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  1. Fear Reborn

    How long will Elkoy last

    I've never seen an RSPS stay online for 5+ years straight. Usually, they shut down, then reopen every 1-2 years.
  2. Fear Reborn

    Complete ironman guide

    Great guide, well done!
  3. Fear Reborn

    Trying a New Queen Black Dragon Method

    What's the fastest recorded kill time on QBD? Nice Kill!
  4. Fear Reborn

    Why is Elkoy changing so much?

    Well, if the server hadn't evolved from it's first form it'd probably have shut down before you had even ever started playing.
  5. Fear Reborn

    Band of brothers !

    Watched BOB a couple years ago, it's also my all time favorite War-series. Favorite character was Lt Spiers. If you enjoyed BOB you'll probably also enjoy "The Pacific", it's also a War-series.
  6. Fear Reborn

    Vext's FREE GFX Shop

    Desired text: Fear Reborn Subtext (if applicable): Colour scheme: Any Theme (if applicable): Any
  7. Fear Reborn


  8. Fear Reborn

    Rhett's Vouch Thread

    Vouch for Rhett, paid me over 100B in winnings. Legit Host.
  9. Fear Reborn

    Welfare Pking Event -Sign Ups

    IGN: Fear Reborn
  10. Fear Reborn

    God spell Gauntlet - 10/09/2017

    IGN: Fear Reborn
  11. Fear Reborn

    Flower Poker Event - Sign Ups

    IGN: Fear Reborn
  12. Fear Reborn

    Hey there

  13. Fear Reborn

    F2P Event - Sign ups

    IGN: Fear Reborn
  14. Fear Reborn

    this is a farewell

  15. Fear Reborn

    DDS4BANK Vouch thread


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