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  1. The categories for Players: - Most Active In-Game - Most Active Forum - Most Active Discord - Most Helpful - Best Clan - #Support represent boys over 200 players daily - Best Ironman - Best Hardcore Ironman - Best Overall Pker - @cream egg @icyx - Best Hybrid - @Zanthez @Not Houdini @icyx - Best PvMer - Best Skiller - Best Youtuber - #LOGANG 11M subs strong - Best GFX Designer The categories for Staff are: (players are allowed to vote on this) - Most Active - Best Pker - @Fergus - Best Skiller - Best PvMer
  2. icyx

    Elkoy Updates [24/08/2017]

    Wow you did one thing to help PvP in about 10 updates which was zoom feature, not it's gone again how about copy osrs system and make it toggled to which you prefer wtf?
  3. icyx

    this is a farewell

  4. https://gyazo.com/eb83aa6286ea539f5f1c76456d7aef95 https://gyazo.com/3b8908dc67f979da7c7e54b271b54f93 Mex bodied by me and @Vet for 321 KS and a solid 2.5B-3B - He had yak and everything @MB
  5. icyx

    Elkoy Updates [10/04/2017]

    Still no high prot value for Toxic staff of the dead which costs 2B gp.
  6. icyx


    Since we've had rsps youtubers come and go from elkoy I think since it could be good advertisement the community send in PvP clips(good quality/good clips) to these youtubers so they can put together nice pk videos. - - Obviously up to the youtubers here, what do you guys think?
  7. icyx

    Event Ideas Conclusion:

    Definitely need more PvP events, Hybridding, Dharok's ect. And I think if we had 2-3 2xp blood money events weekly it would make wildy more active... Also could add more and easier wildy bosses in singles and multi.

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