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  1. Last Post Wins

    My thread now.
  2. hey im new to the server I just tried to log into my account for the first time and its saying invalid username or password? I just made it? lol

    1. Skylar


      Browning: If you forgot your username and password you can follow these instructions to recover your account. Also your forum account information is different from your in-game information.


  3. Ressurection The Golden Gods | Coming Soon..

    Best of luck with this.
  4. Money Making for starters (Explained)

    unusual or new ways to make money for new and ongoing players, just something that breaks the ceiling of the generic list given to anyone that asks (not to take anything away from this thread). Daily things for them to check/do to earn money, even if its very basic money anything really helps.
  5. Money Making for starters (Explained)

    Thanks for making this, would love to see more threads such as this displaying various other sources.
  6. hi

  7. Last Post Wins

  8. Last Post Wins

    I win. /locked Kappa
  9. FML.... almost lost bank

    Shame I wasn't online.. would have killed you all for that sweet easy gp.
  10. Our SOULS have known one another for EONS, you just aren’t aware.....YET.


    1. Supreme
    2. Achtryn


      I think the fish has finally broken. RIP. 12/4/17

    3. Craig


      What is wrong with you?

  12. My METAMORPHOSIS is rapidly occurring. I shall be more powerful than EVAH.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lolfish


      I have been advised by both George Washington & Genghis Khan & I am equipped with my Coats of Battle Rojo y Plata. IT HAS BEGUN.

    3. Craig


      Ginger midget.

    4. X Dark Z
  13. The 7 Deities have EMPOWERED & WOKEN my VESSEL.

  14. Nice 1v6 clutch WW2

    @Craig this is what happens he decides to sit up ;l
  15. i honestly have no clue how that in zulrah happened i was standing to the west of that pillar went to hit zulrah that was on the east side of the swamp and ran on top of the pillar 

    1. X Dark Z

      X Dark Z

      what language is this


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