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  1. Barrows Brawl

    This event will start after the 2v2 Dharok's event is finished. You will only be allowed to use any barrows set of your choosing and barrows gloves. You will not be allowed to wear any other item and if you are found wearing one you will be disqualified from this event and all future events. This will be a last man standing type of event (be prepared to lose your items). It will take place in private edgeville (the multi side). You will not be allowed to use overhead prayers. If you are caught cheating or using gear you're not allowed to wear you will be moved home without warning and disqualified from future events. Prizes will be announced prior to the event. The following gear sets are what you can use during the brawl. If you are using ahrim's you will not be allowed to use ice spells. Make sure to reply with your ign name ONLY if you're participating. The reward will be a $120 scroll.
  2. Proxy's Gambling Vouches

    Locked for asking for vouches, please read the section rules next time.
  3. Hello, Welcome to another weekend of events. I would like to thank you all for your participation in last week's events, as you may have noticed our events are growing every weekend with more and more people getting involved. If you have an idea for a specific event you would like to see, Don't hesitate to PM me or another member of the events team. KEEP IN MIND EVENTS WILL BEGIN AT 12PM SERVER TIME (PST). Hide n' Seek - Players must find where I am hiding in order to win. (My cc & yell) Riot Wars Event - Players will battle against each other in riot wars. (Yell) Flower Poker Tournament - Players must FP in a tournament type setting. (Sign Up Thread) Random Teleport Hide n' Seek - Players must find me at a random teleport. (Yell) Drop Party - Items will be dropped in a selected area. (My clan chat) Dharok PK Event - Players will fight in the required gear in a tournament type setting. (Sign up thread to be posted) Skilling Event - First to receive the announced pet wins. (Yell) HP Event - I'll be tanking players with 15k hitpoints, whoever kills me receives the loot. (Sign up thread) God Spell Gauntlet - Players will take part in a multi event using one of the three God Spells (Claws of Guthix, Saradomin Strike and Flames of Zamorak). Gear will be limited and shown on the sign up thread. Charge spell will be allowed. Winner of the event will be the last player standing. (Sign up thread to be posted) The rewards for each event will differ, They will be announced or posted within the sign up threads. We hope you guys enjoy these events, Please use this thread for feedback on how we could improve events. Thanks & Enjoy, The Events Team
  4. Shoutout to lolfish, just because.   ^.^

  5. Alright mert

    Welcome to Elkoy @Silva
  6. Newspaper Interview Questions

    Fergus Best Quality about Julia? What's the most Scottish thing you've ever done? Favourite Staff member? ^u^ (Not Julia) Favourite meal? Julia Best Quality about Fergus? Jeans & Top or Dresses & Heels? When you both started talking, how hard was it to understand him & do you consider yourself fluent in Scottish now? Favourite Staff member ^u^ (Not Fergus) Both If you weren't on Elkoy today where do you think you would be right now? If you were to be demoted/resign what would be the reason behind it? If you could redo one thing in your life what would it be, why and (optional) how would you do it? If you could bring back one Ikov staff member and promote them straight to moderator, who would it be and why? Who has the better singing voice?
  7. Creator Vouch

    It hasn't been a week.
  8. The Elkoy Chronicles III

    The riddle is yet to be solved, keep guessing!
  9. Creator Vouch

    Locked for advertising your page.
  10. My Farewell

    Unfortunate, hope you stay around the forums and eventually come back in game
  11. The Elkoy Raffle

    Hello Elkoy Welcome to the first ever Elkoy Raffle, this is our trial run for this event which will be lotto style. Players will have the chance to buy into the raffle which will start with a 1 Billion Gold prize pool and from there, players add the rest. Players will be able to purchase an unlimited amount of tickets at the price of 20m per ticket, there aren't any discounts for bulk buying and all GP gained will be placed onto a separate account and added to the prize pool. Tickets are not refundable. Each player will be given a number based on the number of ticket they are when they purchase one, for example Player one purchases 10 tickets for 200m they will be placed into the draw as numbers 1-10. The winner will be decided through a random number generator and will be drawn on Sunday after the Barrows Brawl event. Ticket Explanation Tickets are being sold by the heads of the Events team; Mamba Lolfish & Yogi With the above being said Please do not pester staff members or other events members to take tickets as they will not be able to, instead please contact one of us on the forums or in game and we will handle you as soon as we possibly can. The Draw itself will take place on Sunday after the Barrows Brawl Event, this thread will be locked prior to the draw and once locked no more entries will be allowed. A random number generator will be used to choose the winner and the pot will be rewarded to the winner as soon as they are online. CURRENT POT: 16400m
  12. greetings

    Welcome to the Forums
  13. Deputy's Intro

    Welcome to Elkoy