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  1. Iron Man Maxed

    nice work buddy!
  2. Good Bye Lads.

    pretty sure i remember you buddy, take care ay!
  3. Discord Event Sign Ups - [01/07/2017]

    Damn wish i was still on discord waited ages for the first event haha Goodluck to everyone
  4. I have arrived

    Welcome to the server. Got some nice goals, hopefully your luck will help you with them. Anythings possible
  5. RAWRR =) hi guys

    Welcome to elkoy
  6. Rharh Del Tu Feedback

    His time zone is most likely different to yours, he is Australian.
  7. My holiday

    Soo some people knew most didnt. But about 3 weeks ago i went to Bali for a holiday. And to sum it all into a small paragraph on how it went. Well.. Day 1 - hot asf Day 2 - hotterr asffer Day 3 - slighly rain, hot asf Day 4 - hawt asf Day 5 - cant even remember, might of been the bintang Day 6 - got pissed on by a monkeey at the zoo. Day 7 - roamed the street markets and got cheap stuff. (Total of 22.5kg of random items). Oh and cant forget being asked if i wanted magic mushrooms and Viagra everytime i walked the streets. To sum it all up. My holiday was great but hot asf. And it was great to feel like a millionaire. I'm from Australia. So the ratio was 1aud to 10,000 rupeh. Would i go again? Yeah ofc, next time with the missus and bring extra money haha. So there wasnt really a point to this thread. But if you've read this far. Thanks Whats been your biggest experience in another country?
  8. Goodbye Elkoy.

    Love you
  9. Ironman Completionist

    You where always hard at it on all your ironman accounts, well done buddy gald youve achieved this!
  10. PvM Legends - Gwd rush!

    Love your work, good to see clan is going well. These kind of event keep the clan alive. Goodluck pvm legends! Have a blast!
  11. Scared the hell out of me

    Looks like my mums basement
  12. Barrows Drop Log

    Possibly elite barrows runs. Its a 100% garentee to get a barrows item.
  13. The key to my heart fanv ♡
  14. When it comes to videos for me personally i prefer bossing videos with commentary. Its a bit of fun. Maybe if you get ahold of another youtuber you can do a road to boss drops or a race for a drop ect. Goodluck though!
  15. Never trust a hoe!!

    Unfortunately this day and age the younger generation are like this, they like the idea of a relationship but not actually having it. This is why it takes a lot to earn my trust. Im sure we've all been hurt in the past. But honestly. Youll find the right one. I just got into a relationship myself. First one in 2 years, so chin up and just keep moving forward. First loves are always the worst to get over. But it gets easier as you get older and fins the one for you.