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  1. Happy New Year !

    Aww nice message happy new yrs
  2. Interviewing Mamba and False Hopes

    @False Hopes how many times did you bust your turnip over 20m like @Yogi if you could kick 1 person from the ook gang chat, who would that be and why? if you could flame someone ingame for 24 hours with mute immunity, who the heck would that be favourite meme? Thoughts about @Dep? would you wear a kilt (skirt) with @Yogi and try the bagpipe out
  3. FML.... almost lost bank

    Pissed myself when i seen @Lolfish's meme
  4. The Elkoy Chronicles X

    I expected some deeper thoughts about dep and my chaps back asap. I'm disappointed in you @insomnia1995 you can make it up next time by flaming him ^>^ newspaper looks beast, keep up the goodwork @James and the

    Its fake -.- nice try would ban you if i had it
  6. 2v2 Welfare Range Sign-Ups! [11/26/17]

    Time to win with my boy rise against sasukes
  7. Interviewing Insomnia and Darth Zach

    Question for @insomnia1995 when the frick am i getting my pernix chaps? if you could smash any of your fellow staff members with a brick who would that be? Why? thoughts about dep?
  8. Welfare Hybrid Tournament Sign Up Thread

    Ready to die baby ing sasukes
  9. Level 3 Event Sign-ups [11/3/17]

    Ing woe depgowda
  10. Last Post Wins

    asnee, i only eat sauce no ketchup -.-
  11. Signature contest

    Watch and learn pal......
  12. 3v3 Turmoil Event [10/29/2017]

    Ign sasukes cream egg tom hutch
  13. most embarrasing moment on Elkoy!

    My most emberassing moment was when i died to a frost dragon (multiple times) and i died to cerberus for like 6 chaotic rapier. And also this

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