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  1. Welfare Hybrid Tournament Sign Up Thread

    Ready to die baby ing sasukes
  2. Level 3 Event Sign-ups [11/3/17]

    Ing woe depgowda
  3. Last Post Wins

    asnee, i only eat sauce no ketchup -.-
  4. Signature contest

    Watch and learn pal......
  5. 3v3 Turmoil Event [10/29/2017]

    Ign sasukes cream egg tom hutch
  6. most embarrasing moment on Elkoy!

    My most emberassing moment was when i died to a frost dragon (multiple times) and i died to cerberus for like 6 chaotic rapier. And also this
  7. Interviewing: Mario and Cal

    Question for @Mario who do you meme the most? thoughts about the yogi and craig series? what's the first thing you'd do when you have the yellow crown (admin) @Cal at first you quit and gave your bank away, what made you comeback? Thoughts About me being a better pker than you?
  8. hello i am sam puckett

    You and yoghurt ( @Yogi ) suits perfectly, like cherry on a cake ^>^ welcome to the server!!!! @Dep Do you have bebo? Got told to ask you
  9. Farewell.

    Havent been on this server for a while hense why i couldn't contact you @diamondz best of luck irl tho
  10. 2v2 Dharok's tournament 9/17/17

    Sign me up im with sterkel
  11. Newspaper Interview Questions

    @Lolfish: how did #mime start What would you be doing right now if elkoy didn't exist. Thoughts about scottish people if you could ban anyone over the forums who would that be @James What would you be doing if elkoy didn't exist if you could ban anyone over the forums, who would that bE? could you show us your pov when killing yogi with fire wave and a twisted bow
  12. Sup'

    Now youre pushing it? How are you even able to compare him with me also, welcome to the server bud
  13. what is everybody doing

    Making a yogi death compilation, gonna take while to edit and make -.-
  14. The Elkoy Chronicles V

    Why the frick would anyone want to punch me fawking bullshat. Also, well done with the elkoy newspaper looking forward to the next one. kind regards. discord legend extreme donator sasukes. (Meme)