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  1. how can i retrieve my unlockcode when yet logged in? (I lost it)

    1. Accent


      Go Ingame and do ::ticket

    2. I AM ANTON

      I AM ANTON

      can't do that because the only thing i can type is "::unlock ....". but i've send an email to [email protected] but how can i receive something back? @Accent

    3. Accent


      Log into a different account and do that and say you forgot your code, and usually takes 24-48hrs fam

  2. We'd rather spend our time working on more beneficial updates that will improve the server all year long rather than a 3 day halloween event. We have a big update coming out this week.
  3. Hello everyone, On behalf of myself and the Elkoy team we'd like to wish you all a happy Halloween. Our very first while Elkoy has been online! To celebrate we're going to be hosting a huge drop party where everyone is invited to join in while we scatter some items around. Event starts at 9PM GMT +0 (10pm Server Time) To also celebrate we're going to be running a sale on our store for all token and scroll purchases for the next few days! Make sure you get involved. We hope you have an enjoyable Halloween, best of luck at the drop party! Please don't be sad if you don't manage to get anything however. Kind regards, Elkoy Administration Team.
  4. How long will Elkoy last

    Elkoy will stay online as long as it has players, even if it only had 20 players as long as it's hosting can be paid for it'll always be online.
  5. how do i change my password i forgot it


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    2. TheWhiteHaze


      Submit a ticket to recover your account as mentioned above.

    3. turmoil


      I did 




    4. VippyRS


      Wait for a response could take up to 48 hours 

  6. Hey everyone, For the first time ever Elkoy is doing a huge giveaway. We're going to be giving away rewards such as a Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS XL, Razer Gear & More! Check out how you can enter and win these awesome prizes at https://event.elkoy.org Goodluck everyone and I hope you guys enjoy it, if it goes well we'll do more in the future! Kind regards, Elkoy Administration Team.
  7. Elkoy Updates [08/1/2017]

    Should be fine, as like you said it's magic damage.
  8. Elkoy Updates [07/26/2017]

    The magic store in edgeville, scroll down in the shop.
  9. 2.5 Million Vet'ion Kc??

    Looks like a bug, will have it looked into and fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting
  10. Elkoy Official Trailer

    We've had a new trailer made for Elkoy. Please like and subscribe to our channel.
  11. Computer Programmer

    I started on my own and self taught, I've never had a programming lesson in my life. There is SO many resources online for everything you need to know, you don't need someone to sit there and read to you go out and read up on it yourself.
  12. can u un ip ban me ?

  13. you guys said you spent most of your time coding hd client and first person mode yet it's not out yet? This should be main focus since it would be something big

    1. Harry


      Other tasks take higher priority.