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  1. Elkoy Updates [7/03/2018]

    you have flasks why do u need a yak
  2. Thread with the most posts?

    have fun beating
  3. Thank you!

    c ya
  4. Does anyone else get lag like this?

    100% not a issue with my computer or internet
  5. Anyone get lag like i am in this vid, this isnt even that bad it can lag a lot more. I dont get lag on any other client or game just this.
  6. Edgeville Pking Event

  7. Edgeville Pking Event

  8. Welfare Pk Tournament Sign up thread

    ign takure
  9. What is your dream car ?

    blacked out s63 amg
  10. Level 3 Sign Ups! - [2/24/2018]

    ign woe hugepker
  11. ' Grapes Services ' - Come Take A Look!

    i swear all elite achieves complete costs more than 4.5b so idk how youll make profit with that one
  12. lol who counts dh kills, u guys wanna gear in nh or brid and fight then you can start counting kills. love me some beef
  13. Zulrah giveaway! :)

  14. Hardcore Ironman - Last Man Standing - Signups

    ign Woe Takure
  15. Flower Poker Event - Sign up!

    ign takure

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