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  1. 2v2 Dharok's tournament 9/17/17

    Sign me up im with sterkel
  2. Newspaper Interview Questions

    @Lolfish: how did #mime start What would you be doing right now if elkoy didn't exist. Thoughts about scottish people if you could ban anyone over the forums who would that be @James What would you be doing if elkoy didn't exist if you could ban anyone over the forums, who would that bE? could you show us your pov when killing yogi with fire wave and a twisted bow
  3. Sup'

    Now youre pushing it? How are you even able to compare him with me also, welcome to the server bud
  4. what is everybody doing

    Making a yogi death compilation, gonna take while to edit and make -.-
  5. The Elkoy Chronicles V

    Why the frick would anyone want to punch me fawking bullshat. Also, well done with the elkoy newspaper looking forward to the next one. kind regards. discord legend extreme donator sasukes. (Meme)
  6. Good Bye Lads.

    Best of luck with your studies, keep in touchh with me or else ^>^
  7. Newspaper Interview Questions

    Questions for yogi How did you find elkoy Who is the worst pker in your opinion and why? what makes a skirt so comfortable according to you? thoughts about haggis? uncut jade or onyx what was your reaction irl after getting slayed by @True @False Hopes and @James
  8. Elkoy Updates [24/08/2017]

    Cant wait to be the first one to complete inferno ^>^ overall nice updates keep it up
  9. Newspaper Interview Questions

    Julia: Are you good in cooking rice did you expect to get promoted to global moderator Fergus: if you had to pull the trigger on mamba or supreme, who would you pick
  10. Welfare Pking Event - Sign Ups

    Ing sasukes kind regards discord legend sasukes (meme)
  11. Dharok's Tournament Sign Up Thread

    Ingg sasukes
  12. Elkoy Updates [18/08/2017]

    Looking forward for the inferno kind regards discord legend extreme donator -sasukes memes
  13. The Elkoy Chronicles III

    Great job on the newspaper as always, looking forward to the next one. riddle: puro puro
  14. Flower Poker Sign Up Thread

    Im in, ing sasukes
  15. Newspaper Interview Questions

    Question for verxi: what motivated you to grind your ironman?