glum
  9. glum

    Glum's introduction

    Hello everyone I'm Glum! I was thinking I would try to be more active on the forums and what better to start with than an introduction? So, I'm a regular 17 year old boy from Sweden. If you want to find out more about me on or off Elkoy just hit me up! I "re-joined" Elkoy after a break for a few months, and I also played Ikov back in the days. Pretty shitty introduction haha but hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of me on the forums in the future. Loving the server by the way, great job! - Glum
  10. glum

    Elkoy Updates [10/01/2018]

    Looking like a nice update, thank you! - Glum

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