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  1. Lolfish

    Elite Empire

    Best of luck with this, nice to see more people opening teams etc.
  2. hey i sent you a msg about appeal my account can you check it 

    1. Azeem


      Whoever has punished you will answer to your appeal mate.

  3. Self harm is wrong btw
  4. boooooooooiiiiiii xD

  5. Lolfish

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    Clan cup preview
  6. Lolfish

    Lavishly's Hello

    Welcome @Lavishly
  7. Lolfish

    The Glory Dayz PT6 - Demonstrating Greatness

    Nothing changes.
  8. Lolfish

    Monthly Voting Event

    I'm sure there are ways that iron men can be compensated if they manage to win the event, things such as some donator tokens or something could be given instead.
  9. Lolfish

    Resurrection of Pixel Panda

    Welcome back
  10. Lolfish

    The Glory Dayz PT5 - Domination

    He's too busy merching noobs at market to PK.
  11. Lolfish

    #Noobpvp Week 1

    Lmao nice thread, nice to see other people making light hearted threads as well.
  12. Lolfish

    Casca here

    Welcome to Elkoy
  13. Lolfish

    Glory Dayz PT4 - The Aftermath

    6 vs like 20 white dots in this picture, quantity over quality btw haha!
  14. Lolfish

    Im sorry.

    Welcome back.
  15. Lolfish

    Heya, Elkoy :)

    Welcome back

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