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  1. Vouche for mercey

    Just wanted to make a thread, as i've begun to mm some bets @ ::gamble and ::Yaks. Just want to show people that i'm trust worthy. I've mm quite a few pots so far, biggest being 12b. I myself, has lost a few big pots, and had to pay out. #trustmercey Some bets that have been paid out, more to come... https://gyazo.com/f80d507542f5231f06f4cdc1e745ca43 https://gyazo.com/502bdb9a848083d686a97b7bb8b75b66 https://gyazo.com/1be58130476a192df3e868945b9ea94e https://gyazo.com/93a748109ec0346b338f25e70f411078 https://gyazo.com/c85e8d5ff0d83d794b79f3e533e5493d ---- 6b pot
  2. Quick In Thread Giveaway

    IGN : mercey
  3. PVM Legends clan!

    Username: merceyTime played: 19 days, 5 hoursTime Zone: easternIRL Name (optional): chadFavourite boss's: phoenix, zulrah, kraken and nex.Boss experience: almost 800 kc zulrah, 290 cerb 200 kraken 50 nex Att, str, def, hp, mage, range, pray and summ lvl: 99 in all, and like 500m xp in a few aswellEvent Availability times (server time): I work 30-35 hours a week, and off days I gym or play lolLittle about yourself (optional): 23 I go to the gym, and work as a baker irl, play a bit when I got time. Oh yeah, still no tanz blowpipe inalmost 800 kc, prayers pls. Can you use Discord? yes I can, but have to do on phone tho
  4. Luffer's Vouch page

    Think im doing this right. He mm my 600m pot and I win, and he paid. I will vouche
  5. Dharoks Tournament Sign Up Thread 4/30

    ign : mercey

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