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  1. Loot From 1 Hour of King Black Dragon

    nice video sad no pet though. maybe next time
  2. Ma Intro

    Welcome to the forums and elkoy my friend
  3. T Intro

    Welcome to elkoy my friend! PM me if you need anything. Looking forward to meeting you in-game
  4. Fennos's introduction

    Welcome to elkoy my friend, hope you enjoy your stay with us. If you need anything shoot me a PM.
  5. Marios123’s intro

    Welcome to elkoy my friend, must be hard sometimes with the same name as a staff. if you ever need anything shoot me a PM
  6. Hey there!

    Welcome my friend, i hope you enjoy your stay with us here. good luck on your adventure. If you need anything shoot me a PM
  7. Complete ironman guide

    Such an amazing guide buddy, well done my friend. This will help lots of new ironman for sure i may have to follow this myself when i have one in the future. Great work! I know how many times you lost parts of it. And you still kept going.
  8. Best pking CC on ELKOY ! -- #ELP

    Seems interesting, goodluck my friend
  9. Kodakk Intro

    Straya mate! QLD here. Welcome to elkoy were dreams come true Enjoy your stay my friend
  10. Hey Elkoy

    Welcome to the server my friend.
  11. it me

    Welcome to elkoy kevin my friend. Hell yeah love me Nissans.
  12. Funny Man's Introduction

    Pretty nice occupation, welcome to elkoy. Enjoy your stay here my friend
  13. Hey everyone!

    Welcome my friend, hope you enjoy your time with us. I wish i was turning 18 again..
  14. Last Post Wins

    Then i win
  15. Hello :)

    Welcome to elkoy buddy

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