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  1. Shoutout to Shuckeh!

    Heya, Asked @Shuckeh to make something for a new GFX-banner. This thread is basically a shoutout to thank him for his time , and more, for the amazing work he did! And yeah... he couldn't resist the dieing-to-zammy-for-drygore troll -.- Thumbs up shuckeh, great work you've done! Rise against
  2. Corrupt a wish

    You can teleport anywhere, anywhere on the surface of the sun. I wish there is Elkoy-fest.
  3. Emrakuls Intro

    Welcome to elkoy.
  4. You think you're lucky? Check this.

    Congratz on your winnings, mate.
  5. Supreme PvM clan!

    All above accepted! Welcome to the clan boysss
  6. Jezus.. Finally :D

    Thanks all
  7. Jezus.. Finally :D

    Never tought I would ever post this pic... but after only a heavy 4052 KC , I finally managed to get it
  8. Supreme PvM clan!

    Welcome @Kohhdy, @Creampie and @WarAngel to the 'supreme pvm' clan! Hope you all enjoy the stay with us @longdongsilv3rs, re-apply when you have all the requirements, declined for now.
  9. Supreme PvM clan!

    All accepted to the clan, welcome.
  10. Why Hello :P

    Welcome to the server @Ruer
  11. JeezMyLuck clan chat

    Goodluck with your gambling clan, mate.
  12. Corrupt a wish

    You can be invisible , only when you're with a woman. - I can fly
  13. Supreme PvM clan!

    Welcome @Darklight02 to the cc
  14. Supreme PvM clan!

    Welcome @friday , @ilovepussy , @akeal, @Slowcheetah and @Z1LLAto the clan. You all can now join 'supreme pvm' cc.

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