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  1. Top-100 Cloud Rap Tracks

    LOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL Here's the best cloudrap u can get As u can see from this videos here they love to do those cinematics for youtube but if you like it just get the album just get it all it's dope
  2. [FR] RAP #7

    Dude in purple here is so high he forgets his lyrics at the start
  3. Modern Society - Is it in decline?

    I find modern society too materialistic and ignorant. Technology has changed us for sure but I think that we have come to a point where the human race cannot evolve anymore, I really don't see humanity doing better much longer and we will do so great that at one point it's only gonna go downhill and yeah, we'll see what happens then, could not even be in my lifetime but as of now, I'm not too worried.
  4. Bum Bum Tam Tam

  5. What makes you happy?

    It's been since 2007 man, it's just the skilling and questing part that makes me sick of this game, I cannot do it anymore... Don't have it in me anymore.
  6. What makes you happy?

    Not playing the game is what makes me happy, honestly after all these years, shit is just repetitive and a waste of time. PKing stays awesome tho, so that's what keeps me going. Love to deceive my opponents with a fake eat and then spec their life force out of them. Makes me feel awesome.
  7. Zoo's: Do they still hold a purpose?

    I despise zoo's and circusses. The zoo is kinda alright but I strongly believe an animal should not be kept in a cage. Circusses man... I'd burn down the tent they perform in if I had an emotional day. I don't care about pros and cons, all I see is an exotic beautiful creature being held captive for no good reason
  8. hurricane's Irma and others

    Closest thing to a hurricane I experienced was a storm that flooded our neighbourhood, something like what happened in the UK last year, water came to the knees and yeah, lots of property damages. Ngl, I know it sucks and all but I'd love to experience a hurricane once and see nature's force at work and then watch the scenery from a distance.
  9. Does God exist?

    I find your lack of faith disturbing. Sorry I had to. If you'd read a holy book then perhaps you will understand better. All of your questions and even more will be answered there. Anything said here, will have either the Bible, Qu'ran or the Torah as a source of information. What people say doesn't matter here because none of it will be accurate so just open the book and read it and then you make up your mind. Don't listen to people talk about religion because it will only confuse you even more and more. I could tell you everything, how we were banished to earth for being unworthy for paradise and why we are such weak beings but all of it is in the books, it has to be YOUR WILL to read it and understand it, nobody can help you but yourself and it all starts by reading and processing all the information and start doing some deep thinking. YOUR WILL, YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICES to make, don't look at any of us, we all have our own paths to follow.
  10. Past life?

    None of it matters, for you were made from dust and to dust you will return
  11. [FR] RAP #6

  12. Mbappumbs is ours

    Charo life


  13. dragonball super?

    Really enjoyed the Black Goku arc and also right now with the tournament of power, really looking forward what's gonna happen next with the Zeno's and the grand priest is also an interesting character
  14. J'balance ma pisse sur les Champs-Elysées

  15. Niska Special

    He's a pokémon