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  1. Server Support Position

    guess its time to bring in the reinforcements (me)
  2. 5 minutes of welfare dh pking/pvming with one stake at the end for 1b with the title "CLEANED SOHAN FOR 2T $500 GIVEAWAY RSPS ELKOY"
  3. Edgeville Pking Event

  4. Elkoy Updates [17/01/2018]

    So a piece of content and benefit of being an extreme donator (250 donated) completely taken away for no reason... seems like the completionist cape is strictly looked at as an achievement rather than being a good cape to use in most situations. Used to be given a slight advantage having a completionist cape over others in the wilderness because you spent the couple hundred hours grinding for it.. Now you're just losing money if you chose to use it, which there isn't much point in anyway since an infernal cape is better and so easy to get, let alone costing 50m less to buy back everytime you die.
  5. Probably the dumbest thing i've ever seen but then again this is Sohan. Clearly rwt having donation goals to do a drop party.. kind of sad people gave this guy hundreds of dollars as well just for a small chance at winning an item at a drop party worth way less than what they donated for. $400 goal for a custom giveaway that costs $200. actually sickened by this
  6. Elkoy Updates [17/01/2018]

    Comp 50m to buy back after death in PVP and it's not best in slot for any of the combat styles... Kind of pointless addition but I guess it doesn't make much of a difference anyway since items are free to buy back at ::ezone.. and who really has a comp cape that isn't extreme+
  7. Did you mean to make your title "Sohan cleaned me"? Confused. Such a horrible clickbait lmao
  8. me wearing irl green phat. merry xmas.

    can you take a pic of your mom wearing it
  9. modsssss help my shoutbox is missing

  10. atleast delete the post..


  11. Elkoy Updates [2/11/2017]

    Sweet updates! Soulwars!!!

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