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  1. Edgeville PKing Event

    The event will start after the Welfare Pking Event. Welcome to the Edgeville Pking Event. This is going to be a raffle type event. The event will be an hour long. To get your name entered into the raffle you will need to reply to this thread with a picture of you killing somebody in Edgeville. This picture must be taken during the hour the event is on, I along with other staff members will be checking each entry to make sure they took place during the event and not before it. For each picture posted you will get your name entered into the raffle once. You can have multiple entries so the more you have the better chance you have of winning. This thread will be locked until the event starts. The prize for this event will be a $50 scroll.
  2. Thank you!

    Was a pleasure to work with you, Claire. Hope we can keep in touch, best of luck in whatever you decide to do next.
  3. Elkoy Updates [7/03/2018]

    It’s a bug and will be fixed.
  4. Elkoy Updates [7/03/2018]

    Such a good update, really happy.
  5. I don’t have that lag all the time, sometimes it goes away by itself but I do experience that sort of lag daily.

    I’m gonna lock this thread due to basically being a copy of Supreme Pvm’s requirement thread. If you wish to make your own thread please do. Good luck with the clan!
  7. What is your dream car ?

    Audi RS7 by far.
  8. Elkoy Updates [23/02/2018]

    Very exciting update, was hyped for this one. Thank you!
  9. Im so thankful for you giving me a second chance, but something went wrong, my account is still disabled 

    1. Zum Zum Zen

      Zum Zum Zen

      l0000l Yous Bank I remember you

      Still naughty I see tsk tsk

  10. Stop going off topic, keep the thread clean or I’ll have to start infracting people.
  11. Interviewing Meteorites and Tungus

    @Meteorites @TUNGUS What’s the best thing about Elkoy? What do you dislike about Elkoy? What’s your best moment on Elkoy? What content would you like to see on Elkoy in 2018?
  12. The event will begin after other events have finished Level 3 Event: In this event players will create a new account and battle to the death with their fresh from the shop bronze knives, Who will have the best RNG? Sign up and find out! Rules: Players MUST create a new account to participate with the name Woe, Example (Woe Yogi). Upon creating your account, Players MUST lock their experience. Use of Rocktails/Saradomin Brews before the fight is NOT allowed. Eating food is NOT allowed. You are required to use nothing more than the gear provided in the below screenshot. IF PLAYERS ARE CAUGHT BREAKING ANY OF THESE RULES OR GAINING EXPERIENCE, YOU WILL BE TELEPORTED HOME WITHOUT WARNING. Prizes: 1x $50 Scroll 2x $10 Scrolls 1x $10 Scrolls
  13. How I just got fucked out of 800m

    I'm sorry you got lured but unfortunately it's not against the rules. I understand that you're upset about this but please read our rules next time before taking action to post a topic like this. a. Topics, posts, PMs etc., that are directed at a single member, or group, to either defame them of their reputation, character or to simply insult, flame them directly etc., will result in infractions or a ban from the forum. Locked for obvious reasons.
  14. Vext's FREE GFX Shop

    Desired text: Mario Subtext (if applicable): Colour scheme: Red/White Theme (if applicable): Super Mario
  15. Small showcase from store

    I need a new signature. That looks professional and clean.

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