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  1. Elkoy Updates [17/11/2017]

    Thanks again @Macrosun for the updates and fixes. Appriciate it.
  2. PVM Legends clan!

    Welcome to the clan
  3. PVM Legends clan!

    Added! welcome to the clan
  4. Elkoy Updates [17/11/2017]

    Thanks for this! Just wondering, when is soulwars coming back?
  5. PVM Legends clan!

    Welcome both to the clan!
  6. Last Post Wins

    nope, certainly not.
  7. Elkoy Updates [17/11/2017]

    Nice update for the iron men @Professor Oak. Don’t forget to fix SW aswell please, only thing i need to recomp
  8. PVM Legends clan!

    Both added! welcome to the 'pvm legends' cc You can now join 'pvm legends' clan chat.
  9. PVM Legends clan!

    Both accepted to the cc! YOu can now join 'pvm legends'
  10. Opinions on the iPhone X

    I actually just bought the iPhone 8 (for 800 euros) , and i'm happy with it. Not gonna pay 200 euro extra for the iPhone x, just for the face recognition ..
  11. Metal & more

    I'm sorry to say this... but metal is shit. Nothing more then peeple screaming in a micro with some heavy guitar on the background... #hardstyle army.
  12. PVM Legends clan!

    Both accepted to the pvm legends clan! Welcome!
  13. Was trying to make money with vote book

    I don't understand this post If you're talking about the boogiebow, not sure if you'll ever get it sold. Gratz tho, I think.
  14. Hello Elkoy!

    Welcome to the server
  15. PVM Legends clan!

    Both accepted to the clan! Welcome Can now join 'pvm legends' cc