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  1. hey man I'm julio. I got banned about a year ago on this private server I would like for you to unban me . my account names are losangelz and lozangelez I got banned for a bug abuse 

    if not how can I get uinbanned

    1. Skylar
    2. Julia


      Owners and Developers don’t handle appeals or reports @losangelez.

  2. Hey can you help me man, I was doing a sale at market, and I was in the middle of a trade and I disconnected, when I logged back on everything was gone. It was a decant amount of money and now I'm sad, could you possibly get my items back - IGN: Silly guy 

    1. sillyguy


      i lost 1 full set of black (g)  one dragon plate body and 2 platelets , 2 Statius Warhammer , one ahrim staff 1 Santa hat 1 black mask 1 dark bow and 1 sara hiss 1 bandos boots. 

      If you could be a nice guy and return my stuff it would be blessed. : )


    2. deadlyrambo1


      i don't think harry can do this due to it sounding edgy, plus if you are in the middle of a trade and disconnect the only way you could've lost you items is if the dc was to occur right as you accepted which sounds unlikely and aswell i would not direct this to harry i would direct this to a moderator/admin as it is their duty to deal with this.

  3. Harry

    Raids development log

    Randomly generated with the same patterns.
  4. ░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▐
    ▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀ u have been spooked by the
    ░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄spooky skilenton
    ░░░░░█░░░░░░░░░░▐▌send this to 6 ppl or skelintons will eat you

    1. Rise against

      Rise against

      wot , harry is into this?? :o


    2. Supreme


      throwback l0l

  5. Harry

    Mamba falling off a jet ski

    Mamba spraining his wrist from a gutter ball free of charge. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pxrhzjp7fo4hrpn/Video 01-02-2018%2C 02 07 13.mp4?dl=0
  6. Harry

    Mamba falling off a jet ski

    Yep, unfortunately this was taken just before his flip flops flew 2 miles apart into the ocean as he backflipped across the water.
  7. Harry

    *^*Requesting Signature *^*

    Could just go with a funny picture like mine
  8. Hello everyone, Today marks the day that Elkoy has been online for 1 year. A year ago today on the 19th of January we released Elkoy to play and what an amazing year it has been. The Elkoy Administration would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this great year and we hope that this next year will be even better. Over the next few days everyone who logs in will receive a present, just a small token of our appreciation. Lets see what amazing things we can do in 2018! Thanks everyone! The Elkoy Administration Team.
  9. Harry

    Elkoy is dying :l

    Staff do not give him money, we have never had a reason to do so. You see his videos where he cleans people, why would we ever need to give him money when he makes it himself. This logic is flawed, you can see all of his gains on his channel and you'll see it's not from us.
  10. Sorry to bother you.. But any chance you can review my appeal? Fergus started it and gave up yesterday and Mamba said he or she couldn't.

  11. Harry

    Interviewing Mamba and False Hopes

    @Mamba - Why is ur nose so big? - Has your mum learned the unfortunate news that her son is a manbunner?
  12. how can i retrieve my unlockcode when yet logged in? (I lost it) i sent a ticket to the supportservice a few weeks ago but i havn't got a message back and nether is my unlockcode resetted. what must i do now?

    1. TheWhiteHaze


      Check your spam folder. There's probably an e-mail in there.

      If it were really a few weeks and it got auto deleted, submit a new ticket; once again, make sure to check your spam folder.

    2. I AM ANTON

      I AM ANTON

      where can i find that spam folder? @TheWhiteHaze

    3. Skylar


      If you used a Gmail account to recover your unlock code, try looking in your spam section of the Gmail. If you used Hotmail try looking it the junk section @I AM ANTON

  13. Harry

    Does God exist?

    I'm right here
  14. Harry

    Custom Donations List

    Added a couple new items with screenshots.

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