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  1. takure

    17B Giveaway!

    ign takure number 116
  2. takure


    none afked i swear
  3. takure

    Glory Dayz Part 8.2 - Exodus Exterminated

    check this fking badboy out
  4. takure

    Your Favorite Food

    its gotta be out of a pot noodle, microwavable burger or beans on toast
  5. takure

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    4 days to reply. took u a while to think of something to say and what a surprise its a load of shit
  6. takure

    2v2 Clash of the godswords event - sign-ups

    takure and defqon4ever
  7. takure

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    thats weird cus exodus only fight if they have x2 the numbers
  8. takure

    F2P Tournament Sign Ups

    ign hostility ign sasukes
  9. takure

    Welfare pking sign ups

    ign takure
  10. Beast thread, competition loc?
  11. takure

    Dharok's PK tournament sign up thread

    ign takure
  12. takure

    The Glory Dayz PT5 - Domination

    hard to get anything on dwings when he doesnt go wild and if he does hes in full void with a rune cbow risk
  13. takure

    Edgeville pking event

  14. takure

    Looking for testers, apply here!

    What's your ingame name? Takure How long have you been playing Elkoy? since release How old are you? 18 What is your current timezone? utc+1 How much experience do you when it comes to testing content? a decent amount Have you reported any bugs on Elkoy? yes Do you have access to Skype (yes or no question)? yes

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