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  1. biggest elkoy pk???

    Definitely not the biggest, decent PK.
  2. Obsidian Domination - Sign ups [04/11/2017]

    IGN: Mario
  3. November Voting Event!

    Always lots of fun with this event, good luck everyone!
  4. Hello fellow

    Welcome to Elkoy, enjoy your stay.
  5. Chaos kill pics from 23/10/17

    Damn 5 brew hybrid, nice to see kill threads nonetheless.
  6. 2V2 Clash Of The Godswords [sign ups]

    mario and rooner
  7. What is the most demotivating thing?

    Needing dark claw to complete all achievements and finally comp, you go dry at Skotizo and when you finally get it you teleport out without picking it up.
  8. Last Post Wins

    Love winning.
  9. What Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    On my mama..
  10. Aria is here :D

    Welcome to Elkoy
  11. hello

    My man, hehe.
  12. Elkoy Updates [30/09/2017]

    This has been a long awaited update, so happy it's finally out. Big thanks to our developers who have been working long hard hours for this.
  13. Hello guys

    Welcome to Elkoy.