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  1. El Barto

    Modern Society - Is it in decline?

    That's too broad a topic to comment on without writing an essay. Everything is fucked, look at any aspect of society and you can start poking holes in it & identifying the flaws. I'm always disappointed to see how backwards everything is socially, politically, economically, environmentally, especially compared to where it could be. It's really best not to dwell on it too much, learning how not to give a fuck is really hard & many claim they don't but really they do, if you can free yourself of worrying about other peoples problems (which you have no involvement or influence over anyway) then you can work on your own issues & create the best version of yourself, which is all you are responsible for... You & your own interactions with others. Maybe i'm losing you idk. If I was too guess, society is headed for a painful period in which technology takes most of our jobs, increases life expectancy dramatically & creates mass poverty until something like universal basic income gets implemented. Cheers!
  2. El Barto

    Waiting For The Inferno Like...

    Only a joke, chill.
  3. El Barto

    2V2 Dharok's Tournament sign ups [13/08/2017]

    IGNS: El Barto Century
  4. El Barto

    PVM Legends Event (CC only)

    Whip to gmaul event. in 1hrs and 20 mins from posting (630pm*** uk time) or 1030AM server time. SIGN UP HERE Any Ring (No recoil) NO Vengeance 1 Brew and rocktails only No super combat Any praybook (overheads such as smite and soul split ARE allowed) If you don't have ddef then use dragon squareshield Prizes 1st : 2 Blowpipes 2nd: 2 x 10 scrolls 3rd: 1 x 10 scroll PVM Legend RANKED members only
  5. El Barto

    My Farewell

    Goodluck at uni, should be the best time of your life. Goodbye
  6. El Barto

    PVM Legends Event (CC only)

    Rune knive to obby maul event. TIME: 7PM UK time / 11AM server time or 2hours after posting This is the gear you can use (all found in pure pk shop) No recoils - OTHER RINGS ARE ALLOWED No Brews or kawambrans No barrows gloves or max capes No venge No Berserker Necklace First Prize : 2,5B Second Prize: 1,5B Third Prize: 750M Total prizes 4,75B Only sign up if you are part of the PVM Legends clan. Failure to be online minutes before event may result in disqualification. Goodluck.
  7. El Barto

    Welfare PK Event Signup

  8. El Barto

    Tea Preferences?

    Normal English tea... Get this tho... I have 8 sugars. Yep. Still probably less than what is in a can of coke.
  9. El Barto

    God Spell Gauntlet [30/07/2017]

    IGN: El Barto
  10. El Barto


    Yep lol
  11. El Barto


    10 Different PVM pets & Rocky Couple Older Pics I Found:
  12. El Barto

    Flower Poker Event Signup

    ign: El Barto

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