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  1. Rhett's Vouch Thread

    Vouch for Rhett, paid me over 100B in winnings. Legit Host.
  2. Welfare Pking Event -Sign Ups

    IGN: Fear Reborn
  3. God spell Gauntlet - 10/09/2017

    IGN: Fear Reborn
  4. Flower Poker Event - Sign Ups

    IGN: Fear Reborn
  5. Hey there

  6. F2P Event - Sign ups

    IGN: Fear Reborn
  7. this is a farewell

  8. DDS4BANK Vouch thread

  9. Comp cape & 1st page of Hiscores.

    Welcome back, Rob. Good luck with your goals.
  10. Welfare PK Event - Sign Up Thread [01/07/2017]

    IGN: Fear Reborn
  11. Flower Poker Tournament Sign Ups 6/23

    IGN: Fear Reborn
  12. Finally, a video that isn't M BOX openings. Enjoyed the Split and Steal, my only suggestion is to try and get them both on Discord, that'd make it more entertaining.
  13. As much as I want the Cavs to make a clutch comeback I doubt it'll happen. Cavs played hard in game 3 and it still wasn't enough, GSW is too strong with Durant.
  14. Skilling Directory

    Have added your guide onto the Directory, sorry for the late response.
  15. Just Saying Hello To The Community :)

    Welcome to the forums, Zez.