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  1. Zum Zum Zen

    world cup (final games)

    Les Blues ! France baby, who else? We have an unstoppable team just imagine if we'd have Benzema, Payet, etc on the field. Dont kid me kids
  2. It's coming home !! 🇫🇷🐓⚽🌍🏆

  3. Zum Zum Zen

    Summer vacation!

    Safe travels and have fun. I've been to the Philippines and Thailand and I gotta say the landscape there was beautiful asf, I truly believed I was on paradise on Earth. I guess Java must be somewhat of the same but I have no idea tbh. Feel free to trade all your valuables to me to keep safe while you're on vacation, I've recently recovered from a heavy staking addiction and my mentor Fergus is helping me through it so you shouldn't worry that I relapse. Just a suggestion though. Ciaoo!
  4. Zum Zum Zen

    What to do?

    Sad to hear. Do what you love, I think that should help you with your mental health. Distract yourself from the things that make you depressed, force yourself to it I would even say. Get better & welcome back.
  5. Germany goes home early...Shock

  6. Zum Zum Zen

    [FR] RAP #24

    Hello there, welcome to #24 Currently incarcerated

    1. Zum Zum Zen

      Zum Zum Zen

      Leader of half a billion people :P

  8. Zum Zum Zen

    [FR] RAP #23

    Yes he is, I am excited to what he is going to bring to the Fifa World Cup France will win ofcourse, in the end
  9. Zum Zum Zen

    [FR] RAP #23

    Ara! I am back to share with you the best of the best of the French rap business. Enjoy this is the 23rd edition!
  10. Heavy is the head that wears the crown

  11. Zum Zum Zen

    [FR] RAP #22

    This will be an FR rap episode dedicated to Maître Gims, a rapper from the group 'Sexion D'assaut' that I displayed in our last episode. Real good stuff, very catchy choruses and good singing, he can do it all so I'm sure you will enjoy this one. His last banger:
  12. Zum Zum Zen

    Happy Easter y'all !

    Drink some Kvass, it's a Russian drink but I'm sure they have them there too It's alchoholic, but not much, it's like a soft beer, also tastes kinda like beer but different. Happy easter!
  13. Zum Zum Zen

    NEW LOTR series coming out.

    Hello, you might've heard about it, Amazon is gonna produce a LOTR (Lord of The Rings) series. I am a big fan and I'm very excited about it. I've watched all the LOTR movies a couple of times, The Hobbit too, but didn't like it as much as LOTR. I have no idea what the series is gonna be about but I'm such a big fan it doesn't even matter. If you're a LOTR fan, please share your thoughts about this series or some information we don't know about yet, I know nothing much. All I know is: Amazon is producing it It might be the most expensive series ever made. 0:40 is legendary
  14. Zum Zum Zen

    [FR] RAP #21

    As promised, some rap music from the group Sexion D'assaut who took over the late 2000s scene. These are some of my all time favorites. This is what it all started with. Maître Gims always killing the chorus. This might be my favorite. In the next episode we will be taking a closer look at Maître Gims.
  15. I remember my first time, I went in like a dog, LOL! She liked it tho, I know she did.

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