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  1. Elkoy Updates [22/10/2017]

    Thanks a lot man, have fun !!
  2. Elkoy Updates [30/09/2017]

    go into settings screen, scroll down and there's a drop down menu next to "Exp Counter" select "OSRS"
  3. Nice videos man. Since you're gonna be doing a lot of runecrafting by the looks of things, thought i'd mention, if you have "Shift drop" toggled on in the client settings, holding shift whilst clicking on any of the pouches, will actually empty them for you. It'll save a bit of time
  4. Tiny Elkoy Client

    https://forum.elkoy.org/topic/14594-fix-client-too-small-on-high-res-display/ do that ^^
  5. Elkoy Updates [24/08/2017]

    I hope you're all enjoying the updates! Thought i'd mention this.. to gain access to the new xp counter, right click the xp orb, and select "Toggle Xp Display"
  6. introduction [new developer]

    i like you
  7. hello, my name is zion, i am a new developer here at Elkoy, hoping to bring some nice updates. i've been in the RSPS scene for about 3 years now, but have been programming for around 6 years. also i am a HUGE fan of zach braff and review brah. thanks for reading, -zion
  8. Your Elkoy Username

    I like the sound of it. and it just looks cool.
  9. Dice or die / RSPS Dice's Vouch thread

    Vouch for Dice, trustworthy guy.