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  1. [FR] RAP #13

    MLS new guy on the block Probably the weardest music video you have seen
  2. Hardstyle

    All Dutch people here I'm guessing Closest thing I've listen to hardstyle is this: From the good old tecktonik days lmaooo
  3. I introduce myself late at night when the people are asleep

  4. [FR] RAP #12

    Some oldskool French rap, this is pure sex in my ears
  5. [FR] RAP #11

    Y en a partout des francais mdrr
  6. [FR] RAP #11

    all new sh.t
  7. Terrorism V Not terrorism

    Facts learned. Thanks for the teachings, O wise one
  8. Terrorism V Not terrorism

    They should really stop doing that, so fucked up. Mass shootings happen like every month these days and everytime it's the same bullshit and nothing will change, only thing that stays the same is the lives that people have lost and the families who are torn apart. I totally don't get what the point of doing that is, muslims are a huge part of our society and stuff like this really doesn't help the situation one bit.
  9. Great Teacher Onizuka ^_^

    1. Zum Zum Zen

      Zum Zum Zen

      My favorite anime character xD

  10. [FR] RAP #10

    Some more drill
  11. Does God exist?

    If you would've really read the Bible you would've known why we were sent to earth instead of trying to take the piss on the religious people, because all you did here was just being sadistic... No idea why you're like that, perhaps you see religious people being happy and have faith and you want them to be as miserable as you are and believe in nothing... I find it truly sad that you have no faith whatsoever. I already said it before, it has to be you to do your actual research, because all I see you do now is taking the piss and trying to get reactions out of people by saying blasphemous things. We get rewarded for helping kafirs like you find the light so I'll explain it to you anyways, knowing you're just gonna be a cunt about it afterwards. When God created Adam (first) then he took a thigh from him and created Eve with that, he called up all his angels and told them to pay homage to his creation, all angels did except for one, the one we know until this day as the devil himself. He wouldn't pay homage to the human creation because he did not believe a mortal being was worthy of praise so God banished him from heaven. Later on he tricked Eve to take the fruit and then she influenced Adam as well knowing God had explicitly told them not to take fruit from the tree because he said that he would do anything to keep us from heaven and try to corrupt us as much as possible in which he succeeded and still is until this very moment, you being a good example of that. Anyhow, Adam was the perfect creation until the devil made sure that was not the case anymore, so from there on, there are no more perfect beings after Adam, except for Jesus, Jesus was the second perfect creation of God. We are all offspring of Adam who was corrupted by the devil and that is why we are on earth. We are not perfect, far from it, and we are weak beings who let ourselves be influenced by the devil. This is just 0.1% of the info God has given us through the holy bible, there's tons more for you to find out. Not believing in God is the worst of sins you can do, so those will get the heaviest punishments in the underworld where the devil resides, along with hitler and all those guys. But yeah, we need guys like you for there needs to be darkness to have light, you make us shine very bright with your darkness! So thanks!
  12. [FR] RAP #7

    Cartier was to check if everyone is paying attention I like Dutch rap, I find their rap has crazy good flows also whenever I drop down to the Netherlands I hear French rap everywhere, people bumping it in their cars, when clubbing, in coffeeshops, almost everywhere. Love it!
  13. [FR] RAP #9

    Got some drill for you today This dude jammed the highway traffic to shoot his music video lmaaaoo

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