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  1. sasukes

    #1PKER siggy , pina colada !

    this topic title is false but nice artwork ha
  2. sasukes

    Real Yacoub Becoming Server Support

    I couldn't imagine anyone else that fits this position as much as you, very helpfull and kindhearted player. An OBVIOUS support from me.
  3. sasukes

    5.000 Saradomin KC! ^.^

    the million dollar question is, how many drygores have you lost during this jury? gz on your achievement ^>^
  4. sasukes

    Glory Dayz Part 8.2 - Exodus Exterminated

    Dont insult my man smeagol, his teeth is atleast visible.
  5. sasukes

    Glory Dayz Part 8.2 - Exodus Exterminated

    How many lf those were in dharoks 0.0
  6. sasukes

    Glory Dayz Part 8.2 - Exodus Exterminated

    Exodus us the only clan ever being able to tb their own alt and die for max cause of it
  7. sasukes

    Glory Dayz Part 8.1 - Three Blind Mice

    I'd nearly think they're hosting a drop party if i see them around in max at this point sheesh
  8. sasukes

    Hybrid Event Sign Ups

    Ign sasukes
  9. sasukes

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    l00000000000l thats actually accurate asfuck
  10. sasukes

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    Ur boy atl died for 20b ?????
  11. sasukes

    2v2 Verac's sign up

    Sasukes false hopes
  12. sasukes

    Dharok PK tournament sign-up thread

    Ign sasukes
  13. sasukes

    i eat banks picture

    I could do better but im not cheap. What a pic tho.
  14. Your ironman is richer than me, yikers. Sick progress tho keep it up

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