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  1. Nice events, looking forward to competing (winning).
  2. If I win the redbulls I will livestream myself drinking all of them. Most excited for the 3DS though, goodluck everyone!
  3. Barrows Brawl

    ign duke
  4. Hello all

    Hey cutie, love final fantasy & i'm also a skiller! Welcome!
  5. Just curious but are you advising from soulsplit back like 5-6 years ago? I remember you having a sick collection of stuff was always jealous haha
  6. manba please i have fun with my mates

  7. God spell Gauntlet - 10/09/2017

    ill join - duke
  8. Weekend of Events [08/09-10/09]

    Nice events, would like to attend the HP one but can't make it online have fun guys
  9. Elkoy Chronicles

    Nice job looks like a lot of effort went into making this. Hope I get interviewed next!
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      Rharh Del Tu

      You really must have nothing better to do than print screen things I do and/or say.

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      u mad @tu tu