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  1. Vext's FREE GFX Shop

    Desired text: Takure Subtext (if applicable): Colour scheme: dark colours Theme (if applicable): some sort of dark theme, surprise me
  2. hello

    dunno, i just never thought about posting one
  3. hello

    hi im takure. im new to the server and looking forward to meeting you guys ingame
  4. pvm LEGENDS

    Why is the pl bit so blurry, looks like it's been stretched
  5. MAX Cape GOAL !

    Takes like 2 weeks of efficient skilling
  6. 100 days playtime

    feeling depressed now ty
  7. 100 days playtime

    Pretty sure its the highest, maybe harry or macro have more.
  8. 100 days playtime

    i would like to thank my mother for giving birth to me so i could acheiv this. #1 active player
  9. Community Awards

    I would like to claim the most active in game.
  10. I'M BACK

    why come back?
  11. Avatar

    youre welcome
  12. Hybrid Tourney Signup

    ign takure
  13. Assassin's goals and achievements

    youll do that easy apart from the 500m skills
  14. How do i open multiple instances

    if youve installed the elkoy launcher you should just be able to search for it and open a 2nd one
  15. ⭐Total loss Clan Requirement ⭐

    dont join, tanked him 5 freezes with 1 and 1/2 brews