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  1. I remember my first time, I went in like a dog, LOL! She liked it tho, I know she did.
  2. [FR] RAP #20

    Some new bangers In the next episode I will post some bangers from Sexion D'assaut, they took over the rap scene in the late 2000s to around 2012 and then they broke up, then a couple went solo but that is for the episode after that! Enjoy! Maître Gims (in the second video) was part of that group, he's been going hard ever since.
  3. I always get sad when I'm nearing the end in a series.. :-(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zum Zum Zen

      Zum Zum Zen

      The wire, I just want moreeeee :D



    3. Dep
    4. Zum Zum Zen

      Zum Zum Zen

      Yeah that's gonna be depressing. Love Super!

  4. Gone WRONG !

    Too big for a signature. If it's for a background or anything then yeah, good stuff! For sure.
  5. Thank you!

    Take care. Shame we didn't get to know each other, you seem like a fun person
  6. What is your job?

    Unemployed and injured atm
  7. Do a video where you do the RuneScape emotes IRL
  8. [FR] RAP #19

    (Je t'haine) Is my favorite PNL song, it's an album only version so it sounds different but it's still a decent upload, good enough to share with friends and if you like it, go download the normal version Tonton du bled, a classic. From la Casa de Papel, a new Netflix series Very sexy Good song as well too
  9. True Story, about rap nowadays

    Rap/HipHop is the #1 genre tho these days but I agree with the guy who's rapping there.
  10. [FR] RAP #18

    Souldia j'connaît déjà, chaque QC me la montrer, en tt cas, pas mal
  11. Please Delete

    7 Mutagen 11 Blowpipes 24 Magic fangs 8 Visages 5 Magma Good luck man, in how much time do you think to complete these 5000 kills?
  12. Interviewing Claire and Jacob Lund

    @Claire 1. What do you have in your pockets right now? 2. What shoes are you wearing? 3. What is your opinion on vegans? 4. What update would you like to see on Elkoy? 5. What drugs do you like?
  13. [FR] RAP #18

    Sorry I have to overshadow this new awesome update that came out with this but I thought it was a good time Banger from PNL, one of my favs This one also one of my favorites Another one of my favs New guy, pretty good
  14. [FR] RAP #17

    Some new bangers ^This
  15. Goals what are those?

    To be the very best, like no one ever was

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