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  1. Elkoy Updates [17/01/2018]

    Thanks for the fixes, appriciated. But euh, 50m to get comp back...guess its gone from pvp aswell now tho.. something i don't like to see.
  2. Supreme PvM clan!

    Both added, welcome to the clan
  3. The Rebuild UPDATED (1/17/18)

    Goodluck on your rebuild @Emisnoo , we will help you #Supreme pvm
  4. SohanRS Banned!?!?!?!?(Stream HIGHLIGHTS)

    l000000000l, gylph donate me a car pls.
  5. Supreme PvM clan!

    All above added! welcome
  6. Supreme PvM clan!

    Both added to the clan, welcome!
  7. Last Post Wins

  8. Supreme PvM clan!

    You have been added to the clan! Welcome
  9. Ironman shops guide

    My man @Fr00b. Good work babe, will be very helpfull for iron men.
  10. Supreme PvM clan!

    Welcome to the clan, those above! You can now join 'supreme pvm'
  11. hello, It's me.    

    1. Azeem
    2. Fr00b


      I was wondering..

    3. Valium


      Helloooooo, it's me. I've thought about us for a long, long time. 

  12. Official return after a year.

    Welcome back @Neshie If you need any help , feel free to pm me ingame
  13. selling rainbow phat

    Personally, i think it's gonna be hard selling a Rainbow phat for 9b mate. Goodluck selling tho
  14. #supreme pvm Also nice vid
  15. Supreme PvM clan!

    All above added! welcome

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