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  1. boring forums bring back the shoutbox

  2. Duke

    Elkoy Updates [28/05/2018]

    Haven't gotten a chance to test out all these updates but will say for sure that the PVP changes that have been happening over the past couple weeks have made PVP much more enjoyable and comparable to how it used to be on other servers that thrived and were successful. Hoping the trend continues after raids is released and the server gains popularity and a larger player base. Great job on the updates.
  3. Duke

    Dharok PK tournament sign-up thread

    im in
  4. wer is the fokin shutbox

  5. Duke

    Reliable's Showcase

    Make me one pls excellent work my guy
  6. omggg love you professor OAK!

  7. Duke

    Rise Against / Signature

    Nice work would love one of these
  8. Duke

    Glory Dayz PT3 - The Extinction

    Who cares about a stupid reward? Back in my day we didn't need monthly awards, which are just popularity contests, to see who was #1. Step up and post these pictures you say will crash the forums and compete with your competition instead of bitching in the replies.
  9. Duke

    Glory Dayz PT3 - The Extinction

    Don't think it's possible to crash the forums by posting that many pictures but if that's what you think so be it. Also, why exactly are you mixing cocaine and whiskey while playing elkoy? This doesn't seem to safe. You sound like one hard ass mofo yet you've whined in 2 or 3 replies so far about a dumb ass winter rewards thread that is more pointless than the existence of a pvm clan on a rsps. P.S. I hope your first language isn't English or you are currently on cocaine/drunk because you sound like an idiot and it's actually difficult for me to understand what you're trying to say. @Gylphmedia ;)
  10. Duke

    Glory Dayz PT3 - The Extinction

    Quantity > Quality on this game unfortunately. Would I stand a chance against you and 3 of your pvm butt buddies in a multi setting..? No. However, even though I am better than all 4 of you the point is that a few knuckleheads with dragon spears and 99 summoning can destroy any amount of skill that is up against them. I don't see any threads being posted by you and your team of kill pics, once I do i'll show you some respect. @Gylphmedia ;)
  11. Duke

    Glory Dayz PT3 - The Extinction

    Embarrassing that a bunch of staff members are currently in charge of the wilderness, guess you guys need some competition since a bunch of pvmers stand NO chance. Love the memes and kill pics though, actually come on the forums these days with the sole purpose to read these threads
  12. Duke

    Glory Dayz - Pt 1

    Nice to see some competition in the pking community. Love seeing these threads brings back some memories of things people used to post on Ikov forums. Keep it up
  13. Goodluck, a good way to stay interested and keep the game fresh for awhile.

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