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  1. whats going on

    Welcome to Elkoy! Hope you enjoy.
  2. So Eminem's new album is out...

    Excuse me?
  3. hi

    wait..? Welcome to Elkoy! Hope you enjoy.
  4. Interviewing Rooner and Iron Froob

    @Iron Fr00b: What's it like being head SS? Do you think your position will ever be taken over?
  5. IGN: X Dark Z Good luck everyone!
  6. Corp Beast Task

    Hey @JackFrost, Typically what ironmen do to avoid using brews is go in with 4 items and die with the Protect Item prayer on, to avoid losing their stuff. It can be annoying to repeatedly teleport back to Corp, but it saves you the risk of losing of losing your stuff/looting your stuff.
  7. Moka has arrived!

    Welcome to Elkoy @Moka ! You can also set your donator status here: If you're on NA, you can add me!
  8. Reintro Kinda

    Cool, added you. "Hoptech"
  9. The goals are real!

    Looking forward to your progress. Good luck!
  10. Reintro Kinda

    Welcome back. Maybe we can play some. Are you on NA?
  11. Welcome to Elkoy, @Heffrey! Hope you enjoy your time here.
  12. Need a PKing Guide!

    Try rune-torso pking first, probably the simplest. After that you can move on to dharoks.
  13. Mystery boxes finally pay off

    Very nice, my man. Don't forget to share.
  14. FML.... almost lost bank

    insomnia...? why didnt you kill him.
  15. Elkoy Updates [04/12/2017]

    Was just about to suggest the Nex peek option. Great updates!