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  1. Elkoy Updates [10/01/2018]

    I’ve noticed a lot of people being concerned about this. The PK store still has Coin Tickets available at 250BM each granting you 25M cash so you’re basically selling the BM 100K each.
  2. im on elkoy since the ip ban lol... i just want my account back just one of those accounts ? " 2x2is4" or the handsome atlesat 2x2is4? 

  3. Snus says hello

    Haha Snus, welcome.
  4. hi

  5. Elkoy Updates [04/12/2017]

    One of the best update logs we’ve had in a long time. Extremely happy.
  6. Care

    Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  7. Defeat

    Welcome to Elkoy.
  8. biggest elkoy pk???

    Definitely not the biggest, decent PK.
  9. Obsidian Domination - Sign ups [04/11/2017]

    IGN: Mario
  10. Hello fellow

    Welcome to Elkoy, enjoy your stay.
  11. Chaos kill pics from 23/10/17

    Damn 5 brew hybrid, nice to see kill threads nonetheless.
  12. 2V2 Clash Of The Godswords [sign ups]

    mario and rooner
  13. What is the most demotivating thing?

    Needing dark claw to complete all achievements and finally comp, you go dry at Skotizo and when you finally get it you teleport out without picking it up.

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