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  1. Rise against

    17B Giveaway!

    IGN: Rise against I would like to choose the number: 168 Thank you for hosting!
  2. Rise against

    Revival of Obey

    Goodluck with your clan!
  3. Rise against

    world cup (final games)

    Unstopable? France played like chickens against Belgium. One lucky corner and then Mbappe started being a little arrogant child. In all honestly I really hope Croatia wins this Worldcup. #ProudOnTheBelgiumTeam Rise against
  4. Rise against


    Share I tb’d
  5. Rise against


    An eco reset will never happen. I get your point, @Prez, the playerbase is concerning all of us. Nonetheless I have hope, when raids comes out, a massive advertising will start which should help raise the playerbase loads. Our develop team is working hard on it to get it done with asap. Getting new content before raids would only cause raids being delayed even more in my opinion. Rise against
  6. Rise against

    Lucky? I think so

    Congratz Celine! I remember a mod ( think it was @ZJXMad) doing a ton of time for that.
  7. Rise against

    world cup (final games)

  8. Rise against

    GoodBye ;(

    Welcome back!
  9. Rise against

    Elkoy Updates [5/07/2018]

    Dope updates, can’t wait to use the droplist on the boss option! Goodjob @Professor Oak and @Zion! Rise against
  10. Rise against

    Last Post Wins

    I win, closing
  11. Rise against


    What the ... A BIG congratz on that DWH... It took me only 5500 kc to get one ... Good job! Rise against
  12. Rise against

    Summer vacation!

    Sup Elkoyians Decided to make this thread because i'm heading out for 2 weeks on vacation to Java, Indonesia, so I won't be online (ingame). Just a heads up. If you have been there, tips on local food / nice views / other 'must see' /… are always welcome! I'll still be reachable on discord / forums if you wish to contact me. Hope to see you all in 2 weeks for the raids hype! No... not you. And gimme my weapon back. Rise against Ps: If you go on vacation this summer, feel free to share with us below.
  13. Rise against

    In-depth QBD Guide

    Nice guide @Meteorites, sure it'll help people who are new to QBD. Good work! Rise against
  14. Rise against

    What to do?

    Hi @Kevzibabs I still know you from the old pvm legends days as a chill and nice fella, I'm glad to see that you've found your way back to Elkoy. Next to that, i'm also releaved that your health is back how it should be, if you are in the need of a talk, always feel free to hit me up on Discord/Forums or ingame. I'll be seeing you ingame! Rise against
  15. Rise against


    Welcome to Elkoy @Darkvoice If there is anything I can help you with to make your stay comfortable, let me know. Enjoy your stay with us! Rise against

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