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  1. sup bro can i go on "oak bro " and delete my bank pin ( i forget email) or gimme e mail back i made bank pin yday and forget ... peace roy

  2. Soon.

    1. James


      wat is soon

      sorry i didnt see the lock button

      how i do i delete these

      made a report can u handle

    2. Mamba


      whats actually wrong with you

    3. Angel Julia
  3. Interviewing Asami and Dep

    Dep Biggest difference between the team you were on before and the one you're on now? How does it feel to be finally free of that tapeworm aka doolster Biggest worry when you first joined the team? Snog Marry demote - Fergus Supreme & Mamba How many times a year do you have to dye your hair (Ginger kid) Does time FLY with your girl? 🐸
  4. check pms please

    1. Hell Kid

      Hell Kid

      check pms please

  5. Rachael Here :)

    Welcome to Elkoy.
  6. Last Post Wins

  7. Post Your Selfie!

    Wow Liz looks so different in these. : P
  8. Re introduction.

    Nice to see an old face returning, welcome back.
  9. Inferno Event

    Haze did the boss only, the reward is for the entire caves. Good luck to all attempting this.
  10. Barrows Brawl

    This event will start after the 2v2 Dharok's event is finished. You will only be allowed to use any barrows set of your choosing and barrows gloves. You will not be allowed to wear any other item and if you are found wearing one you will be disqualified from this event and all future events. This will be a last man standing type of event (be prepared to lose your items). It will take place in private edgeville (the multi side). You will not be allowed to use overhead prayers. If you are caught cheating or using gear you're not allowed to wear you will be moved home without warning and disqualified from future events. Prizes will be announced prior to the event. The following gear sets are what you can use during the brawl. If you are using ahrim's you will not be allowed to use ice spells. Make sure to reply with your ign name ONLY if you're participating. The reward will be a $120 scroll.
  11. Proxy's Gambling Vouches

    Locked for asking for vouches, please read the section rules next time.
  12. Shoutout to lolfish, just because.   ^.^

  13. Monthly Awards - September [Voting]

    - Most Active In-Game - Most Active Forum - Most Active Discord @False Hopes - Most Helpful @Pkerown - Best Clan Support - Best Ironman ? - Best Hardcore Ironman Hc Lilo - Best Overall Pker: Icyx - Best Hybrid Icxy - Best PvMer @rise against ^u^ - Best Skiller Meme - Best Youtuber - - Best GFX Designer @Vext The categories for Staff are: (players are allowed to vote on this) - Most Active @Craig (HE DOESNT SLEEP) - Best Pker @TheWhiteHaze - Best Skiller @Asami - Best PvMer @Fergus #QBD Grind
  14. Alright mert

    Welcome to Elkoy @Silva